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Residential Care


It can be difficult to know where to start when you’re considering a move into a rest home, hospital or dementia care home (also known as ‘Aged Residential Care’ facilities).

This part of the site provides information on all aspects of the process and lists all the providers of this type of care in New Zealand. Most providers display a wide range of information for you to consider.

In many regions we provide a list of vacancies, so, if your need is urgent you can see where the current options are. This report can also be accessed from the Eldernet home page.

Access to Aged Residential Care is by way of a formal assessment which is provided by specialised assessment teams which can be contacted via NASC/Care Coordination. 

There is no such thing as ‘the best rest home’ as what suits one person is not going to suit another. Download our checklist (below) and use our advanced search function (which you can access after you have made a selection from the map opposite) to locate homes that offer features that are important to you.  We think it’s important to shortlist a number of homes and if possible visit at least three, before making a choice that suits you. 

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Eldernet Gazette

A New Voice For An Old Problem

Brien Cree, Managing Director/Executive Chairman of Radius Care, shares his opinion about why the sector needs an Aged Care Commissioner, and what he expects from this position. This March, we finally welcome New Zealand’s first Aged Care Commissioner, Carolyn Cooper. That’s good news – for the first time, we’ll have someone representing the aged care …

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