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Retirement Villages

Eldernet has New Zealand's largest selection of retirement villages to explore. NZ has 476 retirement villages nationwide, offering a wide range of services, use our tools to help you navigate your choices. Eldernet currently has 516 properties listed.

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What Retirement Villages have to offer

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A retirement village is a community specially built to cater for the needs and lifestyle of older people. Choosing to live in a retirement village can be a great option for those wanting to maintain their independence while living among a like-minded community of people.

Research shows most people enjoy a high level of satisfaction when living in a lifestyle or retirement village. For residents, the benefits can be numerous; these may include giving you peace of mind, new and varied activities and interests, new friendships, and time to be able to spend on the things you most enjoy.

Villages vary greatly – you’ll notice different-sized villages, from very few units to some with hundreds; different types of units within the same complex; newer villages and older villages. You will discover the community offering a wide range such as swimming pool, bowling green and café. Eligibility age differs across villages too – some villages may allow residents to enter at 55 while others commonly have an entry age between 65 and 75.

As well as providing a range of different accommodation options, many villages now offer alternatives, such as care suites, which combine village offerings and residential care components. Make sure you visit a village more than once before you make a decision, and if possible visit more than one village to get a feel for how each has its own culture.

When you are ready to visit some retirement villages, our checklist may help you with your assessment

All about Retirement Villages

A retirement village is a community specially built to cater towards the needs and lifestyles of older people. Many retirement villages offer units, villas, suites, or serviced suites. This gives you the option to choose to live independently within the village environment or to get extra help with cleaning or meal delivery.

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