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What is premium accommodation or a premium bed?

Premium accommodation is that which is over and above the ARRC agreement requirements so is not a standard room. It attracts additional daily costs of $5 to $100 plus. These services may include fixed features (such as an ensuite, tea/coffee making area or a view for example) and/or features associated with the room (such as an adjoining garden or access to recreational equipment).

As part of this offering, providers are required to publish their premium accommodation charges on a website (find these at https://www.eldernet.co.nz/vacancies or on most provider's websites). The contract you sign with the provider must also show the additional services you accept or decline (you can change your mind about these services later).

There has been an increase in premium accommodation over recent years. Several factors have contributed to this rise, including consumer expectations and what is often described as a shortfall in funding for standard services. This has had a knock-on effect of reducing the numbers of standard beds, making them hard to come by in some areas. The updated '10km Rule' has gone part way to addressing this issue and to providing a process for giving notice of intention to vacate the premium option.

Updated: 11 Jun 2024
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