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Eldernet provides you with timely, relevant, and comprehensive information about services for older people in New Zealand.
The Eldernet site includes a nationwide database directory and comprehensive information about community groups and organisations, home help services, rest homes, retirement villages, residential care, private hospitals, dementia care, public hospitals and other third age services for seniors.

If you want:
- an overview of services and options that may be available to you
- extensive information (more than an overview)
- links to a range of relevant organisations and services
- to find out how to access services including needs assessment and service coordination (NASC)
- information that will help you support an 'elderly' person
- many of your difficult questions answered

Then it's all here.

Please note this is a TEST PAGE ONLY. The information we have entered in the various fields gives you an idea of the things you can look for in a service eg does the facility provide day care, respite care or short term care.

This section at the top of the page should encourage you to read further.

To see information about our handbooks - Where from Here - visit www.carepublications.co.nz
Updated: 15 Feb 2017
A description of your service
Updated: 15 Feb 2017
Dentists Members of your team
Updated: 22 Feb 2017
Dental Services
Dental Services
Status Details
Easy access Yes Does your facility have a ramp for wheelchair/walker access? if not, is there someone who is able to assist people walking in?
Oral Care Plan Yes What kind of plans do you offer? Are there additional costs associated with this?
Mobile Service No Do you offer a mobile service? Is there additional costs associated with this? What kind of dental work can your mobile service do?
Cosmetic Dentistry Yes What types of Cosmetic Dentistry do you offer?
Teeth Whitening Yes Do you offer Teeth Whitening?
Denture Service Yes What Denture Services do you offer?
SuperGold Card Discount Yes Do you offer this discount?
Emergency Dental Care Yes Do you offer this service? If not, can you refer people to other dentists in the area who offer this service?
Payment Options Yes Do you have different payment options?
Information about Subsidies Yes What information do you have about subsidies?
Updated: 1 May 2017
Meeting the needs of older people
Meeting the needs of older people
What in particular do you do to work with the older community?
Updated: 6 Aug 2020
Languages Spoken
Languages Spoken
Language Status Details
Amharic Yes
French Yes
Sign Language Yes
Updated: 15 Feb 2017
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership RC Status Details
Registered Dentist Yes
Updated: 15 Feb 2017