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Eldernet Showcase - Test

Basic information
Eldernet is New Zealand’s most trusted provider of information for older people and their whānau. We provide timely, relevant, and comprehensive information to help older kiwis make decisions that are right for them.

The Eldernet site includes a nationwide database directory and extensive information about community groups and organisations, home help services, rest homes (including up-to-date vacancies), retirement villages, residential care, private hospitals, dementia care, public hospitals and other third age services for seniors.

If you want:

an overview of services and options that are available to you

extensive information (more than an overview)

links to a range of relevant organisations and services

to find out how to access services including needs assessment and service coordination (NASC)

information that will help you support an 'elderly' person

many of your difficult questions answered

you’ll find it on Eldernet!

To get your free copy of our region-specific handbook Where from here, visit www.carepublications.co.nz

You can view New Zealand’s largest selection of retirement village properties in your price range at www.retiremetvillages.co.nz

‘Making Life Easier’ is all about supporting older people to live the lives they want! Discover a huge range of care and support options, community and advocacy groups, and service providers throughout the country at www.eldernet.co.nz/making-life-easier

Please note this is a TEST PAGE ONLY.

The information we have entered in the various fields gives you an idea of the types of things people using Eldernet may be looking for in a service e.g., does the facility provide day care, respite care or short-term care.

This introductory section is about encouraging people to read more about the service/s you provide, so add plenty of detail about what sets you apart from your competitors to pique their interest. An eye-catching photo always helps draw attention to your listing too.
Service/Facility Details
Service/Facility Details
Detail Status
Contract with Te Whatu Ora No
Certification Yes
ORA Applies Some rooms. An ORA (Occupation Right Agreement) means you have to 'pay' a capital amount to live here. It's a retirement village type of purchase.

Updated: 22 Mar 2024

DHB Respite Care Booking Service
DHB Respite Care Booking Service
We provide DHB Respite Care Booking Service.

The Ministry of Health conducts regular audits of Residential Care Facilities. They can be found HERE.