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I’m shocked. The cost of residential care seems high. Is it?

We understand, the cost for living in a residential care home does seem high, however a bit of a reality check shows that it’s not at all.

The following is a comparison with someone living in a hotel and buying in home support services three times a week. No other activities such as therapy, entertainment or outings are included. To meet some of these social needs the person could go out to a subsidised day programme. (The transport cost and a top up fee is usually additional.)

If the person has been assessed and is eligible for support, some of the home support services such as personal care and a day programme, may be subsidised.

Example of someone receiving home support services in 3-star serviced hotel with kitchenette. Pricing is variable and indicative only.



 Per week incl. GST Per year incl. GST

3 Star Serviced apartment in a hotel

$140 incl GST per day $980 $50,960
Groceries, prepared & frozen meals $20 incl GST per day (includes delivery)


Personal laundry etc $45 incl GST (1x week - e.g., laundrette) $45 $2,340
Personal care/support $55 incl GST (3x week - e.g., home support service) $165 $8,580
Support workers transport costs 72 cents per km incl GST (8.4 km round trip - 3x per week) $18.14 $943.28
  TOTAL $1,348.14 $70,103.28
Updated: 31 Jan 2023
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