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I want to read reviews of rest homes

We are sorry but we don't provide reviews of rest home/care homes for very good reasons.

  • The Ministry Of Health certifies all care homes in New Zealand. If care homes do not meet the required certification standards they are unable to operate. Certification periods range from 60 months (very few attain this high level of compliance), 48 months, 36 months, 24 months to 12 months where significant work is required to achieve higher compliance (again few are in this category). The exception is that new operators or new owners of care homes are initially only given 12 months allowing them to come up to speed with regulations, compliance and the management and operation requirements of the home.  The only homes in New Zealand (as shown on the Eldernet site) that do not show a level of certification are those new builds that are in the process of gaining these credentials. Check the Ministry of Health website for the current certification period and audit results of the care home you are interested in. 
  • The Eldernet Group prides itself on being an independent and unbiased source of information for older people and their families. While we acknowledge that reviews may be used by some people to make decisions about where to live, we also recognise that no one person’s experience is the same as another. What someone might consider ‘five-star’ could be a ‘one-star’ for somebody else. More often than not, reviews are written by family/whanau and not a resident, which provides an inaccurate representation of someone’s experience. Imagine reviewing a book you’ve never read or recommending a movie you’ve never seen?
  • We have previously provided the ability to post reviews on listings but withdrew the functionality in 2020, when care facilities were forced to adhere to lockdown procedures during the COVID-19 situation. COVID has created a very difficult environment for care home operators; dealing with staff shortages, sudden staff absences (care, kitchen, domestic workers etc.) due to sickness with the associated need to keep vulnerable residents safe etc. In our view it is not an ideal time or situation to make a judgement about a home, especially if based largely on a review. 

We do, however, provide a place for facilities to add testimonials; if a facility has a testimonial, you'll find this on the listing below the Bed and Vacancy Details section. Most residential care providers have testimonial sections. 

Finally, if possible visit the care homes you are interested in and ask around. Talk to residents or family members of existing residents. It will give you a better idea of what the home is really like.

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Updated: 11 Jun 2024
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