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I’m worried about my privacy in a care home (rest home).

Many people when moving into a care home are concerned about their privacy. You have a right to expect your privacy around your personal needs, health, and finances to be protected and respected. When you choose your home be observant and watch the interactions between staff and residents. Respectful behaviour is often a good indicator of how seriously your wishes for privacy will be taken.

Caring staff will understand your concerns and allay them by:

  • Confidently and discreetly helping you with your personal care tasks such as showering.
  • Knocking and waiting to be invited before entering your room.
  • Conducting sensitive conversations in private.
  • Protecting important documentation.
  • Discussing your care only with those for whom they have permission.

When you move into the home let management know that your privacy is important to you. It’s an added reminder to the home of their obligations to you. 

Updated: 8 Feb 2024
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