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What is a healthy lifestyle?

The following are commonly identified as important elements of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Exercising,
  • Getting enough sleep,
  • Staying connected with other people,
  • Keeping your brain active,
  • Eating a healthy diet,
  • Stopping smoking and reducing alcohol,
  • Managing your health conditions and regularly reviewing your medication with your doctor.

Living a healthy lifestyle however is often easier said than done. Putting these things into place often depends on whether you actually have enough resources (such as money, support, information, etc.) and for any steps you take to be relevant (e.g., culturally appropriate), manageable and meaningful.  

Instead of thinking of things you should do, it’s helpful to turn your mind to what you can do to in a way that makes sense to you. What’s going to help you maximise your potential and enjoyment in life? What can you mobilise to your benefit e.g., the experiences and helpful learnings you’ve gained over the life you’ve lived so far? Build on what’s worked for you in the past. Make your target ‘continual improvement’ and you might find the healthy lifestyle follows.  

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Updated: 11 Jun 2024
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