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Should I get an e-bike? I'm not so young anymore.

Many riders would say yes- if you can ride a bike, get one.

Older people who ride e-bikes vary widely in their ages and abilities. This is why you need to approach the issue with a healthy dose of realism, a desire to discover something new and a commitment to get good specialist advice if purchasing.  E-bikes are technical pieces of equipment with some being relatively basic 'around town' models and others highly ‘spec’d’ mountain bikes.

The popularity of e-bikes amongst the older population has taken off over recent years. We’ve asked ourselves why, and think it’s due to a number of things:

  • They are fun.
  • They are like hiding the kids vegetables in the hamburger meat – they hide the exercise in the fun.
  • They allow e-bikers to keep pace with more able cyclists; so, they ‘even the playing field’ and open the door to more family friendly rides. They make intergenerational activities more interesting for everyone.
  • For those who go off road they allow them to stay in touch with nature and a more rugged environment.
  • They allow riders to relatively easily and quickly to go where they want to go, whether that’s down to the local shops or further afield.
  • They feel better for the rider and the environment – especially if using the car is the alternative.
  • They are like having a small child or dog – they introduce the rider to others and help create new interests and friendships.

Our advice is:

  • Always get specialist advice
  • Consider trying before you buy: If you are unsure whether an e-bike is for you, consider taking one for a test ride from a bike retailer or for a longer trial, hire one from a e-bike rental store.
  • Maintenance: An e-bike is a considerable investment. When getting advice, ask about the maintenance that is required to keep the bike in good working order and ensure it serves you well for many years. Some retailers offer periodic check-ups as part of purchase package.
  • Know your limits.

The growth in sales of e-bikes is phenomenal and the subject vast. This is why we have included a few videos to help get you started. 

6 Things Seniors Must Know Before Buying an Electric Bike | Ebike Tips for Senior Riders 

Seniors guide to buying an E bike I Brian Hill Online . com

Finally, Moneyhub, a New Zealand website, gives a comprehensive overview of e-bikes in their article Best Electric Bikes 2024: A Guide to Buying an Electric Bike in New Zealand

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Updated: 8 Feb 2024
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