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Radius Rimu Park

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Radius Rimu Park
Rest Home Care
297 Kamo Road
Whau Valley
Whangarei 0112
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297 Kamo Road
Whau Valley
Whangarei 0112
(09) 437 3933
(09) 437 3971
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Norman Hamilton - 09 437 3933
Radius Care Ltd - 093531160
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Radius Rimu Park Information Pack 2018 Radius Rimu Park Information Pack 2018 Radius Rimu Park Information Pack 2018

Please download our Information Pack. Feel free to get in touch with a Radius Care team member if you have any questions.

New Dementia Garden

Morning Norman, I just need to say what a beautiful opening for remembrance garden yesterday.
It was very touching +emotional. So proud to have witnessed the garden development thanks to Anne and you taking it on board. It is huge inroads to see dementia+ mental health being given the same rewards as non-dementia residents. Despite residents not being able to verbalise we as family know they aware of nice environments.
( our family member) smiles at the orange smocks even if they not looking which displays trust+ joy as knows he is safe with them.
The renovations and outdoor Areas are a credit to you all involved. In 13 months of (our family member) being a resident the changes are huge in refreshing the Care home. I love the staff in Dementia Unit. They are so kind+ loving. We have been lucky with the quality care received from both sides.
Thank you Sandy O'Callaghan+ family.
Can't wait to show Kerri the garden when up next.
Cheers for the hard work.

Provider response:

Hi Sandy

Many thanks for the above comments - it was truly an amazing day


Facility Manager

Moderator response:

Resident’ s name removed for privacy.

Thank you

My Mum was put into Rimu Park for approx 3 weeks before being assessed needing more secure dementia care. My initial reaction on entering Rimu Park was the friendly service and graciousness of the staff. Norman the Manager was fantastic to deal with throughout my Mother's stay and Pania was wonderful keeping us all informed as well. Its a shame they didn't have any dementia beds free however we can't thank the team at Radius enough for their exceptional care with my mother during her stay. They have given her 1:1 care, put up pictures in her room from the home that she liked and generally gone the extra mile. Very impressed with the Manager being so approachable and contactable. They offer packed lunches if you take your parents out for the day too - great service! Thanks guys and sorry we are having to move to another more secure facility.

Provider response:

We very much appreciate you review. We strive to achieve the highest level of care and cooperation with all families and their loved ones. It has been a pleasure having the privilege of caring for your mother during her stay with us as part of our Rimu Park family. kind regards

Norman Hamilton, Facility Manager


I have currentlky just lost my brither wh ostayed at Rimu Park at Kamo.

Words are not enough to say how they trated and cared for my brother, how impectable and clean the room was and also the staffed looked after us by proving tea, coffee biscuits muffins all with bone china cups etc.

I would highly recommend Rimu Park and the staff even sag a song for when my brother had passed away and the funerla home came and got him. I very very humble to have just great pleasure to be in this company and felt very cared for and loved by each and every one.
Thank you Barb

Provider response:

Thank you for your kind words, we very much appreciate your feedback.
Norman Hamilton - Facility Manager


Wasn’t overly impressed with the care of my elderly father. One morning found him sitting in his chair, had been taken out of his bed. Was the start of winter we couldn’t find remote for heat pump, he had no blankets on, my dad doesn’t complain but he said he was cold so we put blankets on him, it was nearly an hour before we could get anyone to come wash and dress him. His lovely sheepskin slippers went missing. I believe they are only alowed 3 nappies per day, that includes night. We finally got him transferred to another home. He left Radius Rimu Park, Whangarei with a chest infection. Red raw in his private parts and a split bottom. Various other requested were made by the family to help with his care as he suffered with back problems but we got tired of repeating ourselves.

Provider response:

We are sorry to hear you were disappointed with the care your Father received at Rimu Park.
We take all reviews very seriously and encourage you to contact myself directly with any further information if you wish to.

Yours Sincerely

Norman Hamilton
Facility Manager

Great care of Mum

I'd like to bring to your attention some
staff whom work in the Radius Rimu Park
facility Whangarei who've been
exceptionally amazing. In particular
(Name removed for privacy) and the staff that work
tirelessly to provide a high standard of
care for the residents. (Name removed for privacy) has been
very supportive and helpful throughout
our Mother's time in the facility. We
find her to be professional and
empathetic at all times and are grateful
that she is always available for a chat.

My name is Geoff Pointon, I'm the oldest
son of (Name removed for privacy) a resident of the
facility in Whangarei. Recently our
Mother turned 90 on June 21st. I
surprised her by flying over from
Western Australia where I live. To mark
this special occasion to be with her.
The kitchen prepared and catered an
impressive full birthday banquet for all
the staff friends family and residents
to enjoy. Mum was made to feel special
and important on her birthday, thank

I'd like to extend my sincere gratitude
to the cook and kitchen staff whom baked
a delicious birthday cake!

We are also grateful for the continuous
updates on Mums health and progress from
the Nursing/Care and support staff. This
is reassuring as we live so far away and
like to keep up with how she is doing on
a regular basis.

Thank you and kindest regards
Geoff Pointon

Moderator response:

Please confirm with staff member and resident whether they wish their names to be published in post. Otherwise names will be removed for post

Restrictions - critical visitors only
Encompassed by beautifully landscaped grounds and mature trees, Radius Rimu Park offers a tranquil rest home and private hospital care. Just 10 minutes from Whangarei’s CBD, Radius Rimu Park is situated in the heart of Kamo.

Extensively landscaped courtyards, planter boxes, and sensory gardens offer peaceful places for family and friends to come together.

There are lots of spacious lounges, large screen TV’s and helpful friendly staff make Radius Rimu Park a home away from home.

Individual rooms can be decorated according to personal taste and residents can even bring pieces of furniture to make it their own special private place.
Service/Facility Details
Service/Facility Details
Contract with DHBUnknown
ORA Applies No
Updated: 26 Nov 2013
Bed and Vacancy Details
Bed and Vacancy Details
Approximate number of beds at this level of care 14
Vacancy No
Large fully furnished bedrooms available-We have rooms available for clients both long term and short term admission.
Impending vacancy No - 0
Premium Room Charges No
MOH Certification and Audit Report View MOH certification and audit report (opens in a new tab)
Updated: 1 Oct 2020
Dear Bob,

I have been asked to pass on thanks from residents for you care of them over the last few nights. You have impressed a lot of residents who have witnessed your willingness to 'muck in' during these difficult times, and to do a fine job of caring for them.

In particular, Ann Capey has said that you treated her with great kindness, gentleness and dignity as you tended to her, and she was very grateful for your help. She said you were 'absolutely wonderful!' and wanted me to be sure to pass on her sentiments. She also mentioned that you spent time with her when she needed company, and that made her feel valued. I think you have become her favourite caregiver!

You also had high praise from Ken and Lillian Mason. Lillian said that you made her feel completely at ease about having a man tend to her needs, and used very similar words to those that Ann used when talking about your care of her. She was full of superlatives! Ken added that his admiration for you had grown in 'leaps and bounds' because of your demonstrated kindness and caring. They both commented that, as a bonus, they have enjoyed getting to know you better.

You have done a wonderful job, Bob, and the residents you cared for have appreciated your kindnesses very much.

Kind Regards.
Updated: 26 Nov 2013
TypeHours Per WeekStatusDetails
Registered Nurse Yes 24 hour registered nurse cover. Facility manager is also a registered nurse.
Nurse Practitioner Negotiable Gerontology nurse specialist available through Northland DHB
Enrolled Nurse Yes Experienced ENs work alongside RN's daily
Healthcare Assistants/Caregivers Yes Our Health Care Assistants are all enrolled with the Ace Programme ensuring ahigh standard of knowledge and care.
Physiotherapist Yes An experienced physiotherapy assistant is on the floor several days a week under the guidance of the registered physiotherapist. Registered physiotherapist visits weekly.
Occupational Therapist Negotiable If required, occupational therapist from base hospital visits.
Social Worker (on site) Negotiable We work closely with all social workers at Whangarei Hospital. Hillary Powell is the main social worker who assists us.
Activities Co-ordinator Yes We employ an activity co-ordinator for both areas and have a diverse range of activities and outings. As a resident you have your own personalised activity plan to ensure you get to enjoy the activities you like.
Hairdresser Yes We have a qualified hairdresser visiting weekly or fortnightly as demand requires. Appointments available on request.
Podiatrist Yes Karen Russek visits on a four to six week basis. Appointments are arranged by the clinical nurse manager or registered nurses who, with the podiatrist ,will monitor your needs.
Dietitian Negotiable Our extensive summer and winter menus are set by a dietician and updated regularly. We also utilise the services of a local dietician for indiviual needs.
Accredited Visitors Negotiable Arranged through Age Concern as required.
Kaumatua Yes Kaumatuas can be contacted as required.
Chaplain/Spiritual Advisor Yes All denominations catered for as requested. Personal visits can be arranged by request through a registered nurse.
Other Personnel Yes Dr Jill Rocher is Radius Rimu Hospitals main GP. Clients are welcome to keep their own GP provided they can visit as needed.
Updated: 22 Sep 2016
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of ExpertiseStatusDetails
Oxygen Management Yes 24 hour RN cover.
Gastronomy/Nasogastric Management Yes Experienced RNs are able to manage gastronomy/nasogastric needs as necessary.
End of Life/Palliative Care Yes Close liaison with the local hospice. Separate palliative care rooms in lodge with lounge and kitchen for relatives of palliative residents. Dedicated team of palliative nurses.
IV Antibiotic Capability No Currently this service is not available
Dialysis No Liaison with the renal team at WBH .
Wound Care Yes All RNs trained in wound management. Wound nurse specialist available thru NDHB
Diabetic Care Yes All RNs are trained to deal with diabetic patients
Continence Advice Yes Marie Oldridge and Helen Brown from the DHB available for advice as necessary. All RNs monitor continence and liaise with continence advisor where necessary
Stomal Therapy Yes Marie Oldridge available as necessary for advice. All RN's trained in stoma care.
Stroke Rehabilitation No Physio assistant on site 5 days per week under guidance of a trained physiotherapist
Spinal Injuries Care Yes
Infection Control Yes Sandra Cunningham from Whangarei Base Hospital is the infection control link nurse for Rimu Park, she is available for consultation. All RNs/ENs trained in infection control practices.
Surgical Followup Yes RNs are able to provide surgical care if needed
Psychiatric Care Yes POPS team available and frequent contact with them re residents who need psychiatric specialist input.
Clinical Management Yes
Updated: 26 Nov 2013
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay
Respite, Carer Support or other Short StayStatusDetails
Respite Yes We do private respite if beds are available.
Carer Support Yes Residents are welcome to stay through carer support but whanau should be aware there is a top up to be paid.
Subsidised Yes
Private Paying Yes
Updated: 26 Nov 2013
May Bring Own Furniture Yes Personalising of rooms is encouraged.
Single Rooms Yes
Shared Rooms Yes 4 Double rooms only.
Rooms suitable for a couple Yes
Ensuite Yes Some en suites available
Alcohol Permitted Yes If agreed to by Doctor and supervised by staff. Happy hour held once a week.
Negotiate To Bring Own Pet No However we we don't mind if family members bring their pets to visit.
Phone Access In Own Room Yes If this is not already available, it can be arranged at your own cost. A portable phone is also available should you wish to make a call.
Resident can adjust heating in own room Yes Central heating/air con throughout facility
Cater for under 65 yrs with Disability Yes If funding approved by appropriate service
Lounges/seating areas Yes 2 main lounges, a library and lovely seating on decked garden areas outdoors.
Primary Health Funded Short Term Care Yes
Palliative Care Contract No Able to provide palliative care as per DHB contract
Day Programme for day stay clients Yes Can be negotiated
Outings Yes Regular outings as arranged by our activities officer
Whanau Room Yes Lovely family room available
Maori Kaupapa No However cultural meetings are held, input with Maori and involvement with them in care.
Residents Committee Yes We always welcome and respond to residents requests. Resident meeting held regularly.
Family Committee Yes Family meetings are held. Relatives are also welcomed and encouraged to discuss resident issues with the charge nurse.
Newsletter Yes News letter sent out every three months.
Policy for management of challenging behaviour Yes Challenging behaviour managed in our specialised secure unit.
Confused Residents Yes
Smokers Room No Smoking areas available outside.
Smoking Permitted No Smoking outdoors only. Smoking patients will do so in the designated area and be supervised at all times. Patients tobacco and lighting instruments are to be kept and maintained by staff for safety reasons
Semi-Secure Yes The Manuka Wing is a Secure unit with 18 beds offering specialised psychogeriatrc care
Updated: 26 Nov 2013
Special Features
Special Features
Radius Rimu Park Private Hospital is a single storied 58 bed purpose built complex set amongst pleasantly landscaped surroundings just 10 minutes from the CBD and 2 kms from the suburb of Kamo on State Highway 1.
Radius Rimu Park Hospital is handy to shopping areas and has lovely decks, gardens and dedicated staff.

More than just a hospital, Rimu Park is a "community" resource providing a friendly, caring and home-like environment, catering to the special needs of the elderly.
7 days per week our activities and physio assistants ensure the residents are kept active and stimulated.

The new Manuka Wing our separate dementia unit offers specialised secure care in a safe and homely environment. Our nurses and healthcare assistants are passionate about providing the best possible care for residents with dementia and are sensitive to the special needs of residents with dementia.

Updated: 26 Nov 2013
Interests & Activities
Interests & Activities
Activities and outings are planned and organised by our activities co-ordinator. We encourage residents to share any activities they might enjoy and be able to do. Activities include craft and indoor games. There is an activities co-ordinator 5 days per week.

The mobility taxi is used for group outings. There is a charge made by the taxi company for these trips and for solo trips made with the use of a mobility voucher applied for by the hospital. Accounts will be sent out once a month from the administration office.

Sometimes there may be small costs involved during an outing such as Morning Tea etc. and it is helpful to have a small amount of money through the ward clerk to cover these expenses.

We have regular entertainment, music and sing-a-longs. Information about these events is displayed on the notice board.

Library books are available for exchange through the Activities Co-Ordinator. Other reading material is available in the Main Lounge library at all times.

A copy of the Herald Newspaper is available daily for the use of all residents.

We will order magazines through the administration office and other magazines are shared throughout the hospital.

Children can participate in activities with the activities co-ordinator if required. Schools visit regularly.

Brochures and flyers are sent to us from Age Concern informing us of events to attend, or items of interest.

We are in contact with various support groups such as: Arthritis Society, Parkinson's Society, Blind Foundation, Alzheimer's Society etc for advice and when follow up is required.
Residents can visit the Stroke Group when required.

Members of the RSA go on outings there. The RSA also visit weekly with confectionary and to visit their members.

As mentioned, church services are held in our hospital.

Email/Internet is only available from our main central office.

There are lovely gardens around the hospital.

Visits to the 'Warehouse' are provided and specific shopping requests are attended to.
Updated: 26 Nov 2013
Additional Information
Additional Information
Details about Meals Meal Times: Breakfast 8am Dinner 12.00pm Tea 5.00pm. Morning and afternoon Teas are also provided. Menu plans can be designed to cater for the individual preferences and special dietary needs of our residents. All meals are prepared on the premises including morning tea, afternoon tea and supper. Guests for a meal are welcome. There is a small charge for guests meals. Should a resident require a snack or drinks at other times staff will assist.
Staffing Qualifications and Details The main cares are done by experienced health care assistants who are supervised by an registered nurse and an enrolled nurse. This excludes the registered nurse hours, cook, cleaners, laundry persons and activities staff.
Associated Complexes Radius Care is a New Zealand owned and operated company that specialises in delivering the very best levels of Rest Home and Private Hospital care for our elderly population and our young disabled who require special care.
What's included in your fees and what's not Podiatry and hairdressing fees not included. Some other items may be oncharged. Please contact admin to discuss this.
Updated: 26 Nov 2013
Languages Spoken
Languages Spoken
Cook Island Maori Yes
Deaf Blind Sign Language Yes Interpreters as necessary
English Yes
Fijian Yes By a staff member
Filipino Yes Staff members speak Fililpino
Interpreter Yes An Interpreter could be arranged through Whangarei Hospital.
Maori - Te Reo Yes
Updated: 26 Nov 2013
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual AffiliationsStatusDetails
Anglican Yes Anglican Minister visits regularly.
Baptist Yes
Christian Yes
Inter denominational Yes Interdenominational services are held on the first Friday of the month at 10am in the Blue and Green Lounge.
Roman Catholic Yes Catholic Communion is held at individual request and is presently every 2nd Tuesday morning.
(Other comments) Yes We can provide for religious needs as required by resident or family.
Updated: 26 Nov 2013
Public Transport 0.25 km Bus route on Kamo Rd
Shops 2.00 km Kensington and Kamo in close proximity
Mall 4.00 km Central town 5 minutes away
Parks 3.00 km Kensington Park 2 minutes down road
Library 3.00 km Less than 5 minutes away. Mobile library available
Updated: 26 Nov 2013
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership RCStatusDetails
CareerForce Yes On site training for care assistants leading to 'Support of Older Persons Certification'.
National Certificate in Community Support Services (Core Competencies) Yes
National Certificate in Community Support Services (Residential) Yes
National Certificate in Diversional Therapy Yes
New Zealand Aged Care Association (NZACA) Yes
Rest Home MOH Audit Report Available. Yes
CareerForce New Zealand Aged Care Association (NZACA) Rest Home MOH Audit Report Available.
Updated: 26 Nov 2013

The Ministry of Health conducts regular audits of Residential Care Facilities. They can be found HERE.