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New Zealand’s most comprehensive listing of home help and other support services, including day activities and respite care.

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retirement villages

View the most wide-ranging and complete listings of Retirement and Lifestyle Villages across New Zealand.

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residential care

New Zealand's most comprehensive and up-to-date listings of Rest Homes, Dementia, Hospitals and Specialist Hospital Care.

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Where from here is New Zealand’s ‘older person’s bible’ - order your free copy of this region-specific handbook.

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20 minutes ago - Christchurch

Pier Law Lawyers - Legal

Did you know that you need more than just a Will? It’s never an easy topic to think about, but getting your affairs in order makes things far less complicated for your loved ones after you’ve gone, and ensures your assets are dealt with in the way you would like. To make this difficult process a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of the documentation you require. In addition, we’re offering a comprehensive package combining all the required documentation, with a saving of $300. Required documentation (and what’s included in our package): Will (a directive for when you pass away); Living Will (also commonly called advanced directive - a directive for when you do not want your life prolonged artificially); Enduring Power of Attorney for Property (appoints someone as your Attorney who can look after your property matters whilst you are still alive – can come into effect immediately or when you become mentally incapable); Enduring Power of Attorney for Personal Care and Welfare (appoints someone as your Attorney who can look after your healthcare matters whilst you are still alive – will only come into effect if you become mentally incapable), and finally; Digital Assets Register (this register details a list of digital assets you hold, for example a Facebook page, email accounts, cloud storage accounts, etc. so that these can be dealt with once you pass away). Email info@pierlaw.co.nz for more information.

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Eldernet Gazette

2 days ago

It’s time to retire the word ‘retire’

It’s 2022; so why are we still using a word from the 16th century to describe life after full time work?

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As Eldernet is an independent information provider that does not own or have an ‘interest’ in any service listed on the site nor does it provide any other role for listed services (e.g. a professional association with a defined membership), we are free to provide the most comprehensive listing of services for older people in New Zealand (i.e. those over 65 years of age or those who have an age...

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