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My village unit has been flood damaged. What are my options?

If your village unit has incurred damage as a result of a natural disaster (such as a flood), the village operator should communicate next steps with you. ConsumerNZ has provided an outline of your rights if you live in a food damaged village unit:

Residents who need to evacuate a retirement village should receive clear direction from the retirement village operator.

If a resident needs to move, this should be at the village operator’s cost – regardless of where the resident is moving to.

When it comes to weekly fees, if a resident is moved to another unit within the same village, it’s likely the resident will continue paying their weekly fee.

If a resident is relocated to a different retirement village, then it’s up to the two village operators to negotiate the rate.

If a resident’s unit is not repairable, the village operator should talk to the affected resident(s) about next steps. Options could include replacing the unit, transferring to another unit or leaving the retirement village.

The village operator must consider the residents’ views but does not have to agree with those views. It must set out the terms of its decision in writing and provide the resident with a copy.

As with tenants, retirement village residents are responsible for their own contents, and should contact their contents insurer.

See ConsumerNZ for information about your rights if you have been affected by flood damage.

Updated: 11 Jun 2024
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