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Don't drive but need transport?

Transport is a critical part of staying connected. Remember in your early years when you didn’t have a license yet? While none of us want to go back to those days, the problem solving we used then, might be worth reconsidering now, particularly if you consider that the  benefits of getting out outweigh the alternatives.

  • Accept offers of a ride. There are often people who are happy to take you along too if you’re both going to the same place.
  • SuperGold Cardholders can get free off-peak travel on public transport in many areas around New Zealand and while buses in particular aren’t always convenient they are a reasonably priced option.
  • Taxis, specialised driving services or Uber have the benefit of taking you door to door.

You may qualify for the Total Mobility Scheme. It offers cut price taxis and transport services

“Funded in partnership by local and central government, the Total Mobility scheme assists eligible people, with long-term impairments to access appropriate transport to meet their daily needs and enhance their community participation. This assistance is provided in the form of subsidised door to door transport services wherever scheme transport providers operate.

It provides:

  • electronic cards or vouchers to eligible scheme members that subsidise the normal transport fare by 75% up to a maximum fare (set by the relevant regional council, or Auckland Transport)
  • funding to scheme providers to help purchase and install wheelchair hoists
  • payment to the owner of the wheelchair accessible vehicle for each Total Mobility scheme member who requires the use of a wheelchair hoist or ramp on a trip.”

Waka Kotahi (New Zealand Transport Agency) provides further information about the scheme. Specific information about how the scheme operates in your region can be found here.

Interestingly, all these options are cheaper than running and maintaining a car.

Updated: 15 Aug 2023
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