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How much does private home support (home help) cost?

The following example is for someone requiring standard, non-complex home support services three days a week. It’s a very common scenario based on the services subsidised by the health authorities.  Services such as these are generally not required after hours, on weekends or public holidays. If they are, after-hours fees apply.

Remember too, on top of these costs are the usual costs associated with living at home (food, rates, insurance, clothing, medical care, household equipment and maintenance, transport, hairdresser etc.). If we take the National Super payment (which is not considered to be excessive) as a rough guide this could cost around another $21,000 per year.

Example of three times a week private, non-complex, home support provided by a GST registered agency. (Note: these figures do not include GST) This example is based on a range of charges from providers operating in the sector and is variable and indicative only. 


Price range

Rate, hours & frequency

Cost per week  Cost per year 
Personal care – assist with shower, mouth care, dressing, pill dispensing etc. $30 - $50 per hour.  1 hour, 3 days per week @ $50 per hour $150 $7,800
Housekeeping – vacuuming, dusting, meal preparation, shopping etc. $30 - $45 per hour. (Not including the cost of food.) 3 hours, twice a week @ $45 per hour $270 $14,040
Support workers transport costs.

72 cents per km

8.4 km round trip, 3 days per week $18.14 $943.28
    TOTAL incl. GST $438.14 $22,783.28
Day programme ‘top up’ e.g., meals, shuttle.  $20 - $40 per day (small service provider not GST registered) Twice a week $80  $3,200 (40 weeks) 
    TOTAL with day programme $518.14 $25,983.28

A liberating type of thinking that’s proving to be beneficial for many people, is for them to request services that they believe will improve their quality of life. While it might mean services such as the above, it might also mean something quite different such as taking a daily walk accompanied by a support person (for company, reassurance and assistance if required). Such a regime would suit someone who wants to maximize their abilities e.g., building strength, balance, confidence, or as part of a rehabilitation programme. Private home support services can usually be very flexible around each client’s needs.

Updated: 11 Jun 2024
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