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Can I get home help if I live with other people?

This depends on a number of factors including why you need the services, whether other household members can help out and whether you have a Community Services card. Importantly, in April 2023, Te Whatu Ora announced a change to the way that family care is funded. The changes provide more choice and flexibility for those who need support services to remain in their homes and communities. Importantly, it also means that caregivers who provide support to family/whānau will be compensated. For more information see the article Can a family member be paid to care for me at home?

The following generally applies:

If you are being discharged from hospital you may receive subsidised support for a short period of time while you convalesce. Other household members are often expected to assist with household tasks.

If you need support long term, or indefinitely, your eligibility for subsidised services is determined by an interRAI assessment. In this situation a range of  outcomes are possible including:

  • If you need help with housework and/or the chores you usually do then generally other members of the household will be expected to do them. If for some reason they are not able to, then in some instances, you may be able to receive subsidised support if you have a Community Services card.
  • If you require a ‘personal care’ type of service (e.g., assistance with showering, dressing, toileting etc.) then this service is generally subsidised and provided by a home support worker. You do not need a Community Services card.
  • If you (and your caregiver – if you have one) have a high level of need a specialised ‘package’ of subsidised support may be provided.

If you are prepared to pay privately you may be able to buy a wide range of services from various home support agencies.

As each situation is unique you need to be guided by your local health service or NASC/CCC team.

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Updated: 2 Feb 2024
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