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Are retirement villages and rest homes the same?

Drawing a distinction between accommodation and care is a way to begin to understand the differences between retirement villages, rest homes and other options.

Once there were rest homes and then along came lifestyle and retirement villages. Rest homes were tasked with caring for the frail and chronically ill, and the villages offered a new lifestyle choice for the fit and healthy. Never the two met.

As aged care has evolved in New Zealand, that has changed. What were once quite different models have come to represent opposite ends of a spectrum. Filling in the spaces between are such hybrid options as care apartments, care studios, care suites, serviced apartments, supported living and various rest home choices.

The terminology used by different providers varies, making it even more confusing. There are fundamental differences though between retirement villages and care homes.

A good way to get these differences clear in your mind is to draw a distinction between accommodation and care, and to also understand that an assessment determines whether you are eligible for care and the level of care you need. Different legislation also applies.

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Updated: 11 Jun 2024
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