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support at home

New Zealand’s most comprehensive listing of home help and other support services, including day activities and respite care.

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retirement villages

View the most wide-ranging and complete listings of Retirement and Lifestyle Villages across New Zealand.

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residential care

New Zealand's most comprehensive and up-to-date listings of Rest Homes, Dementia, Hospitals and Specialist Hospital Care.

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products and services

What other support and information is available? See here for extensive lists of products and services to support seniors.

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15 hours ago - Masterton 5810

Ultimate Care Lansdowne Court - Retirement Villages ('Purchase')


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Eldernet Gazette

19 hours ago

CEA’s Top Tips for Christmas: Lights and Decorations.

When it comes to adorning the house for Christmas, lights and decorations can be an important part of it! Consider giving Mother Earth a present for Christmas this year, and choose more sustainable, energy-efficient options. Here is some top tips to help you have a greener Christmas: Lights: Make sure you only use your lights …

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What are Restorative Services - My mother’s supposed to be gett...

The Home Support agency should have given your mother a ‘Support Plan’ which details the services being provided. Is she happy for you to look at that with her? It sounds as though your mother is receiving what is commonly referred to as a ‘restorative’ service. A ‘restorative’ home help service is quite different to a more traditional type of cleaning service....

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