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New Zealand’s most comprehensive listing of home help and other support services, including day activities and respite care.

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New Zealand's most comprehensive and up-to-date listings of Rest Homes, Dementia, Hospitals and Specialist Hospital Care.

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What other support and information is available? See here for extensive lists of products and services to support seniors.

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2 days ago - Auckland

Roseridge Rest Home Henderson - Rest Home Care

BREAKFAST CONVERSATION- The main topic of conversation at the breakfast table this morning was how much they enjoyed the Jazz and Blues Concert last night.  Oh Boy.  It was Fever Swing with two very young boys (young to us) one on the Violin and the other on Guitar.  Man could they play and they played off each other and it was almost as if the violin was talking and the fingers on the guitar were a blur as they went so fast.  Everyone was so hyped up from the music they did not go to bed last night until midnight.  It will be a quiet day today......hehe

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Eldernet Gazette

2 days ago

In the Media

What’s in the news around NZ? In this post we cover recent articles of interest published by a variety of news organisations around NZ including  NZ Herald, Otago Daily Times, Radio NZ, Stuff.co.nz, Beehive.govt.nz, Newshub. to name but a few. To access the article simply click on the link provided and you will be able to read …

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I live in a rest home. What happens if I want to go on holiday or...

If you are privately paying your admission agreement should cover these circumstances and the costs should be identified there. It may allow for a lesser payment over this time. If you are a subsidised resident the two circumstances are treated differently. If you are in hospital you can be absent for 21 days per financial year (1 July - 30 June). During this time the subsidy will continue to...

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