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16 hours ago - Christchurch

Admatha Lodge - Dementia Care NZ - Specialist Hospital/Dementia Care

It's wonderful to see the joy Merlin, our 10 month old therapy puppy, brings residents at Admatha and Avonlea Dementia Care in Christchurch. This photo was taken in March 2017. New Website for Dementia Care NZ: We have a wonderful new Website and we invite you to take a tour! www.dementiacarenz.co.nz Recently at Admatha Lodge and Home  we had a very special visit from the mobile farm yard! Our residents were enthralled by the lovely gentle animals including chickens, baby rabbits, ducklings, a little dog, a lamb a guinea pig and a donkey! 06/12. AGE CONCERN POSITIVE AGEING EXPO SEPTEMBER 30TH:   We are very excited to be holding an information stall at the Age Concern, positive Ageing expo on September 30th. It is always such a superb event with many interesting contributors. It is also a wonderful way to connect with our community. we hope to see you there!    (Photograph: Avonlea Operations Manager Kirsty Hart and Admatha Operations Manager Sue Denton at the recent Age Concern Expo)     AUTUMN COMES TO ADMATHA - April 2013   Autumn is upon us and so is lots of 'end of summer fruit' that has over burdened my garden...   At Admatha our residents have filled the home with the sweet and spicey aroma of fresh home made chutney.........'Pear and green tomato' We had so much fun making this together and sharing our produce, as well as keeping a supply for our kitchenette.   Donya, on behalf of the Diversional Therapy team at Admatha.           CREATIVE COOKING CLUB February 2013:   Our people at Dementia Care NZ simply love their 'creative cooking club' creations! At every home, people have the opportunity to take part in cooking groups. Some people love to help with the making, some with the directing, some with the reminiscing, the observing and the eating!   But every one.........Has a superb time.       ROAD WORKS ON AVERIL STREET 18/02/2013 We wish to advise visitors to Admatha Home and Hospital that there are significant road works happening on our street. Even though the sign may say no access, you can drive up the clear part of the road and use our car parks.       At a number of our homes we have been holding a weekly 'coffee club'.  This is a time for socialisation, reminiscing, sharing time with family and friends, creating magic moments. Out come the lovely table cloths, the special china, the flowers on the tables not to mention the lovely home baked goodies and coffee! If you would like to join your friend or loved one for coffee club, please conta ... ct the operations manager of the facility for details. We would love to share this time with you.   Donya Nee, on behalf of the Diversional Therapy Team from Dementia Care NZ.       Our residents just love the joy of food in our ‘Creative Cooking Club’. Here is one of our lovely Admatha Diversional Therapists Sharma with a recent chocolate and strawberry creation. Fun AND tasty. A great afternoon!       Our beautiful garden is in full bloom at Admatha with rhodo's, yellow iris, roses in pink, white, yellow and red, leucadendrons, lavender, lilies, fox gloves, the beckoning shade of the well established trees and so much more.   We have been greatly enjoying garden walks, picking flowers for arrangements and feeding the birds this week.   What a beautiful time of year!   (The Diversional Therapy team at Admatha).       Dementia Care NZ's Christchurch facilities Admatha and Avonlea were represented at last Monday's Age Concern 'Positive Aging Expo' by Lauren Thompson and Donya Nee. 'We had a fantastic time chatting with people in our community sharing visi ... ting tips and the benefits of respite care. It was wonderful to see so many people really enjoying themselves, socialising and finding out what is available to them'. What a community!   Photograph - from left, Donya Nee and Lauren Thompson. Age concerns positive aging expo October 2012.            Exercise Programme After many months of discussion and planning, a four week training course for staff took place in March at Admatha and Avonlea in Christchurch on how to introduce regular exercise for residents into our dementia facilities.  The course was facilitated by Janet Earle, Registered Physiotherapist, who knows our residents and staff well from her weekly visits to both Admatha and Avonlea.  Janet has vast experience in the area of falls prevention, and has worked extensively with the elderly and with people who have dementia. This opportunity was met with great enthusiasm by the staff of both Christchurch facilities, with a pleasing attendance of Caregivers, Registered Nurses and Diversional Therapy trainees at the sessions.  The training covered a range of topics over the four weeks, from the benefits of exercise to the elderly, through which specific exercises to include and which to avoid. Janet summarised the main benefits to our residents as being the “Four F’s”… Fitness, Freedom, Falls Prevention, and Fun!  It was envisaged that at the completion of the course, staff would have a greater  understanding of exercise  benefits, together with the tools to assist with incorporating increased exercise and movement into our residents’ daily routine.  It is envisaged that exercise will take place throughout the day. However, there will be a distinct focus on movement to music during the mid to late afternoon, when many of our residents struggle with ‘sundowning’ symptoms of dementia. We are now getting ready to introduce this programme to people in facilities in other areas. We plan to review the success of the training and exercise programme later in the year.  Additionally, we intend to carry out some comparative evidence-based research to establish whether there have been any tangible benefits to our residents, such as a decrease in falls, as a result of the programme.   Trainee Diversional Therapist Kim Prasad engages residents in an lively exercise session    WE DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY ... AND IT WORKS. OUR POINTS OF DIFFERENCE: Our Vision and Values – Are the cornerstone of all we do. We select our staff based upon our vision and values. This means we attract the right people and have a great staff retention. Staff have a high level of job satisfaction and many opportunities to grow which naturally results in best performance and positively impacts upon our residents’ well being. Open home – Our families are always welcome. You have an open invitation to share mealtimes with your loved one, at no charge. We want you to have as much special time with your loved one as possible. This benefits us all.  Small Homes  – Small homes mean that the environment feels more normalised, and residents orientate to their environment more easily.. There is a family feel. We get to know our residents very well. There are fewer faces to get to know. There is a higher staff ratio than in many larger facilities. Open Plan kitchens - Purpose designed kitchens mean that residents and their families have full, assisted and safe access to familiar homely activities. People can help rinse the dishes, make a cup of tea, wipe down the bench, and be part of the running of their home. Baking and cooking activities occur regularly. Bedrooms – Are warm and cosy. There is under-floor heating as well as wall unit heating. People are encouraged to bring special things from home, to make their room feel familiar and homely. We provide all of the necessities.  Family Support  – Our families have the opportunity to meet monthly with an independent facilitator to share thoughts, feelings and concerns about having a loved one in care. At Levin and Waikanae support is available over the phone. Special Programmes for Families - We enjoy having two special courses for our families: ‘Orientation For Families’ and ‘Sharing the Journey’ . These courses help people to settle into having a loved one in care, and provide information about dementia and improving the quality of the journey with your loved one in care. Our team: Our staff team are hand-picked and are with us because they love working with people who have dementia. They are given many opportunities to grow within the organisation and are supported to be their very best. We provide them with free medical attention and  staff support from ‘Work Place Support’ . They are also given much in the way of Education. We are great believers in the power of education and support for growth. Education - We have an Education Coordinator who coordinates , supports, motivates and encourages staff to grow and develop as much as possible. Best Friends Approach to Dementia Care training – All our staff attend this training as a part of their comprehensive ‘orientation’ program. It is based on the ground-breaking work of Virginia Bell and David Troxell, and originated in the U.S.A. The main focus is on developing empathy, communication and an understanding of our residents’ needs. Non Violent Crisis Intervention – This is an internationally recognised qualification that we encourage all staff members to participate in.  This course supports what is learnt in the Best Friends Approach to Care training. Intercultural training – Our staff team have the opportunity to be a part of  comprehensive training around intercultural awareness. This tr aining is designed to he l p staff understand the varying cultural needs  of our residents, as well as fellow staff members. Occupational Therapy – We have a very experienced Occupational Therapist who leads our team of Diversional Therapists.  She is also available for consulting regarding residents’ specific needs and/or behaviours of concern. Physiotherapist – Our Physiotherapist visits our home regularly. Dietician – Our dietician is on site on a regular basis and is available for advice at anytime. Community Care – We have a proactive approach  to education for the wider community around dementia care. We speak at both national and international  conferences  on the subject of excellence in person-centred care. Community education, removing the stigma from dementia and increasing the quality of life for people who have dementia are  passions we love to share with others. We hold the only contract in Canterbury for dedicated respite care. Audit certification – We are very proud of our Audit results. All audit results may be obtained from our website www.dementiacarenz.co.nz At Avonlea, we  have four years certification.   VISITING TIPS FOR THE CHRISTMAS PERIOD ! Please see our article about 'Visiting a person with dementia over the Christmas period' as published on the Alzheimers New Zealand site. We hope that this article is helpful for you and your families. Simply click on the link at the very bottom of this page. Donya Nee Vision Development Co-ordinator Admatha Dementia Care Rest Home & Hospital Avonlea Dementia Care Rest Home (03) 385 1286 027 277 6882 We: *accept you as you are *really listen to you *Love to hear you laugh *forgive your mistakes *have fun together   http://www.alzheimers.org.nz/tips-for-visiting-someone-with-dementia-over-the-holiday-period/

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22 hours ago

Technology meets animal therapy

Animals have a positive effect on us (which is probably why we enjoy watching cat videos so much). Turns out that apart from giving us the giggles or the warm and fuzzies having a pet may improve your overall physical and mental health. According to the US’s National Centre for Health Research, blood pressure is …

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I understand that Home Equity Release allows me to borrow against...

The Sorted web site HERE has information about Equity Release.  They also provide booklets HERE. Updated 18/06/2015

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