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support at home

New Zealand’s most comprehensive listing of home help and other support services, including day activities and respite care.

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retirement villages

View the most wide-ranging and complete listings of Retirement and Lifestyle Villages across New Zealand.

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residential care

New Zealand's most comprehensive and up-to-date listings of Rest Homes, Dementia, Hospitals and Specialist Hospital Care.

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products and services

What other support and information is available? See here for extensive lists of products and services to support seniors.

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1 hour ago - Huapai

Country Club Huapai - Retirement Villages ('Purchase')

The new 1 & 2 bedroom apartment Show Homes are now open and ready to view.  Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 2pm

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Eldernet Gazette

3 days ago

Indoor flowers bring colour and calm

Going floral is a growing trend in interior décor, and there is no better way to bring the trend to life than with indoor flowers. Besides enhancing the beauty of a space, they clean the air and help you feel calm and relaxed. Caring for them is even more rewarding – there is the joy …

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What are some ideas for keeping physically active?

Exercise needn’t be a burden. Many activities that you do each day as part of your routine may in fact be exercise. A good day in the garden will let anyone know that they have been exercising but even more gentle daily activities such as taking a brisk walk or playing with the grandchildren are sufficient to maintain a good state of fitness. Many local authorities run exercise programmes f...

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