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KADAP - Kawerau and Districts Ageing in Place

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KADAP - Kawerau and Districts Ageing in Place
60 Onslow Street
Kawerau 3127
Bay of Plenty
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Karen Glibbery - 027 503 8125
Basic information

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A local initiative researched and developed to serve the needs of our ageing residents.
Home maintenance can be daunting for seniors. KADAP provides a filling the gaps service while working alongside health and social services, Trades-people, agencies and community organisations.

Our Vision
Is to provide and maintain an organisation tailored to meet the needs of our older residents who want to remain in their homes with safety and dignity.

To achieve this, KADAP utilises a talented, mature, vetted volunteer work force providing solutions where help is requested.
Where home handy man jobs are too much even for our volunteers, then local Trades-persons are engaged.

Our Logo – The name ‘Kawerau’ means ‘ a gathering of leaves’. We selected a large oak leaf, as seen in abundance all over Kawerau, and in the Autumn they appear just like in the picture that is our logo. The outer edges depict a fading from lush green to shades of red and yellow, representing the Autumn of our lives as Seniors, but there is still a vibrant green and alive center or heart- we believe this is representative of us as a senior, perhaps past our young and vibrant best, but still full of zest for life.

You will find KADAP Inc. office in Rooms 6 & 7 on the ground floor of the KEA Centre, 60 Onslow Street, Kawerau 3127.
The KADAP Office is open from 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday If the office is unattended, please leave a message and someone will contact you as soon as possible.
Our geographic cover includes Kawerau to the Junction of SH 30/34 including Moody, Hogg, Grieve, Military and Braemar Roads (Kawerauend) plus out to Tui Glen Farm on SH34.