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Roseanne Retirement Home

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Roseanne Retirement Home
Rest Home Care
25 Taradale Road
Napier 4110
Postal Address
PO Box 4223 Marewa, Napier
Hawke's Bay
(06) 843 0250
(06) 843 9658
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Colleen White - 06 8430 250
Colleen White - 06 8430 250
Lance White - 06 8430 250
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Our small family orientated resthome means we have time to spend with people who need it. We encourage our residents to view Roseanne as their home and we are sensitive to their personal space, needs, and desires. This makes working and living at Roseanne special.
We offer respite care when rooms are available and offer a day programme to give social interaction for those who choose to remain in their own homes.


A commitment to provide the highest quality and professional standards in meeting the residents individual, psychological, cultural and spiritual needs within a safe, warm, caring, friendly, family orientated environment.
We encourage respite and day programme residents to join us on special outings.
Service/Facility Details
Service/Facility Details
Contract with DHBYes
Updated: 26 Feb 2018
Bed and Vacancy Details
Bed and Vacancy Details
Approximate number of beds at this level of care 16
Vacancy Yes
Impending vacancy No
Additional Room CostsNo
Updated: 22 Jun 2018
"Mum was a bit nervous about coming but it made all the difference when she found she could bring her cat".
Our home has a family feel. We have some people who return on a regular basis for respite care. The older people and their families tell us they enjoy being here. "It is my place of choice".
Our day programme is inviting and creative. "I really like coming to see what I can do this week".
"I love the van rides. He has such an interesting commentary as we go around. We go a different way every time".
" When Mum had her 90th birthday they went the extra mile to make sure she felt special. They provided a room where our family could get together to celebrate".
" I was booked to go to another home but they didn't have a bed for a week. By the time they did I didn't want to leave here. I feel like this is home now".
"I was sure that Dad would get good care when he came there but the love and commitment was more than we could have imagined. Thank you so much"
"When we come to visit we are made to feel so welcome - like we are also part of what happens"
Updated: 26 Feb 2018
TypeHours Per WeekStatusDetails
Nurse Practitioner Negotiable A referral can be made to a nurse practitioner if deemed necessary by the registered nurse or family.
Registered Nurse 40+ Yes Registered Nurse works 5 days a week and is on call 24 hours.
Healthcare Assistants/Caregivers Full Cover Yes Careworkers are on duty at all times over a 24 hour period. The number on at any one time depends on the workload.
Physiotherapist 0.00 Negotiable Visits from community Physio.
Occupational Therapist 0.00 Negotiable
Activities Co-ordinator 12.5+ Yes Five mornings per week. There are often afternoon outings as well. We play a variety of DVD's in the afternoon. We take our residents to shows at night, and at weekends for interesting events. Families are encouraged to join in with extra activities.
Hairdresser Yes One day a week.
Podiatrist Yes Visiting by appointment, monthly.
Dietitian Yes Menu's are checked and audited by a registered Dietitian. Our staff are trained in providing attractive nourishing meals which look and taste great. We listen to what the residents think and modify to suit their needs.
Accredited Visitors Yes We encourage volunteers to visit or to be involved in our programme. A RC representative brings communion weekly.
Kaumatua Yes We have Maori speaking staff and we are aware that all cultures need to be acknowledged and all treated with dignity and respect.
Chaplain/Spiritual Advisor Yes We have an Anglican minister who visits monthly and we take the residents who want to go to a Presbyterian service monthly. Personal visits can be arranged when needed. The Roman Catholic representative visits weekly to give communion.
Other Personnel Negotiable
Updated: 26 Feb 2018
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of ExpertiseStatusDetails
Palliative Care Contract No Although we do not have a specific palliative contract, we are aware that this is the residents home. Therefore we provide end of life care to enable people to stay in there own home to die with dignity. Our staff have specific end of life training.
End of Life/Palliative Care Yes Although we do not have a specific palliative contract, we do provide palliative care for those who need it. We have hospice support which allows people to die with dignity in the place of their choosing.
Oxygen Management Yes Our staff are trained in the use and administration of oxygen and associated equipment and conditions.
Surgical Followup Yes We offer support for those who need a little time to recover from surgery. Short stays in resthome can set people up to do well when they return home.
Wound Care Yes Our registered nurse is ACC registered and has a special interest in wound care.
Diabetic Care Yes Our staff receive regular training in diabetic care. We currently have residents who are diabetic and staff are competent in all aspects of care.
Continence Advisor Yes Our continence advisor is available whenever we need to discuss requirements.
Infection Control Yes We are very mindful of the need for strict infection prevention with the frail, vulnerable older person. The staff receive annual training to keep up with ever changing technology.
Stomal Therapist No Expert advise is readily available and our staff are confident when dealing with stomas.
Psychiatric Care Yes We have a mental health contract with the DHB and provide care for those assessed as being suitable for our facility. We provide care for some under 65's.
Stroke Rehabilitation Yes Strokes are a common occurrence in older people. Our staff are confident when caring for the special needs of stroke sufferers.
Dialysis No We do not offer dialysis care as such but will transport residents for dialysis appointments.
Gerontological Care Yes Older people are valued and supported to be as independent as possible. The registered nurse has a diploma in gerontological nursing.
Clinical Manager Yes The registered nurse is in charge of the management of the rest home. There is a registered nurse on call at all times when not on site.
Psychiatrist No A referral can be made for mental health residents which compliments our mental health contract.
Other Post Graduate Specialities Yes The registered nurse has a diploma in gerontological nursing.
Updated: 26 Feb 2018
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay
Respite, Carer Support or other Short StayStatusDetails
Respite Yes We offer a respite care service from hospital or when primary care givers need a well earned break. We have some who return time after time because this is the place they enjoy coming to. This option is dependent of bed availability
Carer Support Yes Our facility will take all people who need a safe place to be while others take time out. We provide a day programme to enable carers to do what they need to do.
Subsidised Yes We will accept those who are subsidised by the govt.
Private Paying Yes We also accept those who will pay privately. We do not have additional charges.
Booking can be made in advance Yes We will take advanced booking for both permanent placement and for respite care. The respite care will only be available if there is a bed space at the time. If, for some reason, we are not able to fulfill the placement, we will arrange alternative care.
Updated: 26 Feb 2018
Under 65 yrs with Disability Yes We are able to take under 65's in special circumstances.
Day Care Yes We provide an exciting day programme for those who need it and to provide time out for carers. Arranged through NASC or by private agreement. Arrival and departure times are negotiable. We will pick up and take home if families are unable to do so.
Primary Health Funded Short Term Care Yes We have a DHB contract to accept short term primary health referrals.
Palliative Care Contract No We do take some people who are palliative and provide care in the last days of life. Safety and comfort is our main concern. It is important that people choose where they want to die and many look on this as their home.
Other End of Life/Palliative Care Yes We will endeavor to provide excellent care to the end of life with hospice support if needed. We try to ensure as many of the residents wishes as possible so that the last days will be remembered fondly.
Rooms (Single) Yes 16 rooms, most of which have there own toilet and handbasin.
Rooms (Shared) No Some rooms are divided by an ensuite, which they share. There is adequate provision for privacy.
Rooms (Suit Couple) Yes One room when available. The shared toilet rooms are ideal for couples.
Ensuite Yes Most rooms have own toilet and hand basin.
May Bring Own Furniture Yes The drawers in the bedrooms are built in. Own beds, drawers, chairs, bedside tables are encouraged providing they will fit.
Alcohol Permitted Yes Alcohol may be brought in for residents but is preferably kept by staff to be given at specific times. Many residents enjoy a drink before or with tea.
Pets In Residence Yes We have a cat on the premises.
Negotiate To Bring Own Pet Yes Incoming residents are invited to discuss bringing their pet with the manager. Residents may bring a loved pet as long there is no friction with other animals. The resident would be expected to provide for the needs of the animal.
Phone Access In Own Room Yes Each room has a phone connection available. This is an extra, personal charge. Some people are even able to keep their own phone number.
Wifi Yes Wifi is available. Needs to be discussed with the manager.
Resident can adjust heating in own room Yes There is electric heating in each room. Electric blankets are not permitted.
Maori Kaupapa Yes We have Maori policies in place. We deliver care with respect to the Treaty of Waitangi. Maori residents are encouraged to discuss specific needs with staff.
Residents Committee Yes Meetings held on request or three monthly. Family members are invited to attend. Results of the meetings are put into the newsletter. Minutes are available on request.
Family Committee No Family members are invited to join with the residents meeting.
Newsletter Yes Regular newsletters to families which highlight previous events, some photo's and coming events.
Policy for management of challenging behaviour Yes Our staff are trained in managing behaviour that challenges.
Confused Residents Yes Training is given to staff for the awareness and management of confusion. Our activities person provides designed activities to encourage residents to be content. Confused residents are accepted providing they do not wander.
Lounges/seating areas Yes Separate TV room provides an area where residents can combine to watch and discuss events. A separate lounge looks out onto main road & shops. Outside sheltered seating also available for our residents to take advantage of the safe environment outdoors
Outings Yes We have a scheduled outing in the van weekly. Other outings include church services, RSA, school visits, morning teas, meals out. We take men or women on special interest outings. Residents are invited to special events at night and weekends.
Rural Setting No There are built up gardens which residents are encouraged to tend. We grow some of our own vegetables.
Smokers Room No Smoking is not encouraged but is allowed out doors. Safe fenced areas are provided.
Smoking Permitted Yes Outside the facility.
Sprinklers Yes Automatic fire sprinklers regularly checked.
Audit report available Yes See the MOH website.
Updated: 26 Feb 2018
Special Features
Special Features
Roseanne is Napier’s smallest rest home. It is a home that was built with the aim of being a friendly, family type of facility.

Resident’s rooms are set towards the back of the building with the living areas at the front. As the home is built on a corner site these living areas look out onto two streets; the busier Taradale Road where traffic and pedestrians can be watched from behind the safety of a railing fence, and the quieter side road where the main entrance is located.

For a small home there are a number of areas that residents can choose to spend some of their day including their own room, areas outside and seating areas inside. There is an open flow from the dining room to lounge and this enables people to either sit around the dining room table after meals and chat or go through into the lounge and find a comfortable chair there.

Residents are complimentary about Roseanne and say they like they smallness of the home and particularly the fact that with a limited number of residents staff get to know them and their families well. “Staff members are genuinely interested in what we have to say too, which is nice”. The quality of the meals is also readily mentioned as being a special feature of the facility.

Whether you are someone who enjoys their own privacy or someone who prefers the company of others you will find you fit in well at Roseanne. The Manager Colleen says that the staff are here to cater for your special needs and the building of a trusting relationship begins that process.

Roseanne feels homely. It has a warm atmosphere and a welcome feel about it. There is a sense of everyone contributing to the household. Here you will find residents who retain both their individuality and sociability, just as you would in any happy home. Staff are not the only ones to ‘do the caring’; residents can also be found helping each other out with little things where they are able. Residents contribute by helping with washing, gardening, and doing other odd tasks that they feel they would like to do.
Updated: 26 Feb 2018
Interests & Activities
Interests & Activities
Residents have a variety of activities and outings to keep themselves entertained including arts and crafts, quizzes, bingo, regular visits to other resthomes, indoor bowls, visiting school choirs, S.P.C.A. visits, weekly church communion. An Activities Persons is here each morning and available 5 days per week from Monday through to Friday. At times she will also be here in the afternoon or weekends for special events such as a high school visit, an outing to the RSA, or special outisde events or shows. Residents particularly like their weekly drive in the home’s van taking in the sights of Napier, Hastings, Havelock North and beyond, with regular visits to the Napier/Taradale R.S.A., library and specific mens' or women's focused outings.
Updated: 26 Feb 2018
Additional Information
Additional Information
Details re Meals There is a monthly rotating menu, catering for summer and winter needs and tastes so food never gets boring. Seasonal fruit is given daily along with a piece of chocolate. Residents are offered a selection of meal options. All meals home cooked. Home baking is provided for in betweens. Menu's are dietitian audited.
Staffing Details Appropriate staffing levels are maintained 24 hours per day. Registered Nurse/Trained Caregivers, all hold First Aid Certificate. Ongoing inservice and external education covers the needs of residents.
Associated Complexes We encourage the participation of volunteers and often have students working towards their D of E award. We have a close association with another small rest home.
Fees Details/Fees Do Not Include We accept those who are Government subsidised as well as those who pay privately. We do not have extra charges. Payments do not cover Hairdresser, podiatrist, Specialist fees, glasses, dentures, hearing aids, personal telephone or sky TV.
Updated: 26 Feb 2018
Languages Spoken
Languages Spoken
English Yes English is the predominantly spoken language.
Interpreter Yes An interpreter can be contacted should the need arise.
Maori - Te Reo Yes Some staff speak or understand. Some residents speak and understand
Sign Language No A staff member has a minimal knowledge of sign language.
Updated: 26 Feb 2018
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual AffiliationsStatusDetails
Anglican Yes We have a monthly in house service taken by the local pastor.
Christian Yes We encourage participation by the residents of Christian activities if they choose to be involved. We will arrange transport to outside events if families are not able to do this. Arrangements can be made for residents to attends their own Sunday worship.
Evangelical Yes
Inter denominational Yes
Non denominational Yes
Presbyterian Yes Our residents attend a monthly outing to the Taradale church which also includes morning tea.
Roman Catholic Yes A church representative visits weekly to administer communion to those who wish to receive it. Arrangements can be made to assist residents attending Sunday worship.
(Other comments) Yes All religions, values and beliefs are respected at Roseanne.
Updated: 26 Feb 2018
Public Transport 0.01 km There is a bus stop across the road on Taradale Road.
Shops 0.01 km Dairy, bakery and fish shop across the road. Marewa Shopping Centre is 2 minutes drive. Onekawa is 2 minutes drive.
Mall 0.00 km
Parks 0.50 km Marewa Stream one block away. Marewa Park is an easy walk for residents at the end of the street. 1km to Anderson Park, ducks, lake, railway, children's playground.
Library 5.00 km Napier or Taradale. Residents are taken to one of the libraries on a regular basis.
Updated: 26 Feb 2018
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & MembershipStatusDetails
CareerForce Yes Some of our staff have Careerforce qualification.
National Certificate in Community Support Services (Residential) Yes All our staff receive training to ensure we provide the best care we can.
New Zealand Aged Care Association (NZACA) Yes We are a member of the NZACA. This enables us to keep abreast of current changes to legislation and supports our carer focus.
Rest Home MOH Audit Report Available. Yes
Spark of Life No Although we are not accredited with Spark of Life, Our activities person applies those principles to the activity programme.
CareerForce New Zealand Aged Care Association (NZACA) Rest Home MOH Audit Report Available.
Updated: 26 Feb 2018
What's New
What's New



5th                   -           Taradale Library


12th                 -           St Columbus Morning Tea and Service


19th                 -           David Day Communion


                       -           Taradale RSA @ 1pm


20th                 -           Napier RSA @1pm


21st                 -           Guest speaker Rob Saunders – ‘organic plant growing’


                       -           Living Waters @ 1pm


28th                 -           Singalong with Roberta

Van ride for a scenic drive every Friday.