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Glencoe Rest Home

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Glencoe Rest Home
Rest Home
64 Kolmar Road
Auckland 2025
Postal Address
64 Kolmar Road
Auckland 2025
Counties Manukau
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Jesma Naidu - 0222127627
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Visitors as usual (but not if you're unwell or recently returned from overseas)
Our mission is to be:

Premium Providers of Quality Residential Services for Older People in Papatoetoe and surrounding districts.

Glencoe has been approved by the Government's purchasing agent - the Health Funding Authority to provide Stage II Rest Home Services.

Glencoe is a homely facility which has been specially designed and equipped to meet the special needs of older people.

It is truely a home away from home.
Service/Facility Details
Service/Facility Details
Detail Status
Contract with Te Whatu Ora Yes
Certification Yes
ORA Applies No

Updated: 11 Oct 2012

Bed and Vacancy Details
Bed and Vacancy Details
Detail Status
Approximate number of beds at this level of care 15
Vacancy Yes
Long term ,short stay and subsidized resident and respite care available. Also double room available for couples. Viewing welcome at any time-please phone:09 2785174.
Impending vacancy Yes
Short stay considered Yes
Premium Accommodation Charges No
MOH Certification and Audit Report View MOH certification and audit report (opens in a new tab)
Extra admission requirements due to COVID-19 Please enquire

Updated: 12 Jul 2024

Type Hours Per Week Status Details
Registered Nurse 40 Yes Our Registered Nurse is on call at all times, is very accessible and assists our Manager with the overall management of Residents healthcare. The RN also provides in-service training.
Nurse Practitioner No Via Middlemore Hospital
Healthcare Assistants/Caregivers Yes
Physiotherapist Negotiable Via Middlemore Hospital as required.
Occupational Therapist Yes As required as well as weekly visits
Social Worker (on site) Negotiable Via Middlemore Hospital as required.
Diversional Therapist Yes
Activities Co-ordinator Yes see Diversional Therapist
Hairdresser Yes We have a Hairdresser who will visit for your convenience. The prices are very competitive. Please advise the Staff if you wish to access this service. This service is provided on a 'user pays' basis.
Podiatrist Yes
Dietitian Yes Annually
Kaumatua Yes Mr Bill Wiki
Chaplain/Spiritual Advisor Negotiable Chaplains are available upon request.
Other Personnel Negotiable

Updated: 10 Mar 2015

Feature Status Details
May Bring Own Furniture Yes Residents may have favourite items - such as their armchair. While we encourage you to create a home, we caution as to the wisdom of bringing in items of financial or family value.
Single Rooms Yes 11 single rooms with a handbasin in each room.
Shared Rooms Yes 2 shared rooms with a handbasin in each room.
Alcohol Permitted Yes As long as there are no health issues. Red wine is served at lunch time.
Negotiate To Bring Own Pet Yes
Phone Access In Own Room Yes Residents have access to the telephone - a portable phone allows for privacy. Staff will assist Residents to use the telephone when appropriate. Local calls are provided free. Toll calls must be paid for. Residents may install their own private lines.
Resident can adjust heating in own room No We have an automatic thermostatically controlled heating. The use of personal portable heaters is prohibited by the Old People's Homes Regulations 1987 because of the high risk of fire. If you ever feel cold, please advise the staff immediately.
Cater for under 65 yrs with Disability Yes
Lounges/seating areas Yes Semi covered porch, separate lounge and dining areas, BBQ area and various areas in the garden.
Day Programme for day stay clients Yes
Outings Yes Trips out into the community to places of interest, and for social outings are planned if the Residents conditions permit. A Staff member accompanies Residents on such occasions. Transport is by Mini Bus.
Policy for management of challenging behaviour Yes It is our over riding principle that each person's right to freedom be respected, however this freedom must not invade other residents rights. Our staff are trained to manage such situations effectively using the least restrictive strategies.
Confused Residents Yes Our staff are able to develop 1:1 relationships with our Residents. They are therefore more settled.
Smokers Room No As a Health and Disability service we do not promote smoking, but on the other hand appreciate some of our Resident's have life long established patterns of smoking. We believe that prohibiting smoking may not be a viable or humane option. (see below)
Smoking Permitted Yes We are very conscious of the need to maintain a safe environment. It is our policy that all smoking is restricted to either the designated smoking area outside or in the gardens. Our staff will assist those unable to independently smoke safely.
Semi-Secure Yes Fully fenced property. Electronic doors.

Updated: 29 Mar 2015

Special Features
Special Features
Glencoe demonstrates a compassionate, caring, family orientated environment. It has a light and sunny interior. We have many long serving staff members and there is open and friendly communication between all staff members.

We have provided the following information about the operation of our service to help you get to know us better and how we operate.


Families, friends and other people of significance to our Residents are important people in our community. We encourage their involvement in our community. It is important for our Residents (especially those affected by short term memory loss) to maintain contact with people of significance to them. We all enjoy remembering the 'old' times, and for people with impaired memory, visits by old friends and families is very therapeutic. Sometimes it can be stressful to visit a loved one, at such times it is important for visitors to be supported. Our staff are empathetic to peoples needs and we encourage you to chat to them about any worries, concerns or unease you are feeling. We hold a number of social functions during the year, and you are most welcome to attend these.


There may be occasions it is important for us to contact the Resident's support person or next of kin urgently. We ask that the name , address and telephone number/s of these people be maintained current and our Manager notifed of any changes. This information is kept confidential and is only used for contacting you about the Resident and keeping you informed about our activities


We acknowledge each of us have rights, and these rights do not change when we require care in a residential setting. Our Code of Residents Rights and Responsibilities is designed to ensure Clients in our home live a quality life and have peace of mind knowing their individual rights and responsibilities, and what to do If they believe a right is violated.

Each Client has the:

1. Right to be treated as an individual, and with respect.

2. Right to dignity and independence.

3. Right to freedom from discrimination, coercion, harassment and exploitation.

4. Rights to services of an appropriate standard.

5. Right to effective communication.

6. Right to be fully informed.

7. Right to make informed choice and give informed consent in respect of teaching and research activities

8. Right to support.

9. Right to complain.

Each Client has the:

1. Responsibility to afford fellow Clients and Staff their rights.

2. Responsibility to contribute positively to maintaining your optimum state of health within the limits of your personal abilities.

3. Responsibility to contribute to the home's efficient functioning and positive atmosphere.

4. Responsibility to keep financial matters current.


It is important for us to regularly take time to discuss each Resident's progress with the Team. Every six months we hold a Resident Care Review. The Resident's support person (with the Resident's permission) or enduring power of Attorney is seen as an important part of this Team, and is invited to attend. They are informal discussions to assist us to provide the best care possible. If the support person or enduring power of attorney is unable to attend, our Manager or Registered Nurse will be happy to discuss progress with you.


We believe it is wise for Residents to have an enduring power of attorney appointed. An explanation of this suggestion is found in our information booklet "Have you a concern or complaint?


Our community is one which includes people from many ethnic backgrounds. If you have any special needs or practices relating to your ethnic background, please tell us so that we can ensure these are met empathetically and with consideration.


Residents will on occasions decide to take part in activities which may involve a degree of risk. Risk taking is a normal part of everyday life and Residents will not be unnecessarily deprived of this right. If the risk is the result of refusing a medication, treatment or therapy it is our responsibility to ensure that you have made an informed decision based on understanding any risks involved. You may be asked to acknowledge this formally.

Some Residents may be unable to make such informed decisions and in that situation our focus is to maintain safety in the least invasive way available in the situation. This may include intervention by the General Practitioner. We always attempt to discuss such problems and our planned management with the Resident's nominated advocate prior to implementation if at all possible. We document the need for such action and this is always open for discussion and examination.

We have proactive strategies and programmes to minimise the risk of injury such as falls, this includes ongoing assessment of each Resident's level of independence in maintaining their own safety. Residents who are identified at risk have support and care planned to minimise this risk. We ask that you and your family include in your activities any such safety precautions or equipment and advise us of any problems you may encounter.


As this is your home, you should feel safe residing with us. It is important for your peace of mind to know that our staff are specially trained to minimise any episodes in which the behaviour of one Resident may invade the privacy, personal space or potential safety of another Resident. It is our over riding principle that each person's right to freedom be respected, however this freedom must not invade other residents rights.

Our staff are trained to manage such situations effectively using the least restrictive strategies. Should this be necessary our care team including the Doctor and Registered Nurse identify the cause, plan and implement a management strategy. The Resident's nominated support person will be involved in discussions where ever practical and advised of the problem and the planned management of it, the focus of which is to protect the safety of the Resident, other Residents, visitors and staff.


While we aim to please, we appreciate that there will be times when you may feel unhappy about the service. Our Manager has an 'open door' policy, and you are to feel free to approach the manager at any time to discuss any concern you may have. Also you are entitled to make a formal complaint. You may do this verbally to the senior on duty at the time, or fill in a "Complaints Form" which can be found in the back of our information booklet titled - "Have you a concern or complaint?". Additional forms are available at the Reception Desk. Complaints are always viewed positively in hope that resolution will improve the service provided. Be assured that a Resident making a complaint will not be harassed.If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of making a complaint, you are entitled to approach:

1. An independent Advocate.

2. 2. The Health and Disability Commissioner. Ron Parker Level 5, Quay Towers Cnr Lower Albert and Customs Sts Auckland Phone: (09) 373 3556


We need to ask and keep records of private and confidential information about our Residents in order to provide appropriate personal and health care. Be assured this information is only used for that purpose, or to gain appropriate care at another health facility - for example transfer to an acute Hospital should that be necessary. Personal information gained for administrative purposes -e.g. payment of accounts , is only used for this purpose. Personal information stored is not released to third parties except for the above reasons unless we are required to by law.


Our aim is to strive to provide an excellent service. To assist us to achieve this our facility has operational a continuous quality improvement programme which operates in every service we provide - Administration, Care and Support, Food , House keeping, and Laundry. To measure our success in achieving our quality standards we carry out audits and satisfaction surveys on a regular, planned basis. We ask for your co operation if you are approached.


It is essential that all clothing and removable objects such as glasses, teeth, shaver etc. are clearly named.While every effort will be made to ensure property is safe, we accept no responsibility for the loss of valuable items e.g.rings, watches, etc If Residents bring these items into the facility, they need to have personal insurance cover.It may be a good idea to replace valued items with something that if lost will not cause great distress.


To ensure safe keeping, we ask that all money for Residents' personal spending be handed to the Office. Money in safe keeping may be accessed any time during normal business hours. Whilst we encourage you to create a home for yourself, we stress that you do not bring in items of financial or family value. While every effort will be made to ensure property is safe, we accept no responsibility for loss of valuable items - e.g. Rings, Watches etc. If Residents bring these items, they need to consider personal insurance cover. It may be a good idea to replace valued items with something that if lost will not cause great distress.


Residents are permitted to bring electrical equipment so long as it is certified safe by a registered Electrician in writing. ( This includes Television sets) Some items such as electric blankets require at least annual checks, this is the responsibility of the Resident or their family. We recommend caution be exercised in decisions to use electric blankets if the Resident suffers from incontinence.


Linen for Residents personal hygiene needs and bedding is provided and laundered by our laundry service. If a Resident wishes to have their own linen or favourite bed spread, please ensure these are named. They will be laundered at the facility. All items of personal clothing are laundered on the premises. It is essential that all clothing items are clearly labeled with the Resident's name.


We have operational a comprehensive Health and Safety Programme which includes regular site inspections. However if you do notice any item not functioning properly or requiring repair we ask that you advise us immediately. The Residents, visitors and staffs safety are important to us.


We have taken time to plan for the unlikely event of an emergency threatening the safety of the Residents. Staff are trained in procedures to minimise risk to our Residents and themselves. Should an emergency occur, please follow the instructions of our staff. If you become aware of an emergency situation please notify a staff member immediately. Our Staff are fully trained to deal with evacuations if necessitated, and we have regular training and trial evacuations. If you happen to be in the facility when such an exercise is taking place, we apologise for any inconvenience or disruption to you, but we ask that you assist us by following the instructions of Staff.


We prefer all fees to be paid by automatic payment, however special arrangements can be made for payment by cheque . Accounts for sundry items / services outside those which are included in the fee are to be settled by the 20th of the month.


Interests & Activities
Interests & Activities
We provide an ongoing and diversified activities programme that is takes into account Residents interests, preferences and abilities. We offer Residents an activities programme which is operational Monday to Friday. This includes our own staff and visiting entertainers. The special needs of each individual Resident are assessed, and we like to know the Resident's past interests and activities as this information assists us to provide a programme which will be of maximum benefit, interest and success for the Resident. Residents are encouraged (but not forced) to participate. On admission we seek your consent to be involved in our programme which may include outings.


Age Concern, Alzheimer's Society, Blind Foundation, RSA, Senior Citizens, Stroke Group, Art, Cards, Cooking, Craft, Church, Dancing, Entertainers, Entertainment, Exercises, Garden, Happy Hour, Indoor Games, Library, Movies, Music, Newspaper reading, Quizzes, Shopping, Sky TV, Videos, Outings, Breakfast in bed or in the dining room - Resident's choice.THE ALZHEIMERS SOCIETY:The family and especially the care giver of an older person affected by Alzheimers often benefit from support of other people in similar situations, and professionals who specialise in community support. The Alzheimers Society is a valuable resource for families. Regular meetings are held and support is offered in a number of very practical and helpful ways.


Every day is a happy day at Glencoe, but...... For special times, like birthdays and days of celebration we get together and have a drink of Wine, Sherry, Port or beer with some nibbles and have a good old fashioned social time. Fruit juice and diabetic beverages are also available on these occasions.


Maintaining regular exercise is important for good health, makes us feel and sleep better. We have regular exercise programmes specially adapted to meet any physical restrictions our Residents may have.


We have a Library catering for the interests of our Residents. A selection of Books are on loan from the local library and are exchanged on a regular basis. Special needs - such as large print books, and books on special areas of interest are catered for. At time of admission will inquire of your special interests and needs. Talking books for Residents with severe sight impairment are available also.


Mail is delivered Monday to Saturday inclusive. Personal mail for Residents should be addressed to them by name and posted care of the facility. We have a daily service for posting letters - Monday to Friday inclusive. Please hand your mail to a staff member, and they will ensure it is posted. Stamps are available. Residents unable to attend to their mail or unable to read their mail will be assisted by our caregiving staff.


We require permission and indemnity for such trips, you, or you enduring power of attorney will be asked to give this written permission on admission. Outings with families: It is important for our Residents to celebrate special occasions with their families and loved ones, and to just spend time with them. All we ask is that if a resident is leaving the Home for a staff member to be notified. The safety and security of our Residents is important also, in the unlikely event of an emergency we must be able to account for all our Residents at all times. Your Co operation is appreciated


Often Residents find relief from alternative therapy and traditional Maori healing, continuation of therapies are acceptable to us, so long as we are aware of such treatments. Staff will assist when necessary. It is important that Medical personnel attending the Resident and care giving staff are made aware of such treatments. Any cost involved in alternative therapies is the responsibility of the Resident.


Visitors are welcome at any time - we encourage them to make themselves known to staff. If visiting at morning / afternoon tea time or supper time share a cup of tea. Visitors are free to take relatives out for walks and outings - but you must discuss this with Staff first. (We need to know the whereabouts of our Residents in the case an emergency)


If you every have any ideas of how we could improve our service, your suggestions are most welcome.

Jesma and their Staff and your fellow Residents welcome you to our facility and trust that your stay with us will be a happy experience and add quality to your life.

Updated: 5 May 2016

Additional Information
Additional Information
Topic Details
What's included in your fees and what's not EXCLUSIONS There are some services which you may need which are excluded from our contract with you or the Health Funding Authority. These include but may not be restricted to: • Specialist medical care including X Rays • Costs of retaining your own GP • Transport to Hospital clinics and other appointments • Luxury products, more expensive services / items requested where we provide an acceptable alternative. • Part charges for Pharmaceuticals. Wherever practical, we discuss this prior to incurring such costs. SERVICES PROVIDED WITHIN THE FEE: It is important for you to know what services we provide within the fee paid. This includes: • Lodging with all furniture, fittings, bedding and utensils • All meals • Cleaning services and supplies • Laundry services • Planning of your care by a Registered Nurse • 24 hour day supervision and care by caregivers. • Access to Primary medical care by our House Doctor • Assistance with activities of daily life • Basic toiletries - soap, shampoo, toilet paper, tooth brush and tooth paste. • Payment of Pharmacuetical Tax • Provision of all dressings and supplies used in prescribed treatments by the Doctor or Nurse • Provision of continence aids • Access to services of a social worker • GP Prescribed treatments by allied health professionals e.g.: Physiotherapist, Podiatrist • Social and recreational activities provided by us • Access to support groups and voluntary organisations. (Items which we provide are paid for by us on the understanding that requests for luxury products or more expensive items / services than those we normally provide or are accepted as appropriate, may result in us charging for the difference in price between the lesser and more expensive item, product or service. Items which we may access for the Resident may incur an additional charge to the Resident)
Staffing qualifications and details OUR STAFF: Our staff are selected and trained to ensure we provide competent and timely care in a respectful and dignified manner. Our facility is staffed 24 hours by Caregivers dedicated to ensuring the Resident's needs are met. Our Registered Nurse has specialist skills in managing the special needs of frail and III older people and is responsible for assessing, planning, evaluating and assisting with the care of each person. The Nurse works in partnership with the Resident, other Caregivers, Doctors, Social Workers, other Health Professionals and the Resident's Relatives. DOCTORS & MEDICAL CARE: We provide a 24 hour Medical Service. Our contracted Medical Service or their arranged emergency service is always accessible. Doctor visits regularly, and emergency services out of hours are available. Residents have the choice of using this service or retaining their own Doctor. Doctors attending our Residents are required to keep medical records maintained by us up to date so that our Registered Nurse and Care staff have access to accurate information at all times. Residents may be required to meet any additional costs involved in retaining the Doctor of their choice. PHARMACY & MEDICATIONS: Many of our Residents are on medications regularly or as necessary when their condition requires it. It is important for our care giving staff to know exactly at all times what medication the Resident is taking. Also our staff are responsible for ensuring medication prescribed is taken by the Resident. We therefore have a policy that all medication is safely stored, administered, and administration recorded by caregiving staff. We have a contracted Pharmacy service, deliveries are made every week day. An emergency service is available at the weekends. PROBLEMS: If you have any concerns or problems, please feel free to discuss them with the Manager or Registered Nurse
Details about meals MEALS All our meals are prepared freshly each day by our staff - we believe mealtimes are an important part of each person’s day. A 4 weekly rotating menu operates which changes with the season. The menus are reviewed by a Dietitian for nutritional status, variation and suitability. Individual needs, special diets, cultural and religious modifications, personal likes and dislikes are specifically catered for (including vegetarians). Breakfast compromises of a choice of fruit, porridge,cereal, toast, tea, coffee or milo, and is served at 8 am or when ever you wish. Breakfast is served in the dining room for early risers and we also provide tray service. Morning Tea - for example scones, muffins, pikelets or buttered loaf are served with your beverage of choice. Lunch is the main meal of the day and is served to you at your table in the Dining Room. The main course is a meat or fish dish with fresh vegetables and potato, be it mashed, in wedges, as chips deep fried or boiled. A Desert is served. Fruit Juice is available to accompany the meal , Afternoon tea reminds us of times past with a cake or home made biscuit or slice. Dinner is a lighter meal served in the dining room. Soups and savory dishes are accompanied by selections of fresh bread and spreads along with fresh fruit. Not to forget a cup of tea. Supper is your favorite hot beverage accompanied by a light biscuit. We appreciate that residents may feel peckish outside these times, and for this reason we have a pantry accessible to staff at all times. Staff can make Residents those extra cups of tea and snacks. Many of our Residents have special needs relating to eating and drinking. Our staff are trained to assist Residents at mealtimes, to ensure that food is enjoyed, and mealtimes are pleasurable social occasions.

Updated: 16 Aug 2016

Languages Spoken
Languages Spoken
Language Status Details
English Yes
Fijian Indian Yes
Filipino Yes
Hindi Yes
Interpreter Yes If any of our Residents do not speak English as their mother tongue and have difficulty in understanding English, we ask that we are advised on admission so that we can make arrangements to be able to secure an interpreter should the occasion arise.
Māori - Te Reo Yes
Niuean Yes
Samoan Yes
Tagalog Yes

Updated: 3 Nov 2015

Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations Status Details
Non denominational Yes Resident's own choice.
(Other comments) Yes Religious services & spiritual care:Spiritual needs are often very personal matters. On admission you are invited to share with us any special needs and wishes you may have. Your own spiritual adviser is most welcome to visit you.


Location Distance Details
Public Transport 0.03 Km Bus stop outside the gate.
Shops 0.50 Km Dairy, Hairdresser, Fish & Chip shop
Mall 1.00 Km Hunters Plaza - St George Street shops
Parks 0.10 Km
Library Near the RSA Cosmopolitan Club


Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership RC Status Details
Care Association New Zealand Yes
Care Association New Zealand

Updated: 26 Feb 2014

The Ministry of Health conducts regular audits of Residential Care Facilities. They can be found HERE.