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Alternative Care Northland

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Alternative Care Northland
Respite / short term care
Aroha House
80 Western Hills Drive
Whangārei 0112
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Donna Cooper - 021 774586
Donna Cooper
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Visitors with limitations - please call us first
Founded in August 2009

Our mission at Alternative Care Northland is to provide the Older Adults of Whangarei and surrounding districts with Reliable and Affordable assistance either in their own home or at Aroha House whilst ensuring that their independence and Right to Privacy is maintained. Respite or Short term care provided at Aroha House is for those needing some respite from the full time caring of their loved ones or for those who are medically cleared from hospital but still requiring some assistance or specialised nursing care before returning to their own homes.
Thank you for being there when there was a big need for my recovery. I cannot express my Gratitude enough Blessings Keith Bidmead - October 2023

Thank you Donna - wonderful, friendly, caring and compassionate, your care and attention was greatly appreciated and will always be remembered - Bruce Somers - September 2023

Thank you for looking after Dad at such short notice. We couldn’t have asked for better - you have a great mix of Professionalism, Friendliness and Caring. David and Carina Dalziel - Aug 2023

Our elderly mother has just recently spent eight weeks at Alternative Care Northland with Donna. Donna’s care was exceptional. Not only is she a Registered Nurse, but she also has significant experience with rehab care which was an essential component for our mother’s care at the time. Donna was dedicated, bright, positive and pleasant, nothing is ever too much trouble. Our mother was made feel part of the family and became involved with Donna’s knitting programme for the outside community and nearby hospitals. Our mother had a very positive experience with Donna and we as a family were always confident and reassured by Donna’s professional expertise and care. We would highly recommend Donna and her team at Alternative Care Northland to whoever requires specialised care.
Symmans Family, May 2023

Alternative Care Northland, are the people to see if you need short term care, just spent 8 days in their care at Aroha House I highly recommend them. Flemming Jaeger - Northland Dec 2022

Hey Donna thanks again for being there, it made a tough time for us a heck of a lot easier, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone else who needed the same kind of help. Thank you very much for the care you gave mum during the time she was with you. You made her feel like part of the family and she still talks about how happy she was with you and Gerry.
Steve and Eileen Hales Whangarei - Nov 2022

This service is absolutely unique. Where else is the management team made up of an outstanding registered nurse, a fantastic male contractor who does the evening shift and a very friendly but well trained dog. Seriously Donna, Gerry and Aroha you offer an unparalleled service. Cherry Daly Whangarei

My experience at Aroha House was a positive one. I initially didn’t want to go but realised Peter (my husband/caregiver) needed a break.
I cannot say enough how well they cared for me. After the first day of settling in I enjoyed my time at Aroha House.
I had my own private cosy room and the bed was so comfortable.
They were very good at accommodating to my dietary needs. They waited on me hand and foot and I returned home having had a good rest. From Alison July 2022

Thank you for looking after my friend Jorj. She improved beyond belief during her two week stay. If I ever need temporary care for any reason I would ask you first. Thanks Donna! Nicki Reid

My Mum recently stayed with Donna at Aroha Lodge lShe was so happy there, the food was tailored to her needs, the personal care was exceptional. The bilingual dog Aroha was a highlight for Mum. Our Whanau just wished she could have stayed there permanently but understandably there are many many families requiring this sort of short term respite care. Be assured that if your loved one is at Aroha Lodge they will be getting the very best of care. Jacquie O'Connell May 2022

Donna of Alternative Care Northland has been an absolute God send. I can't recommend her highly enough. My Mother recently stayed with Donna for two weeks and we both had a good break. I didn't have to worry about anything as my Mum settled so well and was happy with the Aroha House environment that I could have a rest confidently knowing that she was getting the best of care. Thank you Donna, Gerry and team. From Win and Jacquie Williams Onerahi Whangarei Jan 2022

I have just spent a very pleasant 3weeks at Aroha House. The care and attention from Donna and Gerry was great and I was given the feeling of a friendly family atmosphere throughout my stay at all times. I would certainly recommend a stay at Aroha House for anyone needing Respite care. Marion Waters - Kamo Whangarei Jan 2022

Thank you so much. It has been a pleasure to meet you and work with you and the family you have been supporting. Your dedication and care for the people you support and their families has not gone unnoticed. If the world had a few more people like you in it, it would be a much better place
Aaron Gray
Funeral Director | Embalmer
Updated: 2 Nov 2023
Service Description
Service Description
Since 2009 Alternative Care Northland has been enabling people to live at home independently. Our home help and personal-care or nursing services enable our clients to stay in the comfort of their own home by supporting the highest quality of life that is achievable.
As an extension to our business we now offer Short term / Respite care as an option @ Aroha House situated in Whangarei, which is to enable those people that are caring for their loved ones to get a much deserved break. We can also support those living independently that have been medically cleared from hospital but may require a few days to convalescence before returning to their own home.
Our superior quality of nursing and elderly care has been recognised independently and we can give you the confidence that you will recieve the highest standard of personal care or nursing care. We care for our clients as if we were caring for a member of our own family.
Updated: 2 Nov 2023
Suburbs/Districts/Towns Serviced
Suburbs/Districts/Towns Serviced
Alternative Care Northland provides Respite or short term nursing support to the older adults living within the Whangarei and surrounding districts.
Updated: 2 Nov 2023
Meeting the needs of older people
Meeting the needs of older people
Aroha House is a Respite / Short term Care Facility in Whangarei central which provides-quality 24hour Nursing Care for those medically cleared from hospital but not quite ready to return home independently.
Or for those needing some Respite from looking after their loved ones at home
Contact Donna today, to book a place for the coming months - Currently bookings are being taken for August 2023 and beyond
Updated: 2 Nov 2023
Additional Information
Additional Information
Topic Details
What's included in your fees and what's not * Fees given on application * Carer Support forms accepted as part / full payment - conditions apply * A place holding Fee of $20 will apply if a cancellation to Secures bookings are not made within 24hours prior to a booking taking place.
Staffing qualifications and details The Manager of Alternative Care Northland is a Registered Nurse, all staff working within Aroha House have been Fully Vaccinated against Covid 19.
Details about meals Individual Dietary needs catered for - details of any expectation is required as part of our admission process.
Visitor information Visiting hours are after 11am daily unless pre arranged with Management and a suitable time can be agreeable to all participants
Recreational opportunities Emotional support - therapy dog TV in individual rooms Puzzles / Games Large selection of large print books Regular planned outings
Internet access WiFi provided - Password available on admission
Transport Courtesy pickup and Drop off - within city limits - Wheelchair accessible vehicle if required
Updated: 2 Nov 2023
Where service is provided
Where service is provided
Status Details
In your own home Yes Support in your own home - within city limits
Not in Aged Residential Care No Aroha House is a 2 bed boutique facility - management live onsite - we provide Short term Nursing care or Respite Care
Updated: 2 Nov 2023
Feature Status Details
May Bring Own Furniture No All rooms are fully equipped with required furnishings including a TV - personal effects to be named
Single Rooms Yes Aroha House is a two bed boutique facility - single rooms available but a double room can be accessible with notice to management if required.
Shared Rooms Yes Aroha House is a two bed boutique facility - a double room can be accessible with notice to management if required.
Rooms suitable for a couple Yes Aroha House is a two bed boutique facility - a double room can be accessible with notice to management if required.
Ensuite No A shared showered / toilet facility
Alcohol Permitted Yes Within moderation and safe drinking limits
Pets In Residence Yes Therapy dog - emotional support. 2 x Cats - domestic shorthair & a Ragdoll (who loves cuddles)
Phone Access In Own Room Yes Individual calls can be accessible via the main phone with a hand held phone - own cellphones are encouraged
Wifi Yes Client WIFI is available - password given as part of our admission process
Resident can adjust heating in own room Yes Room heating is set on a thermostat according to the healthy home regulations
Cater for under 65 yrs with Disability Yes Specific needs discussed with management as Aroha House is not fully wheelchair accessible inside
Lounges/seating areas Yes Aroha House is equipped with two lounge / seating areas as well as a comfy chair in both rooms
Cafe Yes Aroha House has a coffee / tea station for clients and whaunu to use - Regular cafe outings are organised with management
Gay / LGBT IQ Friendly Yes
Primary Health Funded Short Term Care Yes If required 5days can be funded with Primary Care options by Te Kaupapa Mahitahi Hauora- Papa O Te Raki
Provide End of Life/Palliative Care Yes In conjunction with North Haven Hospice nurses
Day Programme for day stay clients Yes Daycare is available max 4 hours for $25 per day - midday meal and morning or afternoon tea provided
Outings Yes Regular organised outings weather and client abilities taken into consideration
Whānau Room Yes Tea / coffee facilities available to clients and whanau
Māori Kaupapa Yes
Policy for management of challenging behaviour Yes The Alternative Care team have had extensive training in managing challenging behaviours
Confused Residents Yes The Alternative Care team have had extensive training in managing the behaviours of confused clients - we have extensive distraction techniques
Smokers Room No We have an outside courtyard which is encouraged if smoking is required
Smoking Permitted Yes We have an outside courtyard which is encouraged to use if smoking is requirement
Semi-Secure Yes Aroha House is not suitable for clients that are requiring a secure unit due to where we are situated - although there is a semi secure outside space
Updated: 2 Nov 2023
Access Status Details
Easy access Yes Ramps to front door - Aroha House is wheelchair accessible with limitations
Updated: 2 Nov 2023
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay Status Details
Respite Yes Short term / Respite care option @ Aroha House situated in Whangarei - 28 day Carer support forms accepted with private funding top up if required
Carer Support Yes 28 day Carer Support forms accepted with private funding top up as required
Other Short Stay Programme Yes Daycare is an option at affordable rates - max 4hours for $25.00
High Care Needs Yes Aroha House is equipped with Hospital beds - Registered Nurse onsite 24hours as needed
Subsidised Yes Aroha House has two subsidised funding options if you qualify # Ministry of Health 28 day Carer Relief # Te Kaupapa Mahitahi Hauora-Papa O Te Raki - 5days max
Private Paying Yes Invoices are provided following admission as per a top up payment as required
Booking can be made in advance Yes A $50 Non - Refundable deposit is required for all bookings - this will be deducted from invoice once Respite Care has been completed
Updated: 2 Nov 2023
After Hours
After Hours
After Hours Status Details
After Hours Yes Emails or Phone calls responded to from 9am but no later than 6pm during the working week.
Updated: 2 Nov 2023
Payment Status Details
Payment required Yes A $50 Non - Refundable deposit will be added to the invoice for any Short term or Respite Care and payment will be required prior to Discharge unless prior arrangements have been made with Alternative Care Northlands Management
Subsidy may be available Yes Aroha House has two subsidised funding options if you qualify # Te Whatau Ora Health New Zealand 28 days max # Te Kaupapa Mahitahi Hauora-Papa O Te Raki - 5days max
Free Yes Free Transport is available if required while Residing at Aroha House for Short term or Respite Care
Updated: 2 Nov 2023
Languages Spoken
Languages Spoken
Language Status Details
English Yes
Updated: 2 Nov 2023
Personal Assistance
Personal Assistance
Type Self Funded Subsidised After Hours
Registered Nurse (eg Wound Care, Medication) Yes Yes Yes Manager of Alternative Care is a Registered Nurse and supporting staff are wound care trained
Hairdresser (Home Visits) Negotiable No No Transport to / from hairdresser as required while in Residence at Aroha House
Hospice Yes Negotiable Yes Pallitive Care with Hospice support provided @ Aroha House
Attendant Care (ACC) Yes No Yes
Carer Support Yes Yes Yes Respite care - relief for the main carer
Sitter Service/Companions Yes No Yes
Live In Care (24 Hr) Yes Yes Yes 24hr Respite care at Aroha House to allow a Full time carer to have relief care support
Personal Care (Showering, Dressing) Yes Yes Yes Regular or casual visits to you own home as per telephone conversation with management of Alternative Care Northland
Nail Cutting (Home Visits) Yes Yes No Visiting Podiatrist can be arranged if required.
Updated: 2 Nov 2023
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialties or Areas of Expertise Status Details
Oxygen Management Yes Individual portable concentrator allowed in House as required
Gastronomy/Nasogastric Management Yes
End of Life/Palliative Care Yes Aroha House has a Registered Nurse availability 24hours as required
Wound Care Yes Aroha House has a Registered nurse trained in wound care management
Diabetic Care Yes Aroha House has staff trained in Diabetic management as required
Continence Advice Yes
Stomal Therapy Yes
Stroke Rehabilitation Yes Aroha House staff have extensive experience in Stroke / Rehabilitation management
Infection Control. Yes
Surgical Followup Yes Transport to / from follow up appointments provided as required
Clinical Management Yes
Dementia Care Yes
Diversional Therapy Yes
Physiotherapy Yes Continuing physio care plan adherence
Dietary Advice Yes
Community Health Nursing Yes
Updated: 2 Nov 2023
Domestic Assistance
Domestic Assistance
Type Self Funded Subsidised After Hours
Meals (Frozen) Yes No Negotiable
Meals (Fresh or Hot) Yes Yes No cooked in your own home - individual dietery requirments taken into account
Home Help (Housework/Cleaning etc.) Yes Yes No at a time or day that fits around your routines
Shopping Assistance Yes Yes No Assisted shopping or shopping done for you
Transport Assistance Yes Yes No To and from appointments - pick up, drop off or attend with you for reassusrance
Updated: 2 Nov 2023
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership RC Status Details
Approved provider of Professional Development and Recognition Programme Yes Manager holds a NZNC Proficient level certification
Police checked Yes
Trade Registered Yes Manager - holds a current Registration with NZ Nursing Council and is a Financial member of NZNO (NZ Nursing Organisation)
Approved provider of Professional Development and Recognition Programme
Updated: 2 Nov 2023
Short term / Respite - 2 bed boutique facility - Aroha House has been independently described as a Home away from Home
Updated: 2 Nov 2023