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9 Raycroft Street
Christchurch 8023
Canterbury, Southern (Otago)
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Emily - 021 182 1756
Garry - 03 420 0722 / 027 417 7958
Jo Hill - 03 420 0722
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Given the current COVID-19 environment we have temporarily disabled our ‘feedback’ feature. We apologise for any inconvenience.

All of our meals are cooked fresh to order and delivered fresh to your door. All meals are good to stay fresh in the fridge for up to 7 days.
Marie Watson, Ilam Chch - Never had a meal I couldn’t eat! “​ They are out of this world. Never met such lovely people before. They are awesome. I get 5 meals delivered on a Thursday and that leaves me 2 days to cook. Even my son gets a meal delivered to have with me weekly. It’s brilliant! They offer a reasonable delivery cost. I would call it a catering service not a meal on wheels. The range is of menus choices is outstanding. They add in all the tidbits! Even my Doctor wishes he ate as well as me. And the meal sizes are a really good size. I heard about them from an exercise club for the older age group at the Selwyn Center. It just ticked all the boxes for me. The gentleman was very kind and gave some free to try and I was sold. They are absolutely ideal for older folk who are on their own. Having Eatl8r enables me to stay in my own home. It's lovely to eat
something not out of a hospital kitchen!! I feel they are giving something to our community that is special.​

Bill McClare, Bryndwr Chch -​ These meals are good to eat and with flavour! “​ They are very good! Out of 10 it would be at least a 9! I wouldn’t be without them as they provide my evening meals. They are such nice people. There are no problems with their meals. It's such good service and
great variety. I tried other ones but they weren’t up to it. These meals are good to eat and with flavour! And they don’t cause me to choke! They are
very nice people to know.​

Colleen Robinson, Bishopdale Chch - They take a load off my shoulders “​ Their service is excellent. It takes a load off my shoulders. I don’t have to cook my evening meals. They are so reliable and the food is really good. Actually it's very nice! They have a good variety that I like. I have been with them for a couple of years now. I went to an Expo and met them there.​

Doreen Boyce, Bishopdale Chch- Instead of sending flowers to me I got two weeks of meals! “​ Eatl8r are reliable. They take care of my evening meal on a weekly basis. That helps me out a lot. I enjoy their meals. They are always on time with the meals. They are really careful people and very helpful. I like their variety and they make good meals. I was in the hospital and my grand-daughter who lives in Auckland thought instead of sending flowers she would get me two weeks of meals with Eatl8r. I loved them and just continued with them for the last 3 years so far.​
Updated: 12 Nov 2019
Service Description
Service Description
We provide convenient, healthy, fresh meals delivered to your door, that are simple to store, heat and eat
Updated: 25 Aug 2021
Languages Spoken
Languages Spoken
Language Status Details
English Yes
Updated: 17 Oct 2016
We provide convenient, healthy, fresh meals delivered to your door, that are simple to store, heat and eat
Updated: 17 Oct 2016