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EAT - Fresh meals delivered to your door!

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EAT - Fresh meals delivered to your door!
Home help & personal care
Home office in the Hutt
Serve Nation-Wide Kaikohe to Invercargill, North Island and South Island
Postal Address
Pilmuir House
67 Pilmuir Street
Lower Hutt 5010
Hutt Valley, Northland, Waitemata, Auckland, Counties Manukau, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Lakes, Tairawhiti, Taranaki, Whanganui, Hawke's Bay, Wairarapa, MidCentral, Capital & Coast, Nelson Marlborough, West Coast, Canterbury, South Canterbury, Southern (Otago), Southern (Southland)
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EAT delivers FRESH and wholesome, ready-to-heat-and-eat meals, from our door to yours.

Every week, we offer 9 delicious mains , 3 soups, 5 desserts and 5 cakes to choose from. A different menu each week .... so you won't get bored.

We are NZ's most popular and well-established FRESH 'ready-meal' home delivery company.... and you can order from us without being tied to any 'subscription'; order when and how you like (online or by phone)!

We deliver Nationwide (although not rural areas) and are available to talk to Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm on 0800 328 333.

Let our professional chefs craft the dinners you wish you had the time to make; slow-cooked meats that melt in your mouth. Comfort food like lasagne, pies and stews. Or something more spicy? We have it all covered.

Take a look at our menu .... www.eat.co.nz
Here are a few of the many testimonials we receive from our customers:

"Eat meals have made my life so much easier.
I am a community support worker, working with elderly and disabled. I was introduced to Eat by a client that uses your services. My day starts 7.15 most days and I finish between 6-6.30pm, usually get home tired and not bothering to cook real meals very often. My iron levels were dropping, tired all the time; and then I discovered Eat. When I get home now; meal goes in the oven and 20 minutes later I have a complete meal. Veggies included. Energy levels back up, and very little waste each week because I don’t have a fridge full of meat and veggies going off before I’ve used them.
The only problem I’ve found is that your cakes and desserts are sooo delicious. They disappear very quickly.
Thanks for your great meals."
Dawn, Hamilton.

"Eat.co.nz has been one of the best food delivery options I have come across.
I am a 35 year old single male who doesn’t overly enjoying cooking in a flatting situation.
Eat has given me the freedom to select delicious, nutritious meals every week, taking away the whole “what will I have for dinner” day in day out dilemma.
Every meal I have had has tasted delicious, fresh and has a great selection of vegetables and meat. It is hassle and waste free.
I also love the ease of 4 mins in the microwave and the meal is good to go.
Eat has helped change my eating habits and is part of a balanced diet that has helped me lose weight.
The portions are a good size, and there is always the option to make them larger if need be.
I have been enjoying Eat since the beginning of the year and will continue to order from the ever changing and exciting menu options.
Cheers team at Eat.co.nz."
Jamie, Hamilton

"For years you provided meals for my mum. It allowed her to live in her own home by herself.
When my brother came to stay with mum, he loved the EAT meals. She used to save the lamb shank meals for him.
I used to order an extra lamb shank meal for my partner, as he also loved it. The meals are very generous too.
The desserts were wonderful at Christmas. I could order a variety and everyone got one they loved; mum loved the steamed pudding. I used to order all the Christmas meals so that when we went home, she had really nice meals over the Christmas period.
My brother now lives by himself an hour north of Whangarei as you will see I have ordered the frozen 12 meal pack a couple of times and will continue to do so as I know they are well balanced meals and living by yourself, sometimes you do not have the enthusiasm to cook for yourself.
Mum was a diabetic. She controlled her diabetes by diet alone. The EAT meals never gave her diabetes a problem. Her weight remained constant she was never overweight"
Carol, Whangarei

"I started ordering from Eat after a recurrence of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I am 31 years old and I live alone, and I simply couldn’t cook myself healthy meals anymore and keep up with taking care of my health. I was surviving on takeaways, bakery food and convenience food and I was just feeling worse and worse. I knew I had to find a solution. I researched every possible meal delivery service and Eat stood out far above the others. It had the best variety by far, great value, REAL ingredients and even desserts! Even better it’s a local business to me!
I had my apprehension I must admit, how good could pre-prepared meals really be? I worried they might be like the awful supermarket frozen dinners! I needn’t have worried of course, I immediately started ordering every week and meal after meal I was never disappointed. I took the meals into my office for lunch each day and started to draw attention from my colleagues who were keen to find out what was on today’s ‘menu’! I extolled the virtues of Eat to every colleague who would listen to me, I was so happy with every single order.
Over the following months my health improved. Knowing I didn’t have to worry about eating well was such a blessing. I knew I was getting good balanced meals made with real food every day. It has helped me increase the vegetables in my daily diet and also made eating red meat more convenient which I need for my iron levels. I definitely found a few favourites, the pork steak with mustard sauce is to die for and I love the classic sausages and gravy! The new Keralan fish curry is a new winner too. I also have a terrible sweet tooth and the Eat cheesecakes are about as decadent as they come, and the fruit crumbles are delish.
My fatigue has improved but I still order Eat as it’s just part of my life now. Recently I have started travelling for work and I eagerly look forward to returning to my home office so I can start eating my ‘normal’ food again! I really credit my Eat meals as being my saving grace when my struggles with Chronic Fatigue were getting worse and worse. Now I don’t ‘need’ Eat meals, I just want them!"
Jessica, Lower Hutt

"I live in a Retirement Village in an Independent Apartment alongside my woman friend of 15 years. We have adjoining units and meal together every night. I am nearly 90 years old and she is 94, but I am the one who organises the meals.
Originally I chose from the weekly menus but soon found the meals were a little large. Sometimes I divided them in half and we had half each. So then we decided to try the Tiddly Meals. What a revelation! They are perfect for our needs. Absolutely just the right size as Goldilocks says, Not too big, Not too small, but just right.
We find the flavours in the meals are superb. Always tasty and delicious. It is not necessary to add anything to them. The fact that they come in pairs is just perfect. I put them in the freezer when they arrive. And I love opening up the box and being surprised at what you have sent. Especially love the stews, and the lasagne’s. And all I have to do is take out a tray the night before so that it thaws by the next day, and then just pop it in the microwave. At our age it is marvellous not having to worry about shopping for food or wondering what we’re going to have for dinner!
Many thanks for simplifying our lives at our time of life."
Janet, Auckland

"I am letting you know how EAT meals have made such a difference in my everyday living and I must mention the wonderful helpful staff on the end of the phone who are so patient and understanding!
I am 76 and working 6 days a week to keep my Hairdressing business going. I was introduced to you a few years ago through a member of staff who googled 'nutritious meal companies', to help me when my husband suffered a major heart operation with several strokes thereafter, thankfully he is doing better now.
I am never home until the evenings around 7pm so Knowing I have one of these lovely meals waiting for me is such a pleasure to come home to and the fact that my husband has a well balanced meal which is easy for him to prepare takes a great deal of worry off my shoulders while I am working!
All in all EAT has made a huge difference to my husband's and my quality of life. Who would think how a meal could do this? but it's the bigger picture of EAT, the all round help and support, from the ease of the phone call, with lovely helpful staff to the reassurance of my husband and I having a lovely, wholesome meal in our day."
Heather, Auckland

"I found eat.co.nz about 3 months ago.
I was working full time and by the time i got home, cooking for 1 just wasn't appealing to me (I flat) So I ordered Uber Eats almost daily, or ate 2 minute noodles as they were easy.
My mum realised I was putting on weight as I wasn't eating right and had given up my form of exercise, moto x due to having no time, so had actually become quite depressed. She messaged me to let me know to expect a delivery to work. It was Eat meals! She was skeptical at 1st as I am THE PICKIEST eater. (Having had cancer as a child, I was allowed to eat anything I would eat as I never had much of an appetite).
Eat meals have been my savior. I have not ordered Uber Eats once since starting to purchase these. I have dropped weight and they are just SO DAMN TASTY! The rotating menu gives me variety, as do The Low Carb options and the Soups. I actually look forward to eating now, whereas i previously saw it as a daunting chore!"
Jade, Auckland

"My brother and sister-inlaw ordered EAT for me when my daughter was born, they figured it would be great due to already having a toddler and my husband who works 4 - 4 weekly; I find myself alone with the two children frequently. EAT has been awesome to have in the freezer for those nights/days where meal prep, cook time and mental stamina aren't there."
Nicole, Lower Hutt
Updated: 14 Nov 2023
Service Description
Service Description
We deliver wonderful fresh, delicious meals, soups and desserts nation-wide Monday to Thursday by priority courier. Meals arrive in recyclable cardboard boxes with insulation and ice packs to keep them chilled and safe on their journey to you.

Awesome things about EAT...
A: Our meals are fresh. Can be kept in the fridge for 10 days. If not eaten within the week they can be stored in the freezer for 6 months.
B: The menu changes each week, so there is always variety and you won't suffer 'menu fatigue'.
C: We don't require a contract or subscription to order!
D: Our nutritious and tasty food is crafted by professional chefs.
E: Our meals mean no planning, no shopping and no waste for you.

Visit www.eat.co.nz to find out more. Or call our 'lovely ladies in the office' on 0800 328 333
Updated: 14 Nov 2023
Suburbs/Districts/Towns Serviced
Suburbs/Districts/Towns Serviced
We deliver nationwide to all major towns and cities. We CANNOT deliver to rural areas unless you can pick-up from a depot.
Updated: 14 Feb 2024
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialties or Areas of Expertise Status Details
Dietary Advice Yes We are experts in knowing what tastes good! All meals are nutitionally balanced although there are days when Macaroni cheese is the meal of the day(not much balance in that - but very tasty!) We are also experts in having a good old natter on the phone.
Updated: 14 Feb 2024
Domestic Assistance
Domestic Assistance
Type Self Funded Subsidised After Hours
Meals (Frozen) Yes No Yes
Meals (Fresh or Hot) Yes No Yes
Updated: 14 Feb 2024