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Connect Care
Home help & personal care
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Bay of Plenty
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Mhairi Aitchison - Dowling - 07 541 0154
Mhairi Aitchison - Dowling
Service Coordinator
Annette Walmsley

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Connect Care provides professional quality support services, tailored to meet your individualised needs and lifestyle. We offer a range of flexible home based and community support services, from a minimum of 2 hours support to overnight and 24 hour care. We provide person centred care to maximise and maintain your independence and enhance your quality of life.

We are committed, compassionate and reliable and recognise the importance of consistency. We endeavour to ensure the same health care worker supports you at each visit. All our support staff are carefully selected, experienced and committed to providing quality care and support. We can provide you with care on the days that you choose and at the times which work best for you.

Our personalised support services provide our clients and families with peace of mind that individual needs are being met, they continue to feel valued and that independence is maximised.
Service Description
Service Description
We offer a range of support services to meet your individualised needs, lifestyle and requirements. We can provide services in the comfort of your own home and can support you to access your community, as and when you require. We understand the health benefits and importance of staying socially connected and engaged in your community and the value that this can provide to your overall physical, mental, emotional and brain health.

Our community and socialisation services enable our client's to continue to access their community and maintain important social connections.
We also provide support to access recreational and social activities, can assist with shopping, errands or any other tasks and can provide support to medical or other non health related appointments.

We want you to live well, your way and can support you to continue to live a fulfilling life, maximising your independence in your own home and community. We understand the importance of maintaining emotional and social connections and promote the well being of our client’s to enhance quality of life.
Updated: 15 Nov 2019
Suburbs/Districts/Towns Serviced
Suburbs/Districts/Towns Serviced
Bay of Plenty:
Tauranga and surrounding areas
Welcome Bay
Mount Maunganui
Te Puke
Updated: 9 May 2023
Personal Assistance
Personal Assistance
Type Self Funded Subsidised After Hours
Hospice Yes Yes Yes
Carer Support Yes Yes Yes Carer support subsidy can be utilised to offset the cost of support services.
Sitter Service/Companions Yes Yes Yes
Live In Care (24 Hr) Yes Yes Yes
Personal Care (Showering, Dressing) Yes Yes Yes
Updated: 9 May 2023
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialties or Areas of Expertise Status Details
End of Life/Palliative Care Yes
Clinical Management Yes
Dementia Care Yes
Updated: 15 Nov 2019
Domestic Assistance
Domestic Assistance
Type Self Funded Subsidised After Hours
Meals (Frozen) Yes Yes Yes
Meals (Fresh or Hot) Yes Yes Yes
Home Help (Housework/Cleaning etc.) Yes Yes Yes
Shopping Assistance Yes Yes Yes
Transport Assistance Yes Yes Yes
Updated: 15 Nov 2019