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Kapiti Hearing

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Kapiti Hearing
9A Ngaio Road
Kapiti, Wellington 5036
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Debra Middleton - 042934693
Jeanie Morrison-Low MNZAS - 042934693
Jeanie Morrison-Low, MNZAS - 042934693
Eloise Koenig, MNZAS. - 042934693
Katie Sawaya, MNZAS, AuD - 042934693

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We are a member of Independent Audiologists NZ, which means we have no financial links with manufacturers or chains and can access most brands of hearing aids. Besides prescribing and fitting hearing aids, we can advise on tinnitus, communications strategies, and ways to manage hearing loss. We can adjust and clean existing aids, and have two registered nurses, trained in wax microsuction, who are in our Waikanae clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Call or email us for an appointment. Kapiti Hearing is fully-owned by audiologist Jeanie Morrison-Low (MNZAS). Eloise Koenig (MNZAS), Katie Sawaya (MNZAS, AuD), and John Dobbs (AuD) are our associate audiologists, with many years of experience. Jeanie, Eloise and Katie can be seen at Raumati and Waikanae; John works at Waikanae only.

We are locally-owned and operated, in Waikanae and Raumati. Waikanae is open Mon-Fri, and Raumati is open Mon-Fri, but closed on Wed afternoons. Please ring for an appointment. 04-293-4693.

Both audiology clinics are fully-equipped, and sound-treated to ACC requirements. We can also access MOH funding and subsidies for hearing aids and Veteran's Affairs funding on your behalf where appropriate. Remember, a sudden hearing loss in one ear is considered a medical emergency; we will see you the same day if this happens.
Service Description
Service Description
We are independent audiologists, locally-owned and operated; and can fit hearing aids, do hearing tests, make adjustments to aids, clean and service and repair them, and give you advice about hearing, hearing loss and tinnitus. Our audiology clinics in both Raumati and Waikanae are fully-equipped and are sound-treated to ACC standards for the most accurate test environment.
Updated: 4 Apr 2022
Additional Branch Locations
Additional Branch Locations
Kapiti Hearing Raumati Beach
Address4 Margaret Road
SuburbRaumati Beach
Phone04 2934693
Website https://kapitihearing.co.nz/
Updated: 14 Aug 2023
Hearing Services
Hearing Services
Status Details
Information about Subsidies Yes We can access MOH hearing aid subsidies and other Government funding, such as ACC, for patients who meet the criteria.
Free Screening Test No Please bear in mind that nothing is really "free"; if it is advertised as such then you may be paying higher prices for other services.
Diagnostic Hearing Test Yes We do full diagnostic hearing tests which cost $95 and take one hour. These may include a referral letter to a specialist.
Hearing Aid Trial Yes Our trial is eight weeks, with several appointments within that time for adjustments of the aids. If the trial is not successful, we will refund you in full for cost of the aids. The trial and fitting of the aids is included in the hearing aid cost.
Fitting Fee Yes This is included in the written quote for the aids, and is made clear in the documentation supplied when we provide quotes. It is fully refundable if the trial is unsuccessful.
Mould Fitting Fee Yes If the mould is supplied with the aids, there is a payment for the cost of the mould. If you order them separately from the aids, you will need to pay the cost of the moulds, and this will include a small fitting fee if we book time to fit the moulds and reprogram the aids to incorporate the new acoustics.
Multiple Brands of Hearing Aids Yes We can fit all brands available in NZ, and can adjust, clean and often repair them as well. We do not sign preferred-supplier contracts, and will not try to upsell hearing aids. If you don't need aids, we will tell you, and advise you to wait.
Updated: 24 Sep 2023
Languages Spoken
Languages Spoken
Language Status Details
English Yes
Updated: 4 Apr 2022
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership RC Status Details
Other details Yes Our audiologists are full members of the NZ Audiological Society and able to access Govt subsidies and funding on your behalf if eligible.
Updated: 4 Apr 2022
Payment Status Details
Payment required Yes
Subsidy may be available Yes
Updated: 16 May 2022
ACC Status Details
Approved Yes We can test and refer to ACC and fit ACC-funded hearing aids to those who are eligible.
Updated: 16 May 2022
Equipment Options
Equipment Options
Equipment Options Status Details
Service/Repair Yes We can service, clean and repair hearing aids to extend their lives. Sometimes a "lack of clarity" just indicates blocked microphones, which we can vacuum out. We can also send aids to the manufacturer if they need a more comprehensive service.
Loan Yes We can loan hearing aids, in some circumstances, and depending on availability, to those whose aids are away being repaired.
Purchase Yes Batteries, wax filters, assistive-listening devices, hearing aids are all for sale.
Updated: 16 May 2022