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Canterbury Community Pharmacy Group

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Canterbury Community Pharmacy Group
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Pegasus House
401 Madras Street
Christchurch 8014
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What is a Medication Management Service?
This is a new free service that allows you to sit down with a pharmacist (either your local pharmacist or a member of the service’s mobile pharmacy team) and talk about your medicines.

Together you will have the opportunity to review and discuss:
- The reasons why you are taking them;
- When the best time is to take them;
- Any problems you are having with your medicines;
- Best ways to remember to take medicines;
- Any other concerns or questions you may have.

Your pharmacist will also talk to you about how to make sure you continue to take your medicines correctly. They will then work with you to find ways to make managing your medicines easier.

The information you share with your pharmacist will be confidential. A report will be sent to your doctor and can be shared with other health professionals involved in your care.