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Dementia Canterbury

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Dementia Canterbury exists to support people and their whānau to continue to live fulfilling lives following a Dementia diagnosis.
Service Description
Service Description
Dementia Canterbury provides information, education and specialised social work support to people with dementia, their family/whanau and friends, who are often their carers. We also offer information and education to the public, health and associated professions about dementia. Our services include:

Social Work and Education:
Social Workers and Education Co-ordinators are available to provide information, education, advocacy and other support as appropriate.

Ashburton/West Coast:
One –two days per week a Social Worker is based in Ashburton to provide social work support; groups and a cafe get-together.
A Field Officer is based on the West Coast to provide social work support; groups and a cafe get-together.

Carers’ Support Groups:
Carers’ Support groups meet monthly to provide support to carers and families of people with dementia; there are groups in Christchurch, Rangiora and Ashburton including the under 65’s carers group in Christchurch for carers of those with younger onset dementia.

Memory Group — Monthly:
Memory Group is a group for people with dementia where they can meet others, share their experiences and exchange ideas for managing on a day to day basis.

Activity Groups:
Enquire with your Social Worker to join the variety of Activity Groups held with the support of the Community (including the Christchurch Art Gallery, Christchurch Libraries, Avebury House and Gardens etc)

Post Placement Group:
A group for carers whose relative or friend with dementia has recently moved to residential care.

Volunteer Programme run by the Volunteer Co-ordinator:
Trained volunteers can provide valuable in-home support to allow carers a break (conditions apply). People with dementia living alone comment that this programme enables them to undertake activities they can no longer do on their own.

Community Education Seminars:
Community Education Seminars cover a range of topics of interest to carers, families and friends; morning seminars are on the 4th Tuesday of most months; evening seminars are also held.

Making a Difference:
Making a Difference is a free educational course available for families and friends supporting people diagnosed with dementia. Learn more about dementia, communication strategies, sharing the caring and skills associated with understanding and responding to behaviours.

Social Programme:
A programme of planned social events for people with dementia/family coordinated by the Social Work Team.

Now! Café / Community Cafes:
The Now! Café is run by our volunteers and is a monthly get together where all people affected by dementia, their carers, family, whanau and friends can socialise. Venue is Wigram Airforce Museum. The Community Cafes are get-togethers held at small cafes to bring together people with dementia who live in the same community. Currently held at cafes in New Brighton, Woolston, Halswell, Bishopdale, Kaiapoi and Ashburton - contact our office for more information regarding any of these Cafes.

In-service Education Sessions:
For people working in residential care settings with people with dementia, these sessions are also suitable for other professionals whose work brings them into contact with people with memory loss; a list of topics is available on request, other topics can be arranged. Dementia the basics is a one day course for anyone open to or interested in gaining understanding of dementia – certificates of completion are provided.

School Education:
Speakers are available to provide education to students and staff.

We have a comprehensive library of books for loan. Check out our Website www.dementiacanterbury.org.nz & Facebook page.

Total Mobility Card Scheme:
As an agent for this scheme we can provide subsidised taxi transport Card (conditions apply).

Identity bracelets:
A bracelet or army-type tag that can be engraved with a person’s contact details.

Information about Assisted Technology:
The WanderSearch Canterbury Tracking System is used by Land Search and Rescue (LandSAR) and NZ Police to search for people living with Dementia / Autism who regularly wander from their place of residence. Conditions apply.

For more information on these and other services, please contact Dementia Canterbury
Updated: 24 Aug 2021