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Cherished Memories

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Cherished Memories
End of life & funeral
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17A Himikera Avenue
Auckland 1026
Auckland, Waitemata, Counties Manukau
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Dave Munn - 021 803 469
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Cherished Memories presents a remarkable opportunity for you to celebrate your own special journey through the magic of film.

With our high-quality storytelling, emotive music, and streamlined process, the unique story of your life will be beautifully captured to be watched and shared with future generations.

Celebrate your journey with Cherished Memories.
“When I first saw the Legacy film, I was so impressed. It was incredibly professional & looked like we’d shot a documentary.”
Kat Ashmead

“the process was straight forward & easy & the product speaks volumes for Dave’s professionalism. It’s a priceless memento.”
Andy Carbery

“As much as my mum’s really humble and didn’t want to seem important. She is important to us. And to have these films is priceless.”
Sophie Gibbs
Updated: 12 Mar 2024
Service Description
Service Description
I provide the full interview (approximately 1 hour), a 15-minute Director’s cut, and the very special Legacy Tribute Film.

The Legacy Tribute is a professionally edited 6-minute film that blends highlights from your interview with beautiful moving images recorded on the day, supplied photos, and a delicate music track to create a magical experience that will give your family goosebumps every time they watch it.

Additionally, you will receive your films on a USB stick and a private webpage, allowing them to be watched and shared repeatedly for generations to come.
Updated: 30 Mar 2024
Suburbs/Districts/Towns Serviced
Suburbs/Districts/Towns Serviced
Please note that at present my service is restricted to the Greater Auckland area (including Pukekohe to Whangaparaoa) and the Greater Wellington area (including Levin, Otaki and Foxton plus Hutt Valley & Wairarapa.) Happy to quote for other areas though : )
Updated: 16 Feb 2024
Meeting the needs of older people
Meeting the needs of older people
Preservation of Legacy:
Entrusting Cherished Memories to capture the stories of your life, means your family’s legacy and unique experiences are preserved for your grandchildren to cherish and celebrate.

Emotional Connection:
Cherished Memories crafts magical films that evoke genuine emotions and bring to life the essence of your journeys, fostering a deep emotional connection among family members that lasts a lifetime.

Shareable and Timeless:
The magical films created by Cherished Memories provide a private, timeless and shareable keepsake, ensuring that the stories and memories of your advertures are never forgotten.
Updated: 30 Mar 2024
Access Status Details
A mobile service Yes We travel to you.
Easy access Yes Every story starts with just three easy steps for you. 1 - Moments. Write down 6 big moments in your life. 2 - Photos. Find a photo of you in each moment. 3 - Places. Choose your favourite place outside of home, e.g. beach, library, park.
Updated: 30 Mar 2024
Payment Status Details
Payment required Yes We request that a 10% deposit is paid up front and then the next 40% before the shoot. On delivery of the final films, the remaining 50% is due.
Subsidy may be available Yes
Updated: 16 Feb 2024
Languages Spoken
Languages Spoken
Language Status Details
English Yes
Updated: 16 Feb 2024
What's New
What's New
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We have now added a Legacy film to our Legacy package which means not only do you get the hour film and the 15 minute, but you now also get a 6 minute shorter film with all the wisdom and golden moments bound tightly together. 

Check out the website for more: https://www.cherishedmemories.co.nz/

Or call Dave: 021 803 469

Updated: 23 Apr 2024