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Care & Craft Centres (Hamilton)

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Care & Craft Centres (Hamilton)
Day & social programmes
Hillcrest Baptist Church
278 Clyde Street
Hamilton 3216
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Kif Konings - 07 846 3499
Basic information
The purpose of a Care and Craft Centre is to provide a range of interests and companionship for the elderly including those who are lonely, housebound or somewhat disabled.
Founded in Auckland in 1974 by Rewa Henderson, QSM, Care and Craft now has many centres operating throughout New Zealand.


A Care and Craft Centre caters for older lonely housebound people (including some who are disabled), known as guests, who are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of handcrafts and social activities.
Care and Craft is not affiliated to any religious denomination.
There are no paid staff, and costs are kept to a minimum. Established centres help finance new centres. These, in turn, become self-supporting, through weekly trading tables and support from their local communities.

Volunteers, called helpers, organise and staff the centres which function in local halls one day a week, from approximately 10am to 1pm, except during school holidays.
Morning tea and lunch are provided at a nominal charge.

Guests are offered tuition and help in handcrafts such as weaving bathmats, knitting (including blankets), crochet, card making, painting, toy making and painted embroidery, in a friendly caring atmosphere.
Transport to the centres can be arranged for guests who require it. Offers of assistance from drivers are always gratefully accepted.
Helpers require no special qualifications, only a caring spirit and a willingness to assist with craft work, kitchen or general duties, or to drive the guests to and from the centre.

Guests who attend the centres have a wide range of needs, and all - especially the elderly living alone, with little company - can benefit from association with the centres.

If you know of a prospective guest, or if you feel you can help, contact the centre nearest you.

Forest Lake - (07)849 3059

Hillcrest - (07) 846 3499

Ngarawahia - (07) 849 5042

Raglan - (07) 825 8716

Cambridge - (07) 827 6047

Morrinsville - (07) 889 6321

Taupo - (07) 378 6574