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The Falls Estate Lifestyle Village

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The Falls Estate Lifestyle Village
Retirement Villages ('Purchase')
94 Boundary Rd
(09) 437 5844
(09) 437 1365
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Marie Annandale - 021 463 588
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We are fortunate that our village is privately owned and operated by well known Whangarei business people, who listen and care. It is comforting to us all to know that the village manager and his wife are on call 24 hours a day and that within a couple of minutes they are on hand to assist with any crisis that may occur in the home of a resident.
With kindest regards
Lional & Gloria Ormandy. Home 59

Living at The Falls Estate is such a pleasure from the manager and his wife right down to all the staff. Their kindness and helpfulness is wonderful. There is so much to enjoy here in this lovely village in our great town.
Kate Bassett. Home C

Life at The Falls Estate has met and exceeded all our expectations. The activities and facilities are as full as that of a cruise ship and just as stimulating - in fact you could be excused for feeling that you are on a permanent holiday in your own comfortable surroundings.
Deci & Bernie Lewis. Home 64

Security, companionship, wonderful facilities and management who really do go that extra mile to make us welcome, happy and secure. Such professionalism is rare nowadays. We are proud and very fortunate to be living at The Falls Estate Lifestyle Village.
Doug & Mel Healey.Apartment 106
Updated: 2 Nov 2011
Agent's Details
Agent's Details
Name The Falls Lifestyle Estate
Address 94 Boundary Road
City/Town Whangarei
Company Whangarei Falls Village Ltd
Phone 09 437 5844
Fax 09 437 1365
Mobile 0274 805 892
Email View Email Address
Updated: 2 Apr 2006
Statutory Supervisor's Details
Statutory Supervisor's Details
Name Carol Cook
Address PO Box 4197
City/Town Auckland
Company Trustees Executors Ltd
Phone 09 308 7129
Fax 09 308 7101
Mobile 021 656 474
Email View Email Address
Updated: 11 Feb 2011
Solicitor's Details
Solicitor's Details
Name Mr Vaughan Syers
Address PO Box 1042
City/Town Whangarei
Company Thomson Wilson Ltd
Phone 09 438 4039
Fax 09 438 9473
Email View Email Address
Updated: 11 Feb 2011
Composition of Village
Composition of Village
Type Details
1 Bedroom Apartment (1 Bedroom)
Low Price$240000.00
High Price$240000.00
Tenure TermsOccupation Licence (for further information see the Special Features section)
Surrender Details95% after 1 year
90% after 2 years
85% after 3 years
80% after 4 years and over
Service Charge DetailsThe present service fee is $90.00 per week and includes:
Land and general rates, water supply, security and security patrols, Statutory Supervisor's fees, street lighting, exterior home maintenance,
insurance of all homes and buildings plus public liability cover, ground maintenance,
administration and operation of the community facilities (including staff employment costs), rubbish removal, external window cleaning.

Full disclosures of the accounts are presented to each of the residents annually.
Nursing Care DetailsExternal provider as required and as arranged by the resident.
1 Bedroom Home (1 Bedroom)
Tenure TermsOccupation Licence (for further information see the Special Features section)
Surrender DetailsAs above.
Service Charge DetailsAs above.
Nursing Care DetailsAs above.
2 Bedroom Homes (Carport or Lock up Garage Options) (2 Bedrooms)
Low Price$295000.00
High Price$380000.00
Tenure TermsOccupation Licence (for further information see the Special Features section)

Due to the popularity of The Falls Estate Lifestyle Village we encourage you to register your interest so that we can advise you when a home comes on the market.
Surrender DetailsAs above
Service Charge DetailsAs above
Nursing Care DetailsAs above.
2 Bedroom Apartments (2 Bedrooms)
Low Price$289000.00
High Price$298000.00
Tenure TermsOccupation Licence (for further information see the Special Features section)
Surrender DetailsAs above
Service Charge DetailsAs above
Nursing Care DetailsAs above.
3 Bedroom Homes (Single or Double Garage) (3 Bedrooms)
Low Price$375000.00
High Price$460000.00
Tenure TermsOccupation Licence (for further information see the Special Features section)

Due to the popularity of The Falls Estate Lifestyle Village we encourage you to register your interest so that we can advise you when a home comes onto the market.
Surrender DetailsAs above
Service Charge DetailsAs above
Nursing Care DetailsAs above
Updated: 2 Nov 2011
Personnel & Services
Personnel & Services
Personnel / ServiceHours Per WeekStatusDetails
Hairdresser Yes Every Monday
Podiatrist Yes Twice Monthly visits
Chaplain/Spiritual Advisor No Retired resident minister
Activities Co-ordinator Yes Programme organised by the Resident's Committee.
Meals - Available On-site Yes Full Restaurant Facilities
Meals - External Provider Yes Meals on wheels
Home Help - External Provider Yes
Nursing Care No We will assit you to contact appropriate outside agencies as required.
Updated: 29 Sep 2011
Facility Features
Facility Features
Social/Recreational Programme Yes Every day in the community centre
Community Complex Yes
24 Hour Security Yes Village Manager on site and evening security patrols
Emergency Call System Yes 24 hours-7 days a week
Newsletter Yes The Falls Folkus. Village newsletter comes out monthly
Pets In Residence Yes Cats, small dogs and birds
Negotiate To Bring Own Pet Yes
Outings Yes Village Van for shopping, Doctors etc daily
Transport Available Yes 7 days a week. Bus stop handy
Restaurant Yes Village Restaurant open 2 evenings per week and for village functions
Fitness Complex Yes Gym equipment and daily exercise classes
Swimming Pool Yes Indoor heated to 31 degrees
Spa Pool Yes 6 person spa pool
Craft Room Yes
Library Yes Also the mobile library bus calls twice a month
Games Room No Pool table, jigsaws, indoor bowls, table tennis
Chapel No In future plans
Lounges Yes Large community lounge
Gardens Yes Resdents may have their own vege or flower gardens, which can be maintained by themselves or the village grounds staff
Updated: 11 Feb 2011
Special Features
Special Features

Over recent years, New Zealanders have heard of the fascinating and innovative residential living developments in Australia, USA and more recently New Zealand. They provide a lifestyle and facilities, which enhance and enrich individual independence, dignity and freedom.

Residents have the privacy of their own home and security offered by a caring community for the rest of their lives.

An important feature of The Falls Estate concept is that residents live in their own home. It is a frequent disappointment to residents that many outsiders who are unfamiliar with the Residential Village lifestyle assume these villages to be like old folks homes or rest homes. The reality is that residents live in their own homes with family and friends coming and going. Most residents frequently partake in activities in the general community such as sporting clubs, travel, fishing, shopping etc. Residents retain their individual lifestyles in a caring and secure neighbourhood, supported by village management and staff committed to providing friendly and professional services.

Residences consist of two and three bedroom homes and one and two bedroom apartments with a Community Centre and support service facility. The Village will be extensively and tastefully landscaped, designed for the mature person and built to the sun.


Whangarei Falls Village Ltd owns the Falls Lifestyle Estate. The Directors of Whangarei Falls Village Ltd are committed to the concept of lifestyle living. Management will work closely with residents to continually introduce new ideas and benefits to enhance the value of living on the Estate.

Management of the Falls Estate have been selected to guide, assist and above all care. They will ensure that the privacy and independence of residents is safeguarded in a secure environment.

They will supervise community facilities and will in conjunction with the Residents Committee organise and co-ordinate functions and meetings in both the community and recreational hall, arrange shopping excursions, social and sporting events, pleasure trips to the movies, theatres and so on.

Management will also organise the attendance of visiting medical and para medical personnel and will ensure that all residents are kept up to date with what is happening in their community.


Independent homes and apartments/units

The homes are architecturally designed, based on extensive research of other villages but enhanced and adapted to the specific needs of the residents. The homes and apartments/units are built in modern construction materials including brick, aluminium joinery and tile roofing. The greatest care and detail has been taken in design for safety, convenience and comfort.

Each home features:

· A spacious lounge/dining room
· Two or three bedroom, hall, bathroom plus extensive wardrobe and storage space
· Quality carpet, vinyl and wall coverings throughout
· A modern purpose built kitchen
· Private sunny decks or patios
· Emergency call systems
· Pre-wired telephone and television jackpoints, light fittings and multiple power points
· Electric oven, ceramic cooktop
· Rangehood and waste disposal unit
· TV aerial
· Large integral garage with electric door opener, or carports for the smaller homes

Keen gardeners are invited to show their personal flair in the gardens around their home if they wish.

The Falls Estate Management has a very firm commitment to keep the weekly running cost to an absolute minimum. The service fee being charged monthly will be increased annually, only when necessary where increased costs are experienced.

Construction has commenced on the first block of one and two bedroom quality apartments.


This is a "Resident Funded Estate", which quite simply means that the resident's ingoing "Purchase Price" and the weekly service fee secures their selected accommodation and the right to the use of the facilities and services provided in the Estate.

The "Purchase Price" includes a refundable deposit and a Community Facility Fee. In each case, on a termination of the licence, the licensee is repaid the refundable deposit plus the unamortised portion of the facility fee when the licence is resold. In the event of the licence selling for more than paid by the original licensee, the retiring licensee shall receive 50% of any increase of the refundable deposit received, less any costs relating to the sale.

Retirement Villages have different requirements than ordinary residential housing. Prospective residents and their advisers need to be assured that not only will the occupation of the house be available but that all of the other facilities that have been promised such as village centres, swimming pool, health support and village bus.

An ordinary unit title or cross lease does not provide for a mechanism to enforce the provision of promised services within the village or afford the benefit of trustee supervisor.

An "occupation licence" was finally chosen as being the best option. With this system the residents will have the benefit of the Trustees Executors Ltd as Trustee, acting in the interests of the residents. Only a few Trustee companies are recognised by the Government as being able to act in the capacity of Trustee for Retirement Village residents. The Management of The Falls Estate is responsible and answerable to the Trustee.

The Trustee ensures that all of the facilities promised are provided and that the village management perform their tasks correctly.

When the money for the home is paid over through the Trustees Executors Ltd, the Trustee supervisors the transaction. The interests of the purchaser are secured against the Falls Estate Village complex through a Mortgage held by the Trustees Executors Ltd.

Whilst a return on your investment is important, the underlying fact is the lifestyle we can offer. The proven security, companionship and full use of all the community facilities for friends and family make The Falls Estate the ultimate living experience in your retirement years.

Ailsa and Graham Tiplady handle the village administration and sales and are available anytime to discuss the financial plan with you in more detail.


As security for each resident(s), the Statutory Supervisor, "Trustees Executors Ltd" holds a mortgage over the land and buildings comprising the Estate, protecting the rights and interests of licence holders. This, together with the Deed of participation, ultimately provides residents with security for their refundable deposit and unexpired portion of the community facility fee.

In addition, the Statutory Supervisor reviews, on behalf of the residents, the detailed operational budgets, management accounts and statutory accounts of the Estate Schemes, and reports relevant matters to residents on a regular basis.


Q Are there any special requirements to become a resident?
A At the time of entry applicants generally need to be over 55 years of age and be able to cope with the day to day running of their accommodation.

Q Can I reserve a home or an apartment for the future?
A There are always homes and apartments becoming available on the Estate. We find that most people like to familiarise themselves with the village and our concept, then record their interest with us. When a particular home of your choice becomes available we contact you. We give you ample time to sell your own home. If you don't plan moving for a year or two you are still very welcome to visit the Estate now to learn more about the Estate concept and lifestyle.

Q Is there provision for a garden?
A The grounds at the Falls Estate are beautifully landscaped in a manner, which harmonises with the total surrounding environment. The ground staff maintains all areas to a carefully planned and monitored program. Residents can change their gardens to reflect their own personality and taste, provided they continue to maintain them. Vegetable gardens are acceptable providing the resident regularly maintains them.

Q Are pets permitted?
A At the discretion of management, small house trained animals or caged birds may be permitted.

Q Are visitors allowed?
A Yes. Your accommodation at The Falls Estate is your home and as such visitors are always welcome. The Community Centre, barbecue and recreational facilities are available for both residents and their quests.

Q Are there any limitations to resident’s absence from the village?
A Not really. Residents live in their own homes and come and go as they please. One of the many advantages of planned residential estate living is that residents can go on their normal holidays, be it for a week or six months, with greater peace of mind regarding the maintenance and security of their homes. The only requirements are that management is advised of the intended period of absence and of any change which may occur whilst they are away. Payment of the weekly service fee must be maintained as these costs are naturally on-going whether a person is in residence or not.

Q Are there any "hidden" restrictions?
A No - quite the reverse. The Falls Estate provides much more freedom from chores and responsibilities than can be readily envisaged. The only "limitations" are those brought about by the normal considerations and courtesies, which any community of people require from one another.

Q Who pays for the maintenance of the village?
A The weekly service fee provides for external maintenance. Internal maintenance, repairs and maintenance of appliances provided in the homes is the residents responsibility.

Q Who is responsible for paying the cost of insurance premiums in the village?
A The weekly service fee includes all insurance premiums with the exception of your normal household contents insurance. Residents are therefore required to insure their own personal effects.

Q Who is responsible for the cost of general and water rates?
A The weekly service fee includes general and water rates.

Q What "say" will I have as a resident in the operation of The Falls Estate?
A The Licence to Occupy Agreement provides for the setting up of a Residents Committee, which will comprise representatives from the residents. And which will advise/liaise with the Directors on the management of the Estate.

Q I need to sell my present home first, can you help me with this?
A Yes. Trained consultants will visit your present home and arrange two independent market appraisals ensuring you get top dollar for your property. If you wish, we can handle the whole transaction right down to the house moving so that moving to your new lifestyle is effortless and worry free.

Q What provision is there for ongoing care, as I get older?
A The provision of ongoing care is of great importance to the Directors. Planning has been completed for block of serviced apartments, which will provide accommodation for people who require extra services such as meals, cleaning and nursing care. Should longer-term extensive medical care be required, then the Village Management will endeavour to make arrangements on behalf of residents with one of the nearby hospitals in Whangarei. Only 2% of retired folk would ever require the extensive nursing care off site.


The Falls Estate is designed to afford you an active lifestyle with abundant advantages not found in conventional suburban living. Secure in the knowledge that your present and future housing needs are being met; you can relax and enjoy your life to the fullest, at a pace, which you set yourself.

Within the Estate setting you experience and enjoy:

· The independence of continuing your way of life in a manner you choose, in accommodation best suited to your needs.
· The security of your increased personal safety and the safety of your property.
· The relief from anxiety over future potential financial burdens.
· The companionship of people with similar standards aims and interests.
· The leisure, free from unwanted ties to house and garden maintenance.
· The opportunities that abound to diversify your interests via the Estate Community facilities and social programs.
· The sharing of skills and talents in Estate activities.
· The caring of our Estate staff that have your interest as their prime concern.
· The encouragement to maintain your activities in the general surrounding community, of which the Estate is an integral part.

The old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is very true particularly when the concept of Residential Villages is new and innovative. So come and see our Estate for yourself. Have a cup of tea and take a leisurely wander around "The Falls Estate" with our helpful staff.


1 If you wish to buy into the Estate this simply involves filling in the Prospectus "Application Form" for your selected home and paying a holding deposit (held by Trustees Executors Ltd and fully refundable if unable to proceed). An interview is arranged for you with a member of the council of management within seven days. A medical certificate provided by your Doctor and the interview, provide the opportunity to finally discuss your application and answer any further questions you may have.

2 You are strongly recommended to discuss the documentation with a solicitor of your choice prior to signing. You may have an existing home to sell and we allow you time to do this. We do not require progress payments as we wish your move to the Estate to be a minimum of stress and anxiety. There is no legal commitment until you go unconditional with your chosen home, apartment or unit (normally following the sale of your home).

3 Preparation and registration costs are minimal. Your solicitor's fees are of course additional and a matter of private negotiation.

4 When you occupy the accommodation of your choice you pay a weekly service fee (paid monthly). This provides for all rates and taxes, including council rates, rubbish disposal, water and sewerage rates, insurance of all structures and public liability cover, maintenance and security patrols, administration and operation of the community facilities including staff employment costs. The weekly residential rent will only be increased when necessary where increased costs are experienced (primarily due to inflation), and after reference to the Statutory Supervisor, and the Residents Committee.

5 The Village Management Company operates the daily running expenses of the Estate on a non-profit basis, with detailed annual budgets carefully administered by the Whangarei Falls Village Ltd.

Applications will only be accepted on the application form contained in the Registered Prospectus.


Introducing Graham & Ailsa Tiplady handling Village Administration and sales.

Graham & Ailsa are available 7 days a week to answer all your questions and show you the many benefits of this truly unique lifestyle.

Graham & Ailsa work closely with the Village Directors to create a pleasant worry free lifestyle for the residents. Their obvious enthusiasm for the project will help ensure that your newfound lifestyle will be a full and happy one.

You are welcome anytime on the Estate to view the Village and discuss your requirements in more detail. If you prefer just give us a call and we will visit your home at a time suitable to you.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Updated: 31 Dec 2006
Interests & Activities
Interests & Activities
Activity programme, BBQ, Big print books, Billiards, Bingo, Board games, Bowls, Bridge, Canine friends, Cards, Care and Craft, Classical Music, Concerts, Cooking, Craft, Dancing, Email, Entertainers, Entertainment, Exercises, Fax, Games, Garden, Gardening, Golf, Happy Hour, Housie, Indoor Games, Internet, Jigsaw, Library, Mah Jongg, Massage, Men, Minibus, Minigolf, Movies, Music, Organ, Outings, Park, Parties,Petanque, Probus, Pianist, Picnic facilities, Pool, Pool table, Reading, Shopping, Sing-a-longs, Spa , Swimming, Theatre, Videos, Visitors
Updated: 2 Nov 2011
Languages Spoken
Languages Spoken
Dutch Yes
English Yes
Updated: 31 Dec 2006
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual AffiliationsStatusDetails
(Other comments) Yes We do not have any Religious Affiliations.
Updated: 9 Mar 2011
Public Transport   Village has own 12 seater van
Shops   A superb location with excellent shopping centres, golf clubs, bowling clubs, parks and churches only a short distance from the village.
Mall   Mail delivery and post box on site
Parks   Set on 14 acres of mostly flat land, next to beautiful scenic Whangarei Falls, this outstanding setting has a rural atmosphere yet is only 7 minutes from the city centre.
Library   Excellant library on site
Updated: 2 Apr 2006
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership RCStatusDetails
Retirement Villages Association of New Zealand [Inc] (RVA) Yes We are accredited members of the New Zealand Retirement Village Association. The association's strict code of practice requires all member villages to have a sound financial base and legal structure which protects the interests of Residents.
Retirement Villages Association of New Zealand [Inc] (RVA)
Updated: 2 Apr 2006

NOTE: The Retirement Villages Act 2003 (The Act) is designed to provide improved protection for people who ‘buy’ into a retirement village. If you intend to ‘purchase’ you must get independent legal advice before signing your occupation right agreement as required under The Act. Some Retirement Village type facilities are not required to register under The Act so different legal requirements apply. Please make sure you investigate fully.


In some villages there may be some Retirement Village units that have multiple uses e.g. a Serviced Apartment may also be used as a Residential Care Suite. The same unit may therefore show in several places on Eldernet.