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Alandale Retirement Village

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Alandale Retirement Village
Retirement Village
1199 River Road
Hamilton 3210
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WELCOME to Alandale!

At Alandale, residents enjoy living the life in a vibrant, safe and active community.

Our Village is nestled on the eastern banks of the Waikato River in Flagstaff, Hamilton. This idyllic location allows you to enjoy easy access to river walks, Flagstaff shops and local bus services which are right on our door step.

Alandale's extensive beautiful site houses 133 villas and a Clubhouse which facilitates and promotes community activities and social gatherings.

With around 190 residents there is no shortage of company, and with an abundance of social activities on offer you can lead an active social lifestyle.

Residents enjoy round-the-clock support, which gives them (and their families) the peace of mind needed to carry on living - and making the most of Clubhouse facilities - without holding back.

They enjoy the Alandale Advantage ...... and you can too!
Upcoming Open Days
Upcoming Open Days
No open days are currently scheduled.
Francesca Durning .......... “I thought you’d need to be a millionaire to live in a place like this”.

The sight of the Waikato river flowing by and the pleasure of many new friendships made, have been a huge comfort for Francesca as she gets used to life without her husband.

When Francesca and Clem came to Alandale he was very ill. They knew their time together was limited and Clem wanted to spend it at Alandale.

“I was unsure but I’m really happy we did. We had four months here together before Clem died. I’ve found Alandale a wonderful place of friendship,” says Francesca.

“The river was what really sold Alandale for me. Other places are nice too but the river is something that’s particular to Alandale as far as I’m concerned.”

Francesca, who met Clem at Turangi when she came out from Italy in 1967 to work on the Tongariro hydro-electric project, enjoys the opportunity for peaceful contemplation. She often likes her own company and nothing brings her peace like the river.

“I love walking, there’s a lovely walking track by the river. Anytime I feel like getting out, I just go. There are lots of people to talk to along the way. I love being out on Alandale’s golf croquet field because I can just look out at the view of the river - the way it changes with the different seasons. You’d need to be a millionaire to live in a situation like this.”

When Francesca isn’t close to the water she’s out doing things.

“People say I’m never home because I say yes to everything. I feel so safe here at night and there are so many activities. I go to the gym most mornings, I play golf croquet three times a week, I’ve learnt to play Mahjong and I’ve become quite a little bingo addict. I also swim a lot in the heated pool.”

Francesca also enjoys the social dinners, particularly the fact that they are geared up so she can meet new people all the time. She has four sons who she keeps regular contact with and they are pleased she’s in such a great environment.

“If I hadn’t come here I would have been alone and your children don’t want you to be saying that you’re lonely. It doesn’t bring any joy to the meetings you do have. I’d rather my four boys knew I was happy and active because that means when we meet, we meet in a good way.”

Francesca says the houses at Alandale are perfectly positioned so there’s great privacy.

“I meet my neighbour sometimes when we’re out socialising. I say to her ‘I have to come down here to see you!’

“The people here are warm and friendly, they leave you your own space and they are accepting of all types of people.”


Graham and Helen Bell .......... “It’s not a retirement village – it’s a lifestyle village.”

Graham and Helen Bell lived in Flagstaff, only a block away, before coming to Alandale.

“We used to walk past and vowed and declared we’d never come in here,” chuckles Graham. “But we really love it.”

Graham said they’d never thought of going into a retirement village. But Alandale had an open day and they knew people living here so they “went and had a look”.

Helen could see straight away it would suit their lifestyle, while being close to shops and on a bus route was important to them.

“That’s a huge thing. We have a grand daughter who comes quite often and I take her on the bus. Other retirement villages we’ve seen aren’t anywhere near a bus route.”

They are an active couple. Graham is an ex-Lion while Helen is a “people person”. They like to be busy.

“We joined a lot of things here. We become involved quite quickly. Everyone helps each other.”

Helen has been an Advisory Rep, keeping an eye out for residents’ welfare, and passing on worries to management, while Graham has spent time on the social committee. They’re both a fan of the monthly dinners in the village and the way residents are sometimes seated randomly so they get to know each other.

“I reckon it’s a great idea; I think everything should be like that really,” says Graham.

“There’s seven at a table and because there are a lot of women here, there might be only one man. I do a bit of a stir and leave them to it,” he chuckles.

When Helen went overseas for a few weeks she had no worries about leaving Graham behind. He was well looked after by other residents.

“He hardly had a meal at home,” says Helen. “The people are great - that’s the main thing about Alandale.”

“But you don’t get people just popping in,” says Graham.

“This is your own home, just like anywhere else,” he says.

“And it’s secure. It’s also nice to know that if something happens to you, your wife is left in a safe environment.”

While they enjoy the organised activities, there’s plenty of room for spontaneity.

“Everything is not organised,” says Graham.

“You can just wander outside on the patio and look at the river. Someone brings a bottle of wine down here and a few snacks. And the outlook is lovely. In the summer all the trees are out. There were about 30 tuis out here the other day.”

What would they say to other people considering moving to Alandale?
“I would say this is a wonderful place to be,” says Helen.
“It’s not a retirement village, it’s a lifestyle village”.
Updated: 15 Oct 2020
Agent's Details
Agent's Details
Name John Vandy
City/Town Hamilton
Company Harcourts
Phone 027-226-5186 or 07-855-2144
Mobile 027-226-5186
Email View Email Address
Updated: 14 Oct 2020
Statutory Supervisor's Details
Statutory Supervisor's Details
Name Malcolm Gray
Address Level 6,191 Queen Street
City/Town Auckland
Company Covenant Trustee Services
Phone 09-302-0638
Fax 09-302-1037
Email View Email Address
Updated: 15 Oct 2020
Composition of Village
Composition of Village
Type Details
Villa (2 Bedrooms)
Low Price$495,000
High Price$735,000
Tenure TermsSeparate Unit Title
Surrender Details25% Facilities Fee over 5 years
Service Charge DetailsMonthly Service Fee $622
Nursing Care DetailsRegistered Nurse on-site
Villa (3 Bedrooms)
Tenure TermsSeparate Unit Title
Surrender Details25% Facilities Fee over 5 years
Service Charge DetailsMonthly Service Fee $622
Nursing Care DetailsRegistered Nurse on-site
Updated: 15 Oct 2020
Personnel & Services
Personnel & Services
Personnel / Service Hours Per Week Status Details
Hairdresser Yes Weekly
Podiatrist Yes Monthly
Meals - Available On-site Yes Delivered to villa daily
Registered Nurse Yes
Other Personnel Yes
Updated: 14 Oct 2020
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership RC Status Details
Registered Retirement Village? Yes
Retirement Village Accreditation (Expiry date) Yes
Retirement Villages Association of New Zealand [Inc] (RVA) Yes
Registered Retirement Village? Retirement Villages Association of New Zealand [Inc] (RVA)
Updated: 14 Oct 2020

NOTE: The Retirement Villages Act 2003 (The Act) is designed to provide improved protection for people who ‘buy’ into a retirement village. If you intend to ‘purchase’ you must get independent legal advice before signing your occupation right agreement as required under The Act. Some Retirement Village type facilities are not required to register under The Act so different legal requirements apply. Please make sure you investigate fully.


In some villages there may be some Retirement Village units that have multiple uses e.g. a Serviced Apartment may also be used as a Residential Care Suite. The same unit may therefore show in several places on Eldernet.