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Ocean View Residential Care

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Ocean View Residential Care
Rest Home Care
56-58 Marine Parade
Otaki Beach
Otaki 5512
Postal Address
56 Marine Parade
Otaki Beach
Otaki 5512
(06) 364 7399
(06) 364 0669
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Max Zeng - (06) 364 7399
Maggie Zhou - 0210658998
Max Zeng - 0211223198
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Given the current COVID-19 environment we have temporarily disabled our ‘feedback’ feature. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Visitors as usual (but not if you’re unwell or recently returned from overseas)
Ocean View has the most amazing location right on the beachfront and our residents enjoy spectacular views and sunsets as well as wonderful sea air!
The Facility will welcome all who come here permanently or for respite as part of a level of care and support that we would afford our own loved ones. We will strive together to maintain your happiness, dignity and respect in your time with us.
We will support your independence but also your safety; your socialization or your privacy. Decision making is about your best interests, welfare and safety and we will commit to work to offer you opportunities to enhance your body, mind and spirit. Live well, rest easy, in good company.
Service/Facility Details
Service/Facility Details
Contract with DHBYes
ORA Applies No
Updated: 22 Nov 2019
Bed and Vacancy Details
Bed and Vacancy Details
Approximate number of beds at this level of care 21
Vacancy Yes
Large room available opposite shared bathroom-additional sink in room
Impending vacancy Yes - Separate large respite room
Premium Room Charges Some Rooms from $3/day up to $8/day as at 23 Dec 2020
MOH Certification and Audit Report View MOH certification and audit report (opens in a new tab)
Updated: 26 Jan 2021

Many times people only complain and forget that there is such a thing as a compliment for a job well done. I am not one of those people so I am writing this to tell you of a place that needs some praise. I am talking about the Oceanview Rest Home – Otaki, where my father is now living.

My thought of Rest homes has not always been a favorable feeling for me, and I was not sure when my father entered one, that I would be happy with it, though I know that needed to be looked after. In his home he was lonely, not taking his medication as he should, cooking badly, falling and generally becoming a worry for us girls as to his safety and wellbeing. We wanted the best for him, but he is stubborn and refused to leave his home. His last fall was the factor that changed his mind and he was admitted willingly to Oceanview.

As I live overseas, my sister took control of the situation and it was not till I arrived in New Zealand and Dad was actually moved in, that I could see the home. My Aunty had lived next door to the home for many years so I knew the home well, and Dad’s neighbor Calder had lived in Oceanview too, till his death. Calder loved his time there, he told Dad on one occasion.

It was with some trepidation that I drove down to the home to see him, wondering how I would feel about this new situation, the staff, and how well he was being looked after. All I can say it that I was more than pleasantly surprised.
The home has a homely feel about it, almost like a big house feel, and Dad is in one of the bedrooms. There is noise about, chatter and laughter, which all makes a feeling of being in your own home rather than IN a home. Everyone there who helps Dad has a lovely disposition, is caring and thoughtful, without being overpowering. Whenever I ask for something for my father it is never too much trouble and I feel that they really care about him.

I did not expect this at all. Should I ever need to go into a home myself I would have no hesitation of moving in there at all.
I wish to congratulate the staff on their attitude, the atmosphere and their kindness to my father. I am most grateful to them for everything that they are doing. Their work is helping me rest more easily, knowing that whatever happens Dad is in good hands, well cared for and has everything he needs to live his final days.

Lynette Harvey

To whom it may concern:
My brother, Kevin, has been in the care of Oceanview for some 20 years now. It was felt that being in Otaki he would be close to his children. His youngest daughter still resides there with her children. His son although now resident in Brisbane still makes regular trips back to his hometown to visit his family and his father.
I am able to visit Kevin regularly, and am happy to commute from Wellington because I believe he is in the best possible place. The standard of care he receives is excellent. The staff are vigilant and mindful of his health. They constantly go above and beyond the call of duty, and often will take Kevin out with them on their days off. He is genuinely loved, and as a family member I am kept informed and made to feel part of his care. His caregivers, Sora, Mike and the lovely June are compassionate and constantly extending him wherever possible. The team always make sure he has someone to talk to or something to keep him occupied.
They are constantly open to any suggestions we, his family, may have and make my job as his legal guardian much easier.
I cannot imagine him getting better quality of loving care anywhere else.

Dear Ocean View Team,

I am Heinz Honeggers‘ other daughter and am writing to you from Switzerland.

It is so great to hear from my sister Brigitte and from my dad how well you take care of him and I just wanted to thank you all very much in the name of the whole family for your dedication in your work and for the great job you are doing with my dad! This is really outstanding and I am so happy that Dad is at such a great place! He tells me that everybody is so lovely to him and that you really take care so well of him. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

Just wanted to say thank you and to wish all of you only the very best,

Best regards from Switzerland,

barbara Honegger

Dear all staff at Ocean View

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all of you. You have had Heinz Honegger staying with you for the last 5 weeks. He arrived from Palmerston North hospital still looking fragile and tired. I can hardly believe how you improved his well-being during this short time. My wife Brigitte looked after him in accordance with your daily routine, you were so co-operating with everything. I personally visited your home on several occasions, at times being asked by your residents to bring our dog Blue in for a little special care. Apart from your genuine care I really enjoyed your family-like atmosphere that is so present when one walks into your place. There is talk, noise and laughter and when I saw a resident in your kitchen; I thought this place is cool!
Right now Heinz and Brigitte are due to land in Switzerland, taking Heinz back to his partner und family. Without you and your amazing care it wouldn’t have happened.

With a big thank you and best wishes,

Stephan Baumberger

Updated: 11 Jul 2018
Type Hours Per Week Status Details
Registered Nurse 40+ Yes Two Registered Nurses (RN). One nurse is full time working 40+ hours during the week, the other RN works after hours and cover. The clinical manager is available to support staff and family at all times.
Healthcare Assistants/Caregivers 24/7 Yes We have a mix of long serving staff and new staff all of whom are local. All experienced carers are certified and new staff are orientated into ongoing up-skilling for staff development. We pride ourselves on the standard of care and assistance given.
Physiotherapist No Available to residents on request and as required. Payment, if any, for these external contractors are the responsibility of the Resident/Family who have requested this service. Informed consent will be obtained for each visit required.
Occupational Therapist No Available to residents on request and as required. Payment, if any, for these external contractors are the responsibility of the Resident/Family who have requested this service. Informed consent will be obtained for each visit required.
Social Worker (on site) No Available to residents on request and as required. Payment, if any, for these external contractors are the responsibility of the Resident/Family who have requested this service. Informed consent will be obtained for each visit required.
Activities Co-ordinator Yes Multiple staff are training in the activities role, directed and supervised by the clinical manager. We welcome day care residents Monday to Sunday-bookings preferred. Residents are given a range of activity choices and as a group decide daily activities. Exercise classes daily and bingo is a favorite.
Hairdresser Yes Currently we have a hairdresser visit 6-8 weekly. If residents wish to use their own hairdresser that can be arranged. Payment for these external contractors are the responsibility of the Resident/Family who have requested this service.
Podiatrist Yes Every 6-8 weekly at the Rest Home, or if required a visit to podiatrist rooms is arranged. Payment for these external contractors are the responsibility of the Resident/Family who have requested this service.
Dietitian Yes Our six week, seasonal menus have had dietician input and sign off. The Cooks ensure that any special diets such as diabetic and vegetarian are catered for. The food at Oceanview is renowned for good old fashioned home cooking and baking.
Accredited Visitors Yes Outside specialist services are a valued input into residents care as are a number of volunteers and community agencies who visit.
Kaumatua Yes Staff are aware of local cultural advisors that we may approach for their support and guidance. The tangata whenua for this area is Ngāti Raukawa.
Chaplain/Spiritual Advisor Yes The local churches support our Rest Home with services, communion, and companionship and visit weekly and on request.
Other Personnel Yes Contractors can be called on the request of the Resident or Family for services to the Residents personal effects - eg maintainence repairs of personal televisions/telephones/furniture and fittings.
Updated: 9 Jul 2020
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay Status Details
Respite Yes Day or overnight respite is available for funded or private paying carers so that you can have a well earned rest.
Carer Support Yes Daycare; times are negotiated with management. They will be cared for and enjoy morning and afternoon tea and a hot cooked lunch with desert. They can also join in on any activities of the day.
Subsidised Yes Some people can have their respite subsidized (paid by the Government). This is organised through Support Links. Their phone number is 0800 221 411, call them to explain the process and see if you meet the criteria for funding.
Private Paying Yes This option is always available, please contact the rest home to discuss with the Facility Manager what the day and overnight fees are.
Booking can be made in advance Yes We welcome a discussion around forward planning. Give the facility manager or clinical manager a call on 06 364 7399.
Updated: 9 Jul 2020
Special Features
Special Features
We have the most amazing views of Kapiti Island. Beautiful walks along the beach or pathways.

Stable dedicated staff provide consistant quality care for your loved ones.

Home style cooked meals and snacks prepared onsite
Updated: 29 Mar 2012
Interests & Activities
Interests & Activities
Bingo, Board games, Breakfast in bed, Cards, Care and Craft, Children, Church, Classical Music, Concerts, Cooking, Craft, Entertainers, Exercises, Entertainment, Flower arranging, Games, Jigsaw, Minibus, Movies, Music, Newspaper reading, Outings, Pastoral care, Quizzes, RSA, Senior Citizens, Shopping, Singing, Vegetarian, Videos, Theatre
Updated: 25 Mar 2014
Additional Information
Additional Information
Topic Details
Staffing qualifications and details Clinical Nurse Manager supported by one RN available Mon to Fri but on call Sat and Sun and after hours.18 Care givers, 2 Housekeepers, 1 Chef and 1 Cook.
Details about meals All likes and dislikes catered for. Residents have input into meal choices
Updated: 31 Jan 2017
Languages Spoken
Languages Spoken
Language Status Details
Maori - Te Reo Yes
Min Chinese Yes
Yue Chinese Yes
Updated: 21 Nov 2019
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations Status Details
Anglican Yes
Christian Yes
Denominations/Faiths represented Yes
Inter denominational Yes
Non denominational Yes
Presbyterian Yes
Roman Catholic Yes
Updated: 29 Mar 2012
Location Distance Details
Public Transport Local bus services available; https://www.metlink.org.nz/timetables/bus/290
Shops 5 km to Otaki Main Street. Local dairy is a gentle stroll from Rest Home.
Parks Across the road grassed area on beach front.
Library Use of local library can be arranged.
Updated: 9 Jul 2020
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership RC Status Details
CareerForce Yes
Rest Home MOH Audit Report Available. Yes
CareerForce Rest Home MOH Audit Report Available.
Updated: 12 Jun 2020

The Ministry of Health conducts regular audits of Residential Care Facilities. They can be found HERE.