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Millvale Lodge Lindale

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Millvale Lodge Lindale
Rest Home Care
91 Main Road North (Note: follow bypass to the Lindale Centre) , Lindale
Postal Address
PO Box 394, Waikanae 5250
Capital & Coast
04 297 0059
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Rhea Abordonado - 042970059
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Millvale Lodge Lindale is a purpose-built aged care facility in a country environment.

Millvale Lodge Lindale is divided into 3 small homes. Each home is completely self-contained, so that the residents experience a small cosy home with a calm supportive atmosphere. Residents are encouraged to take part in the running of their home if they wish, as continuing with their accustomed roles has been found to assist people in maintaining a sense of purpose and value.

Millvale Lodge Lindale is a unique place for people to come: a place where there is some freedom, space to maintain fitness, see the stars and the trees, interact with animals and create a sense of home.

The design maximises indoor-outdoor flow, with residents free to wander safely through the park-like surroundings without feeling confined. There are farm animals in the neighbouring paddocks, fruit trees, and a vegetable garden which residents are encouraged to help tend. The emphasis is on taking part in the normal activities of everyday life.

A sheltered picnic spot, accessed by a wheelchair-accessible pathway, will provide a safe destination for afternoon tea, or a walk with a visiting family dog.

The nature of the environment is soothing, peaceful and enjoyable for residents and their visitors.

At Millvale Lodge, the country environment and large grounds extend the opportunities open to us to give each person their greatest chance of being physically healthy and emotionally the best they can be.

Millvale Lodge provides general rest home care, dementia rest home care and general hospital (continuing) care. Each of the 3 small homes comprises private bedrooms (some with en suite), together with our hallmark homely lounge, dining area and kitchenette.


"At Millvale Lodge Lindale we create a loving, warm and homely atmosphere where each person is supported to experience each moment richly"


We strive to achieve this vision by promoting ...

"the uniqueness of each person
the immense value of each person
and working with openness,honesty and integrity"

In these ways, we enrich each person, the community and the world.
Dementia Care New Zealand is one of New Zealand’s highly regarded aged care providers.
We provide a full range of residential care including general rest home care, dementia rest home care, general hospital level care, and dementia hospital level care. At many of our facilities, a full continuum of care is available.
We specialize in person-centred care for people who live with dementia. This is the work we have passionately chosen to do.
We care for people in small, cosy homes with a loving, warm and homely atmosphere where each person is supported to experience each moment richly. Our small homes concept means that people with dementia experience life in a less clinical and more normalised, familiar way. Small homes that inter connect, also bring a sense of ‘community’ for a person with dementia.


1. Connecting with each person we care for as we would a very best friend means that people feel loved and important. A best friend accepts you as you are, believes in you, forgives your mistakes, really listens to you, jokes with you and loves to hear you laugh.

2. Families/whanau become part of the community we have. They are involved in their loved one’s care. They are encouraged to share their in-depth and intimate knowledge of their loved one. There is much honesty and openness. This builds trusting relationships between us all. We know family, and family know us.

3. A home that provides people with stability. Things seem familiar – a private bedroom with things in it from home, sunny spots to sit in, a garden.

4. Each staff person is someone with ability and with a potential for growth. There is much opportunity for every staff member. Each staff member can have a positive impact on residents, their family and their team.

5. Ensuring that people can continue with their old roles, if they wish, like collecting the mail, folding the washing, sweeping the floor means that they have a purpose in life. They can be involved in the running of their home.

6. As we work in these ways, people are more contented and participate in life more fully. They have their greatest chance at being physically healthy and emotionally the best they can be.

We are extremely pleased to now be able to offer 24 hour Registered Nurse coverage to all of our people at Millvale Lodge Lindale.

Service/Facility Details
Service/Facility Details
Contract with DHBYes
Updated: 14 Oct 2015
Bed and Vacancy Details
Bed and Vacancy Details
Approximate number of beds at this level of care 8
Vacancy Soon
Impending vacancy Yes
Additional Room CostsYes
Updated: 20 Apr 2018
Hi Vicky

My Dad Patrick (Pat) O'Connor passed away at Millvale Lodge, Lindale September 3rd. I spoke to Rhea and Roxanne about what we as a family could do for the staff and they said that a letter to you and to the staff would be much appreciated.

Dad moved to Millvale in April 2014 so was one of the original residents shortly after it opened. Words cannot express our appreciation at how well Dad was looked after for over 3 years. He was treated like family by the staff to the point they all called him 'Daddy'. Dad was made as comfortable as possible during his final days and Kathryn, Gavin and I were made to feel very welcome.

There are too many names to mention individually but I would like to say a special thanks to Irish who was the nurse on duty when Dad passed.

For me personally, Millvale became a bit like a second home. I will miss all the friendly smiles of your staff. They are a great credit to your organisation.

King regards

Janine Thomson

Dear Rhea, Roxanne and all the staff at Millvale Lodge Lindale,

We would like to thank you for your lovely letter of condolence. We appreciate it very much.
We are so grateful for the wonderful care and love given to our Mum, Leoné, during her time at Millvale Lodge.
During her illness we know that she received the best possible care and was always shown kindness and consideration.
We are comforted that she spent her last days with such amazing, caring people.
Thank you also for your support to us during this time. It is a great comfort.

With our grateful thanks,

Penny on behalf of Alayne, Bronwyn and family.
Updated: 11 Sep 2017
TypeHours Per WeekStatusDetails
Registered Nurse Yes There is a Registered Nurse on site seven days a week 24 hours per day. Should you require any information regarding your loved one the nurse on duty is the person to see.
Healthcare Assistants/Caregivers Yes
Physiotherapist Yes Our physiotherapist works with us each fortnight. She assesses each resident's needs and develops a safe handling plan for each resident. She also trains the staff to transfer residents safely.
Own Social Worker Yes As required.
Diversional Therapist Yes Our diversional therapists know each resident very well and know what works for each person creating meaningful activities to support creativity, socialisation, stimulation and fun as well as assisting residents in the daily running of their home.
Activities Co-ordinator Yes
Hairdresser Yes Visits regularly.
Podiatrist Yes We have a podiatrist who comes on a regular basis to attend to the needs of the residents.
Dietitian Yes Our dietitian comes to Millvale Lodge Lindale regularly to review nutritional requirements of the residents
Kaumatua Negotiable Please enquire.
Chaplain/Spiritual Advisor Yes Millvale Lodge is interdominational so we have people from several demoninations that visit. Should you require an individual visit this can be arranged.
Other Personnel Yes
Updated: 6 Mar 2015
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of ExpertiseStatusDetails
End of Life/Palliative Care Yes Our registered nurses have received training in caring for people as they experience the final stages of their life journey
Gastronomy/Nasogastric Management Yes As required.
Oxygen Management Yes
Surgical Followup Yes As required.
Wound Care Yes Specialist care is available on referral
Diabetic Care Yes Specialist care is available on referral
Continence Advisor Yes We have a continence advisor who calls on us regulary. She also runs in house training sessions for staff and is available to be contacted when we require her service.
Infection Control Yes We have a registered nurse who does special training in infection control and who has a role in infection control at Tasman. Specialist care input is available on referral
Stomal Therapist No Specialist care input is available on referral
Psychiatric Care No Specialist care input is available on referral
Stroke Rehabilitation No Specialist care input is available on referral
Specialised Dementia Care Yes All our staff are specially trained to work with people who have dementia. They have great skill in working with these residents.
Gerontological Care Yes All our staff are specially trained to care for people as they grow older. This is the work we have chosen to do.
Community Health Yes
Clinical Manager Yes Roxanne Rosquita is Clinical Manager at Millvale Lodge Lindale. Roxanne leads and inspires our caregiving and nursing teams. She has support from Ruth Babonnick, our Regional Clinical Manager.
Other Nursing Specialities Yes Simon Hamley is a Registered Nurse and also our Education Coordinator. He ensures all staff are compliant with their training, coordinates staff in-services and special training programs, and instructs Managing of Actual or Potential Aggression (MAPA).
Psychologist No Specialist care input is available on referral
Psychiatrist No Specialist care input is available on referral
Updated: 21 Jul 2017
Whanau Room Yes
Rooms (Single) Yes
Ensuite Yes
May Bring Own Furniture Yes
Pets In Residence Yes
Negotiate To Bring Own Pet Yes
Phone Access In Own Room Yes
Newsletter Yes
Policy for management of challenging behaviour Yes
Confused Residents Yes
Lounges/seating areas Yes
Outings Yes
Rural Setting Yes
Smoking Permitted Yes In outside areas only
Semi-Secure Yes
Sprinklers Yes
Audit report available Yes All of our audit results are available on our website www.dementiacarenz.co.nz
Updated: 17 Feb 2014
Special Features
Special Features
Millvale Lodge Lindale will be a unique place for people to come: a place where there is some freedom, space to maintain fitness, see the stars and the trees, interact with animals and create a sense of home.

The design will maximise indoor-outdoor flow, with residents free to wander safely through the park-like surroundings without feeling confined. There will be farm animals, fruit trees and a vegetable garden which residents will be encouraged to help tend. The emphasis will be on taking part in the normal activities of everyday life.

A sheltered picnic spot, accessed by a wheelchair-accessible pathway, will provide a safe destination for afternoon tea, or a walk with a visiting family dog.

The nature of the environment will be soothing, peaceful and enjoyable for residents and their visitors.

At Millvale Lodge, the country environment and large grounds will extend the opportunities open to us to give each person their greatest chance of being physically healthy and emotionally the best they can be.
Our staff are the heart and soul of the person-centred care we provide at our facilities, and we are currently in the process of building an outstanding staff team for Millvale Lodge.

We are currently advertising for caregiving and registered nursing staff. However, at the core of our team will be existing staff members who understand our organization and philosophy of care, and connect powerfully with our vision and values.

These key staff members have expressed an interest in moving across to Millvale Lodge to instil these vital values into the new members of our team.

The new staff will also undergo on-the-job training at our established facilities before starting work at Millvale Lodge Lindale.

We are guided by our vision and values and love the work we have chosen to do.
Updated: 17 Feb 2014
Interests & Activities
Interests & Activities
Representatives visit from RSA and Alzheimer's Society, church services, entertainment, garden, indoor games co-ordinated by the Activities Co-ordinator, music (visiting pianist fortnightly), daily newspaper reading, quizzes with Activities Co-ordinator, videos, outings in van, homely activities like baking, gardening, helping wash the dishes, raking leaves, cooking club, movement and dance, gardening, spending time with our pets.
Updated: 17 Feb 2014
Additional Information
Additional Information
Details re Meals Individual requirements are catered for.
Fees Details/Fees Do Not Include Please contact the manager.
Updated: 17 Feb 2014
Languages Spoken
Languages Spoken
English Yes
Filipino Yes
Updated: 17 Feb 2014
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual AffiliationsStatusDetails
Anglican Yes
Baptist Yes
Christian Yes
Inter denominational Yes
Methodist Yes
Non denominational Yes
Presbyterian Yes
Roman Catholic Yes
Salvation Army Yes
Seventh Day Adventist Yes
Updated: 17 Feb 2014
What's New
What's New
Facility Image


March 2018:

Easter is a special celebration for us here in our home. We love to enjoy loving time together and share memories evoked by the scent of fresh hot cross buns and the feeling of anticipation as we unwrap the first Easter egg.

We wish you all a safe and happy Easter with those you love.

As always, we welcome your visits and remind you that our visiting times are the same throughout the holidays.



March 2018:

We love being surrounded by nature and wild life at Millvale Lodge Lindale – you never know who might turn up for a visit. Here we are having fun feeding a gaggle of friendly geese.

January 2018:


Living in our beautiful rural valley has many benefits and it is especially entertaining when stock decide to wander onto our lawns. These recent escapees brought lots of laughter, reminiscing and excitement.

December 2017:

To our dear friends
It's the end of 2017, a time of reflection on the past year. As always, there have been many moments of joy, laughter, peace and wonder: what we call ‘magic moments’. We are full of gratitude and would like to say thank you to you all. Thank you for encouraging us by being part of this online community. Thank you to the people who visit our homes - it is always lovely to see you. Most of all a very big thank you to those of you who share your family member or friend with us. It is a huge privilege to take care of the people who live here with us in their home. They are a wonderful inspiration to us and we love them dearly.
We would also like to say an enormous thank you to each and every member of our staff team. We appreciate you and value you so much. Thank you for everything you do.
We are grateful for the highs and lows, the challenges and opportunities this past year has brought. Thank you for being part of it.

October 2017:

The Alzheimer’s memory walk is a yearly event organised by Alzheimer’s New Zealand. This year’s memory walk in Kapiti was held at Otaihanga Domain. A number of our residents, family and staff participated this year and had such a wonderful time together helping to raise awareness about dementia.

September 2017:


Last week we were all lucky enough to enjoy a performance from the ‘JNX Band’. They played all of the old rock and roll classics we love. We all had fun with a bit of toe tapping and singing along to boot.

JULY 2017:



Good examples of dementia care highlighted

Hon Nicky Wagner

Associate Minister of Health

24 May 2017
Good examples of dementia care highlighted

Associate Health Minister Nicky Wagner is welcoming a move to promote examples of good practice in dementia design.

The best examples of secure dementia unit design have been published on the Ministry of Health website.

“I’d like to congratulate the first two featured facilities — Millvale Lodge on the Kapiti Coast and Westella Homestead in Feilding — for not only providing a quality environment for their patients but also showing other residential aged care providers what’s possible,” Ms Wagner says.

“The environment in which people with dementia live is incredibly important — it can be a positive therapeutic intervention on its own.”

Last year, the Ministry of Health released a dementia design resource to support the development or major reconfiguration of secure dementia care units. The resource aims to enhance dementia patients’ quality of life through a number of design principles around lighting, colour and contrast, memory aids, gardens and the size and density of facilities.

“As we all know, New Zealand’s population is ageing, and sadly, that means rising levels of dementia. I hope other facilities follow the lead of Millvale and Westella to ensure dementia patients receive the best possible care,” Ms Wagner says.

The design examples are available at: http://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/life-stages/health-older-



3rd August 2016




Warmest Greetings




It is with great pleasure that we are writing to introduce the new management team at Millvale Lodge Lindale.


We are delighted to announce that Roxanne Rosquita has been now appointed to the position of Clinical Manager.


Roxanne has been ably leading the Registered Nurse team as Clinical Manager of Millvale House Waikanae since 2013. Having originally qualified as a Registered Nurse in the Philippines, Roxanne spent two years working as a medical surgical nurse and teaching nursing and English literature at university level before emigrating to New Zealand. She worked for 3 years in aged care before joining Dementia Care NZ. 


Roxanne loves making a difference to people with dementia through the simple things, assisting people to gain everyday happiness. She cherishes the moments she shares with residents and loves to see them happy. She loves sharing their journey, and is excited to be able to support our vision and values in creating a home where creating magic moments and connecting with residents is highly valued.


Rhea Abordonado will be joining Roxanne in the key support position of Operation Manager. Rhea has been helping out on a temporary basis during the preceding transition period, and is already a familiar face to many. A registered nurse in her home country of Philippines, Rhea worked for 2 years as trauma nurse before emigrating to NZ. She first came to work with our organization in November 2007, and has worked her way from a caregiver at Avonlea Dementia Care in Christchurch, through a three year tenure as Operations Coordinator of Millvale House Levin, to her present position at Millvale Lodge. Rhea relates strongly to our organizational  philosophy, vision and values and best friends approach to care. She especially looks forward to building strong, supportive relationships with residents and family members, and to establishing a calm and homely environment where family/whanau and staff form a partnership in providing loving care of the highest standard to our residents.


We are delighted to have such an experienced team as Roxanne and Rhea to lead our Lindale team forward, and know you will offer them your full support as they take on the new challenges and opportunities ahead.



“We have been very fortunate at our new Lindale facility to have our beautiful sweet Lexi join us as our resident dog. Lexi is a 6 year old Lab and we feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to give her a new home at a time when she needed it. She has been a much loved farm dog with her previous owner so needed somewhere with plenty of space to help her settle in.

Like anyone moving home, this has been a stressful and frightening time for Lexi but she has been given much love and support (and probably  a bit too much pampering) from our wonderful staff  member Chris. Lexi has been Chris’s constant companion since she arrived. Together they have been working around the grounds and the facility of Lindale getting it all ready to welcome our new guests on our opening day. Lexi has lots of energy but really is just a big old softie who will happily sit by you quietly, as long as you are prepared to provide plenty of head pats and belly scratches. I have no doubt that they will not be in short supply for Lexi in the coming years in her new home. “





We are very happy to announce that we are now able to offer general rest home care in our hospital wing.


There are 6 swing beds for rest home residents and 6 swing beds for general hospital residents.


Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have.