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Highview Home & Hospital

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Highview Home & Hospital
Rest Home Care
384 High St
Dunedin 9016
Postal Address
As above
Southern (Otago)
(03) 477 0488
(03) 477 5491
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Christine Carter - 03 477 0488
Andra Healthcare Ltd - 03 477 0488
Facility Manager
Aizhan Kebekbayeva - 02102835910
Janine Shaw - 034770488
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Highview is an elegant older house beautifully maintained with lots of character and charm. Our location offers convenience, privacy and stunning views of the Otago Harbour and Peninsula. Highview is committed to providing friendly, individual care at all times.
Service/Facility Details
Service/Facility Details
Contract with DHBYes
Updated: 25 Nov 2014
Bed and Vacancy Details
Bed and Vacancy Details
Approximate number of beds at this level of care 23
Vacancy Yes
Impending vacancy No
Additional Room CostsNo
Updated: 25 May 2018
My mother has been living at Highview for two years. From the moment she was shown her way around the home and her bedroom, we knew this was the place for her. The loving care and attention to her wishes has been outstanding. The opportunities for Mum to participate in events both in the home and out in the town, such as visits to the local pub for lunch, afternoon drives in the Highview bus, singing in the Christmas choir, along with adventures such as a holiday with other residents and staff in Central Otago have been fantastic. Whilst Mum has been at Highview she has needed to undergo surgery for a condition that was troublesom. She has received the greatest care and comfort from the staff and other residents of the home during this time. We her family could not haver asked for more. The food is wonderful, it is varied and very tasty always. I would heartily recommend Highview Home & Hospital to anyone.
The Clark Family
Updated: 16 Sep 2013
TypeHours Per WeekStatusDetails
Registered Nurse 24/7 Yes There is a Registered Nurse employed 24/7-The Nurse Manager is extremely dedicated, she has owned the rest home for 23+ years and lives beside it. She is always available.
Enrolled Nurse 40 Yes
Healthcare Assistants/Caregivers Yes Our Caregivers are all very skilled and trained.
Physiotherapist Yes Hours variable and as needed.
Occupational Therapist Yes Accessed when required.
Own Social Worker Yes
Diversional Therapist 32 Yes Our activity programme is planned for group and individual actitivities. We go for a holiday to Central Otago annually. We have our own bus and we go out two times a week. The bus has seat belts for all passengers.
Activities Co-ordinator Yes see Diversional Therapist.
Hairdresser 8 Yes Robyns Hairdressing Salon is on site. All services are catered for. This is a very popular, personal service. Robyn does all the little extra things that people appreciate. You may ask your own hairdresser to continue to do your hair and use our salon.
Podiatrist Yes We use Lauren @ Roslyn Podiatry every 8 weeks or sooner if required
Dietitian Yes The dietician oversees the menues. Individual nutritional assessments are completed. The community diatician is asked to help if & when required.
Accredited Visitors Yes This may be arranged as required.
Kaumatua Yes We are able to access the services of local Kaumatua.
Chaplain/Spiritual Advisor Yes Roman Catholic and Anglican Ministers visit.
Other Personnel Yes Massage Therapist. On call.
Updated: 25 Nov 2014
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of ExpertiseStatusDetails
Palliative Care Contract Yes
End of Life/Palliative Care Yes Liverpool Care Pathway
Gastronomy/Nasogastric Management Yes
Oxygen Management Yes
Surgical Followup Yes
Wound Care Yes This is accessed as required.
Diabetic Care Yes This is accessed as required
Continence Advisor Yes This is accessed as required
Infection Control Yes Our Nurse Manager is trained in this. Annual Training is completed. Standard Precaution Guidelines are followed. Personal Protection Equipment is provided and used. Monthly statistics collated.
Stomal Therapist Yes
Stroke Rehabilitation Yes
Dialysis Yes
Gerontological Care Yes
Urology Yes
Clinical Manager Yes
Psychiatrist Yes We refer to Analise Seifert, Liz Langer, Hospice or the Community Psych Team if we require there input.
Updated: 21 Aug 2013
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay
Respite, Carer Support or other Short StayStatusDetails
Respite Yes
Carer Support Yes
Subsidised Yes
Private Paying Yes
Booking can be made in advance Yes
Updated: 25 Nov 2014
Under 65 yrs with Disability Yes We have a committment to meeting the needs of these younger people and foster their independence.
Day Care Yes Highview is available for day care. We encourage you to perhaps come for a meal or join us in our activities programme. Talk to Christine or Janine about your requirements.
Palliative Care Contract Yes We do have expertise in palliative care and a good working relationship with the local hospice. We have a Registered Nurse working 24/7.
Other End of Life/Palliative Care Yes We do have expertise in palliative care and a good working relationship with the local hospice. We have a Registered Nurse working 24/7.
Whanau Room Yes Depends upon availability of rooms. We can arrange accomodation just off site as required.
Rooms (Single) Yes All rooms have a handbasin, phone and TV connection.
Rooms (Shared) Yes Some rooms, whilst double size, are used as single rooms or for couples. We have two single rooms that have a door opening between them, suitable for a couple.
Rooms (Suit Couple) Yes We have several rooms suitably sized for couples.
Ensuite No All bedrooms have a hand basin with a toilet & shower near by. If you prefer, you can have a commode in your room at night.
May Bring Own Furniture Yes You may bring any personal effects and place anything on the walls. One of our residents even had furniture 'made to fit'.
Alcohol Permitted Yes Resident choice.
Pets In Residence Yes A lovely smoochy cat named Poppy and an aviery for the birds.
Negotiate To Bring Own Pet Yes This could be negotiated.
Phone Access In Own Room Yes Portable phones are available. We have a number of lines into the home. Toll calls are only available through the office. Residents may have their own private telephone at their own cost.
Resident can adjust heating in own room Yes Rooms are individually heated and thermostatically controlled. Electric blankets are permitted.
Maori Kaupapa Yes We do however aim to provide a culturally appropriate service to Maori Residents, their whanau, and people from other cultures who wish to stay here.
Residents Committee Yes This committe gives people a 'voice' in the running of Highview. The Chair Person is Denese-her Dad used to live at Highview and she wanted to stay involved with the residents'. She is committed to the residents' committee.
Family Committee Yes Family members are welcome and encouraged to join the residents' monthly meetings.
Newsletter Yes Monthly. This contains the programme for daily activities and special events. If you would like to Skype with family please contact Janine to organise this for you.
Policy for management of challenging behaviour Yes You may ask to view this.
Confused Residents Yes There can be many reasons for an elderly person becoming confused and we will be alert to these possibilities. Our staff are trained and committed to giving care and kindness.
Lounges/seating areas Yes There are several different lounges and seating areas and separate dining rooms. This allows for more intimate groupings of people.
Outings Yes Highview has its own bus and this is used for 3 times weekly outings, holidays, special functions eg the theatre, movies and dining out (once a month).
Rural Setting Yes We have a beautiful garden area with plenty of outdoor seating. This is a safe area for walking.
Smokers Room Yes We have a covered in out door area.
Smoking Permitted Yes Outside in covered designated area.
Semi-Secure Yes
Sprinklers Yes Electronic sprinkler and smoke detection system. This is monitored by Tansley Electrical Ltd.
Audit report available Yes This can be viewed online. Please check the MoH website.
Updated: 25 Nov 2014
Special Features
Special Features

Highview Rest Home is operated by Christine and John Carter. Highview Rest Home is Certified to care for older people in a residential setting.

We are happy to admit any older person (subsidised or non subsidised) into our home if he or she will gain something from the care we offer.

It is our homes policy that any new resident is assessed by a ‘Needs Assessor” prior to coming in to the home. This is essential if you need financial assistance now or may need help in the future.

Many people move into a rest home when they are having trouble caring for themselves. At Highview all your personal needs can be taken care of but we encourage people to be as independent as possible. If needed, we can provide assistance with:

* Bathing or showering

* Caring for your toenails

* Washing your hair or brushing your teeth

* Shaving or putting on makeup

Many people who move into rest home do so because of health problems. We can provide assistance with any of the following issues:

* taking medication

* remaining continent

* wound care

* pain management

* referral to other health providers


All information related to your care or your personal circumstances is only available to selected staff and health professionals who are part of providing your care.


Highview Rest Home cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage of personal effects. Insurance of this is to be undertaken by you or your agent. Any items of value can be placed in our safe.


The home, as part of its service requirements, uses Standard Precaution infection control practices to prevent the spread of infection.


We always want to hear if there are any problems. Highview has a process in place to ensure quality improvement and comments you make form part of how we improve our service. Please raise any issues with Christine Carter as soon as they arise – don’t bottle them up.

We encourage involvement of families in all aspects of your care.


While you are living at Highview you have the following rights:

* Respect at all times

* Acknowledgement of you need for privacy

* Acceptance of your practices and beliefs

* Dignity and independence

* Safe care of an acceptable quality

* Sufficient information to make choices about the treatment and care you receive

* Have your questions answered

* Have an interpreter if required

* Know the names and positions of the people looking after you

* Decline treatment, request a second opinion and/or request care form a different health professional

* Have another person with you for support

* Decline to participate in teaching or learning experiences

* Comment on or make a complaint about any aspect of the care you receive

* To have your personal information held in confidence and kept secure

* Read your notes and correct any health information


Along with rights always come responsibilities:

* To take an active role in your care and treatment

* Respect the rights of other residents and staff

* To treat Highview property with care

* To make suggestions on how to improve the service

* Comply with any reasonable request from a staff member

* Use the designated smoking area
Updated: 25 Nov 2014
Interests & Activities
Interests & Activities
We recognise the need for you to remain as independent and busy as possible in your daily life. If appropriate, we will develop an individualised mobility and activity programme for you. The home has an activity co-ordinator who will also work with you individually.

The home owns a bus and is happy within reason to transport residents to activities in the community and arrange appointments.

Annually we take as many people who would wish on a holiday for a week after Christmas.

All birthdays and special occasions are celebrated and acknowledged.

The following are examples of some of the interests and activities of residents at Highview.

Activities for children( toy box), members of; Age Concern, Alzheimer's Society and Blind Foundation, RSA members visit, service men and women, activity programme (includes; art, craft, dancing, entertainment, exercies, indoor games), cards, casino is 1 km away, monthly church services, cooking, garden, happy hour, library on site, massage if required, meal options, movies, videos, music, newpaper reading, quizzes, shopping, Sky TV, outings., Big print books, BBQ, Art, Age Concern, Advocate, Board games, Breakfast in bed, Cards, Care and Craft, Email, Flower arranging, Games, Housie, Library, Parties, Digital camera
Updated: 25 Nov 2014
Additional Information
Additional Information
Details re Meals All meals are provided by ACE Food Service. If you have individual needs a special diet can be discussed. ACE Food Services provide a very good service.
Staffing Details We have a Nurse Manager available during the day , who oversees all care provided. Highview employs Registered Nurse cover 24 hours. Your care will be developed in partnership with you and your family and is recorded on a nursing care plan. This will be updated if there is any change in your health status. The home has two house doctors who visits weekly or more often if required. They will visit you depending on your health requirements. There is no charge for this service. You may wish to continue with your own GP. You are welcome to do this but, if you are subsidised, you may be asked to pay the difference in fees between your own doctor and the house doctor. Private residents meet costs of their own GP. If the doctor prescribes additional services e.g. physiotherapy, occupational therapy, this will be provided by the home, for subsidised residents. If you require a referral and transport to outside medical and assessment & rehabilitation services the home will provide this. If possible, you should arrange a friend or relative to accompany you. Where this is not possible, the home will supply a staff member. If you require an ambulance in an emergency the home will provide this for subsidised residents.
Fees Details/Fees Do Not Include WHAT CAN HIGHVIEW OFFER YOU When you come to Highview you can expect full board and lodging. This will include the following: * full personal laundry services, general laundry services * toothpaste, shampoo, and soap * cleaning services * all furniture, furnishings and bedding * equipment for your general use if required includes: wheelchairs, commodes, toilet chairs, urine bottles, bathing and showering aids and many other items. If you need other special equipment please discuss it with us. PAYMENT FOR LIVING AT HIGHVIEW Payment will depend on whether or not you are a subsidised resident. In addition to living at Highview, non-subsidised residents may be required to pay for specialised equipment, continence and wound care supplies, medications, emergency transport and doctors visits, it not using the home’s doctor. Residents who are not subsidised may arrange payment for fees, by monthly direct credit into the Highview Rest Home Limited bank account. SERVICES HIGHVIEW DOESN’T FUND While the Home will take care of your day-to-day needs there are some costs that the home doesn’t cover. These include: * Dry cleaning * Personal telephone and toll calls * Personal newspaper * Hairdressing appointments * Preferred toothpaste, shampoo and soap * Entertainment fees * Optical, Audiology or Dental services; * Customised equipment; * Chaplains and Solicitors
Updated: 25 Nov 2014
Languages Spoken
Languages Spoken
Afrikaans Yes An interpreted can be provided
Chinese Yes An interpreter can be provided
English Yes
Filipino Yes An interpreter can be provided
German Yes An in interpreter can be provided
Japanese Yes
Korean Yes An interpreter can be provided
Russian Yes An interpreter can be provided
Updated: 25 Nov 2014
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual AffiliationsStatusDetails
Denominations/Faiths represented No We are happy to help residents attend their own place of worship.
Inter denominational Yes The minister from the local Anglican Church conducts a service for anyone wishing to attend on a Wednesday morning at 10.30 am.
Roman Catholic Yes The Priest takes communion weekly at 10.30 am on Thursday.
Updated: 25 Nov 2014
Public Transport 0.01 km Bus stop at the gate
Shops 0.50 km Mornington Shopping Centre
Mall 2.00 km Dunedin City Centre
Parks 0.50 km There are several parks in the vacinity, some have a childrens play area, there are walking tracks and a skate ramp. We are part of the Fernhill Group who are beautifying the area and providing better ammenities.
Library 2.00 km We get books form the Dunedin Public Library on a monthly basis. Residents are able to have an individual selection or choose from the current order.
Updated: 25 Nov 2014
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & MembershipStatusDetails
Approved provider of Professional Development and Recognition Programme Yes
CareerForce Yes The Assistant Nurse Manager is trained to teach and train care givers. Several staff are completing Level 3. Several are completing Dementia Care.
Home and Community Support Sector Standards (Standards NZ) Yes
National Certificate in Community Support Services (Core Competencies) Yes
National Certificate in Diversional Therapy Yes
National Certificate in Support of the Older Person (not available after Dec 2010) No The majority of our Caregivers have gained this qualification.
New Zealand Aged Care Association (NZACA) Yes
Rest Home MOH Audit Report Available. Yes
Other details Yes Ongoing monthly staff training conducted by professional and inhouse staff.
Approved provider of Professional Development and Recognition Programme CareerForce New Zealand Aged Care Association (NZACA) Rest Home MOH Audit Report Available.
Updated: 25 Nov 2014