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CHT Beachhaven Care Home - Tui Unit

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CHT Beachhaven Care Home
249 Birkdale Road
Auckland 0626
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249 Birkdale Road
Auckland 0626
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Bert Ubay-ubay - (09) 483 7019
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Beachhaven has been an important part of the Beach Haven community for more than 40 years. We are proud of our reputation for providing a homely, nurturing environment. Beachhaven has been awarded "Care Home of the Year" three times.

Beachhaven, on Auckland's North Shore, is just 15 minutes from Auckland city centre and a few minutes from Highbury. It is a purpose-built hospital in a quiet suburban setting. The hospital is light and airy, warm and comfortable with large, sunny lounges. There are decks and safe outdoor areas with attractive, well-maintained gardens.

We are able to provide superior clinical support, while focusing on helping each of our residents get the most out of each day.
We have a team of Carer's, Qualified Nursing staff, Activities assistants and Diversional therapists that are very experienced at caring for residents with Dementia and Challenging Behaviors. Our 2 GP's also have a wealth of experience and knowledge, we have a Physio and Physio assistant on site and link directly to the Mental Health Service for Older Adults and all other services at the DHB
Service/Facility Details
Service/Facility Details
Contract with Te Whatu OraYes
ORA Applies No
Updated: 4 Jul 2019
Bed and Vacancy Details
Bed and Vacancy Details
Detail Status
Approximate number of beds at this level of care 72
Vacancy No
Impending vacancy No
Short stay considered No
Premium Accommodation Charges Some Rooms as at 16 Feb 2024
MOH Certification and Audit Report View MOH certification and audit report (opens in a new tab)
Extra admission requirements due to COVID-19 Yes
Updated: 12 Apr 2024
Thank you for taking such good care of my mother, staff have been fantastic, communicating well which has been comforting for me being so far away, the approach to care has clearly been empathetic and kind

We would like to thank everyone at BeachHaven Hospital for the wonderful care our father received whilst living with you, you have some very special people working for you and do an amazing job for residents and their families. The respect and care you give is all anyone could ask at a time when they are unable to care for themselves
Updated: 24 Jul 2018
Type Hours Per Week Status Details
Registered Nurse Yes We have 24 hour Registered Nurse coverage. Our team of nurses have experience in aged care.
Healthcare Assistants/Caregivers Yes Our Caregivers are highly experienced and work towards achieving NZQA qualifications in residential aged care. They are skilled to provide the best care for our residents.
Physiotherapist Yes A local physiotherapist calls in on a regular basis.
Occupational Therapist No As required.
Social Worker (on site) No As required.
Diversional Therapist Yes We have two diversional therapists on staff
Activities Co-ordinator Yes Our Activities Assistant is on site 32 hours per week. Our programme incorporates one-to-one activities, group sessions and day trips.
Hairdresser Yes Our hairdresser visits on a regular basis and provides a great service at a reasonable price.
Podiatrist Yes Six weekly visits
Dietitian Yes All menus are Dietitian approved. Our Dietitian is available for general advice and oversight of specialised needs.
Accredited Visitors Yes This can be arranged on an individual basis.
Kaumatua Yes
Chaplain/Spiritual Advisor Yes Weekly visits and as required.
Other Personnel Yes A wide range of entertainers - Allied Health Professional as needed - 2 GP's who visit regularly and are also available on-call
Updated: 23 Jul 2018
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay Status Details
Respite Yes We welcome residents who wish to stay for a short time, either to give relatives and care givers a break, or because they need a little bit of extra care to recuperate and return home. * Dependant on bed availibility
Carer Support Yes We welcome residents who wish to stay for a short time, either to give relatives and care givers a break, or because they need a little bit of extra care to recuperate and return home.
Subsidised Yes Subsidy may be available.
Private Paying Yes We welcome people who are self funded or have insurance cover.
Booking can be made in advance Yes According to bed availability.
Updated: 23 Jul 2018
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of Expertise Status Details
Oxygen Management Yes We have a registered nurse on duty 24 hours a day who can provide this level of care.
Gastronomy/Nasogastric Management No We have a registered nurse on duty 24 hours a day who can provide this level of care.
Palliative Care (Contracted) Yes Individual palliative care funding may be available.
End of Life/Palliative Care Yes It is our privilege to care for people nearing the end of their life. We work closely with GP's and Hospice to provide this care.
Dialysis Yes We are able to provide continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis. We also provide support for those requiring haemo dialysis.
Wound Care Yes We work together with GP's and specialist wound management nurses as required.
Diabetic Care Yes We are able to care for all levels of diabetes and our menu has a range of options for those who need a special diet.
Continence Advice Yes We manage residents needs and provide a range of continence products with visits by community nurse specialist on request.
Stomal Therapy Yes We manage residents needs and provide a range of products with visits by community nurse specialists on request.
Stroke Rehabilitation Yes We provide support for residents who have had a stroke. This may include physiotherapy and special diet options.
Tracheotomy Care Yes Your special needs can be discussed prior to admission.
Spinal Injuries Care Yes Your special needs can be discussed prior to admission
Infection Control Yes We meet all infection control standards.
Surgical Followup Yes We are able to care for people following surgery and provide a range of convalescent care options.
Psychiatric Care Yes We will provide referrals to other services as required.
Community Health Yes We link with community health professionals as required.
Clinical Management Yes Our Manager is a registered nurse.
Other Specialties Yes Available as required.
Updated: 4 Jul 2019
Feature Status Details
May Bring Own Furniture Yes This is generally limited to a lazy boy chair and pictures or photos as we cater for a high level of care the appropriate furniture is provided.
Single Rooms Yes We have some single rooms.
Shared Rooms Yes Double rooms/Companion rooms
Rooms suitable for a couple Yes Double room if available.
Ensuite Yes Eleven rooms are ensuited with handbasins and toilets.
Alcohol Permitted Yes Provided the resident is medically, approved and provided it is not causing offence to others.
Pets In Residence Yes We have 3 cats in residence and also a dog that comes weekly for day stay.
Negotiate To Bring Own Pet Yes This depends on situation and generally we would not be able to offer this service. Birds and fish can be more easily managed.
Phone Access In Own Room Yes There are some portable phones for residents use. If residents want to have a phone this can be installed. Installation and ongoing costs are at the resident's expense.
Cater for under 65 yrs with Disability Yes Dependent on funding being approved.
Lounges/seating areas Yes There are a number of areas where residents can choose to relax including three large lounges with TV's. Two lounges have a living flame fire.
Provide End of Life/Palliative Care Yes
Palliative Care Contract No However we provide end of life care for our residents. Hospice have close involvement during this time.
Day Programme for day stay clients Yes By Arrangement
Outings Yes We take the residents on outings 3-4 times weekly. The frequency of outings for individual residents varies according to the type of outing and is dependent on the weather.
Whānau Room Yes We have a Quiet/Whanau room available.
Policy for management of challenging behaviour Yes All nursing staff complete a Dementia training programme - giving them a NZQA qualification.
Confused Residents Yes We have several options in wings to suit residents needs - dependent on their assessed level of care.
Smoking Permitted No Hospital is now smoke free
Semi-Secure No Our service is located on a busy road. The property is secure.
Updated: 4 Jul 2019
Special Features
Special Features
Our service provides care for those who require a high level of support.

The process whereby a resident comes into our care is very important so we have employed a Community Co-ordinator who is a Registered Nurse to manage this. She visits every new resident prior to admission to conduct a thorough needs assessment, explain things to them and their family and to ensure that any important issues are addressed. This way the resident and their families are better prepared for the transfer to our care.
Updated: 16 Jul 2014
Interests & Activities
Interests & Activities
A range of activities happen each day on an individual and group level which changes on a regular basis. We cater for people's special interests and hobbies. It is important to us that you live your day your way.
Updated: 4 Jul 2019
Additional Information
Additional Information
Topic Details
What's included in your fees and what's not A government subsidy may be available for part or all of your care.
Staffing qualifications and details Beachhaven meets all recommended staffing levels for residential care.
Details about meals Our menus are dietitian approved and cater to individual preferences and requirements.
Updated: 1 Feb 2024
Languages Spoken
Languages Spoken
Language Status Details
Arabic Yes
Cantonese Yes
Chinese Yes
Chinese dialect Yes
Cook Island Maori Yes
English Yes
Fijian Yes
Fijian Indian Yes
Filipino Yes
Hindi Yes
Interpreter Yes Available as required.
Malay Yes Staff members and residents
Mandarin Yes
Māori - Te Reo Yes
Polish Yes
Samoan Yes Staff members and residents
Sri Lankan Yes
Tagalog Yes
Tongan Yes Staff members and residents
Other Details Yes Zimbabwean
Updated: 24 Jul 2018
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations Status Details
Anglican Yes
Christian Yes
Denominations/Faiths represented Yes
Inter denominational Yes Interdenominational clergy visit and conduct a service once a week or as required.
Non denominational Yes
Presbyterian Yes
Roman Catholic Yes Priest and lay members of the church conduct a service and visit once a week or as required.
Updated: 16 Jul 2014
Location Distance Details
Public Transport 0.20 Km The bus stop is at the front door.
Shops 0.50 Km Dairy
Mall 5.00 Km Glenfield Shopping Centre
Parks 1.00 Km Children's play area
Library 5.00 Km Located at Glenfield Shopping Centre
Updated: 16 Jul 2014

The Ministry of Health conducts regular audits of Residential Care Facilities. They can be found HERE.