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Home of St Barnabas Trust Meals on Wheels

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Home of St Barnabas Trust Meals on Wheels
Meals and Food
12 Ings Ave
St Clair
Postal Address
12 Ings Avenue
Saint Clair
Dunedin 9012
Southern (Otago)
(03) 455 8298
(03) 455 6809
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This service provider has not received any reviews yet.

Our meals are normally delivered on a plate, hot ready to eat. At the moment for safely while hot they are in a tin foil dish.

Our meals are still made fresh each day on site in at 12 Ings Ave in St. Clair and where possible we are continuing to use local produce and suppliers.
Our kitchen has a grading certificate of Excellent “A”
(Licence number RBM/12455).
Anyone can buy our meals, whether you have difficulty shopping or preparing your own food.
Our home cooked meals are good, honest fare just like your mum used to make; wholesome and nutritious, no added salt, low fat content and high on taste.

Meals are delivered between 12 noon and 1pm each day, Monday to Saturday in the Dunedin including Fairfield and Mosgiel.
June 9th 2020- I would like to cancel meals to my mum but would also like to thank you for the amazing service you offer. I had to arrange this through Covid from Auckland and it happened flawlessly. Mum has enjoyed the meals and also always comments to me about the people who deliver the meals. How lovely they are. We are now unfortunately having to move Mum into a home. Once again thank you for this amazing service. Vicki (emailed)

5th June 2020 - We really appreciate the meals and Sandi your driver has been awesome, Kind regards Kristan(emailed)

4th May 2020- Please give compliments to the cook who made the chicken and spinach pie today, it was delicious. It is my favourite from the menu and always choose it, but today’s was the best ever. Regards, Jennifer (emailed)

25th May 2020 -Thank you very much, your service was crucial for Geoff and also something he looked forward to each day. Jill T. (emailed)
Updated: 9 Jun 2020
Meal price (with or without the dessert) $10.50
This is served on a plate consisting of at least 100g meat, 2 potato and 2 vegie(can be in tinfoil dish if preferred, or if we run out of plates)

We also sell
Homemade baking 2 pieces, $2.50
Fruit 2 pieces $2.50

Homemade Soup (comes in a coffee to go cup) $3.00
Sandwiches, 2 club boxed $3.50

Frozen Desserts $2.00
These must be accompanied by a hot meal

Homemade Savouries, these are made fresh each day at .75 each, $9.00 per dozen

We offer for sale frozen meals at $9.00 each. Frozen meals come in a tin foil dish and do not include the dessert. They must need to ordered by phone of email. A minimum of 4 frozen meals must be ordered at any one time if not getting a hot meal. (Delivery charge may apply).

All our prices including GST.

Coordinators Hours 8.30am to 3.30pm weekdays, Saturday 8.30 to 10.30am
All cancelations and daily orders need to be in by 9.30am.
Updated: 5 May 2020