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Hastings District Libraries - Hastings

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Hastings District Libraries - Hastings
Warren Street South
Hastings 4122
Hawke's Bay
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Hastings District Libraries offers a range of services for our Ngā Kaumātua, our Older Adults in the community. We are your hub for books, eBooks, DVDs, talking books, magazines, newspapers, online resources, free WiFi and more.

Services include; housebound service ("Books at Home"), talking books and large print books.
Service Description
Service Description
Hastings District Libraries offers a range of services for our Ngā Kaumātua, our Older Adults in the community.

Updated: 31 Jan 2023

Meeting the needs of older people
Meeting the needs of older people
As well as the general adult collections of fiction, non-fiction, best sellers, magazines and DVDs, we have some special collections that may be helpful for older library users or those with visual impairment.

Large Print
Even though the print is slightly larger (14-18 pt) to accommodate people who have difficulty reading ordinary print, many of our large print books are the same size to hold as regular books (10–12 pt). Browse in your favourite interests such as general fiction, romance, westerns, mystery and non-fiction titles.

Remember that you can also download free books on your digital device. Check out the eLibrary page for more details, or ask one of your librarians for advice. With eBooks it’s easy to change the size of the print, change contrast to a sepia or black background, or use different fonts which may be easier for you to read, such as the dyslexia font. eBooks return automatically, so you never get fined!

Audiobooks on CD
Slip CDs into your player and listen to a book either at home or on your car stereo. We have a wide range of mysteries, romance and popular fiction on CD as well as some non-fiction titles – and they’re all free to borrow for 2 weeks.

Playaway audio player books can hang round your neck on their lanyard, or go in your pocket - leaving you free to cook, garden, walk, DIY or feed a baby while listening. You will need to provide earphones and one AAA battery to run the Playaway (approx. 20-30 hours per battery). They are pre-loaded with one book - up to 80 hours of listening time - and some models allow you to speed up or slow down the reader’s voice.

All three Hastings District libraries also offer:

Book shopping trolleys
Plenty of seating
Wide aisles
Wheelchair friendly toilets
Mobility Sticker parking spaces
Lift Access (Hastings only)

We can work with an organisation delivering support services to you - to see if they can broaden the range of services offered to include the library - e.g.: organising a book club with you and others; or bringing our Books at Home service to your retirement village. Email us at libraries@hdc.govt.nz if you have any queries about what services we may be able to help you with.

Digital Support

There are a number of community services providing digital skills learning or assistance with digital devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops. Visit our website for more information.

Updated: 31 Jan 2023