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Wairarapa Village

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Wairarapa Village
140 Chapel Street
Masterton 5810
Postal Address
PO Box 166
Masterton 5840
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Rebecca Richardson - 06 370 6026
Wairarapa LP
Facility Clinical Manager
Rebecca Richardson - 06 370 6022
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Visitors as usual (but not if you're unwell or recently returned from overseas)
At the heart of it all, it’s about the people

At WAIRARAPA VILLAGE, we pride ourselves on the quality of our staff. We have carefully handpicked the most experienced, friendly and compassionate people we could find, who care deeply about our residents. What separates WAIRARAPA VILLAGE team, from others is the genuine connection and respect that exists for everyone in their world, be it our residents or other staff.
Service/Facility Details
Service/Facility Details
Contract with Te Whatu OraYes
ORA Applies No
Updated: 18 Jun 2013
Bed and Vacancy Details
Bed and Vacancy Details
Detail Status
Approximate number of beds at this level of care 28
Vacancy Yes
Ask us about our Serviced Apartments where we can deliver higher levels of care. Call Stacey Morris on 06 370 6026 for more information or a private tour.
Impending vacancy No
Short stay considered No
Premium Accommodation Charges Yes from $5.00/day up to $35.00/day as at 14 Feb 2024
MOH Certification and Audit Report View MOH certification and audit report (opens in a new tab)
Extra admission requirements due to COVID-19 No
Updated: 23 May 2024
Type Hours Per Week Status Details
Registered Nurse 224 Yes Our Hospital offers 24 hour Registered Nurse care, who are supported by a Senior Registered Nurse and a Nurse Manager.
Nurse Practitioner Yes We are able to access a Nurse Practitioner from the community.
Healthcare Assistants/Caregivers Yes We have a team of highly dedicated and well trained Caregivers. We encourage ACE training for our Caregiving team and provide a variety of Training options for them.
Physiotherapist Yes Physiotherapist comes weekly to assess and work with Residents. The Physiotherapist also provides training on lifting and moving Residents, including using hoists.
Occupational Therapist Negotiable Occupational Therapist can be accessed through the DHB Masterton Hospital.
Social Worker (on site) Negotiable Social Workers can be accessed through the DHB Masterton Hospital
Diversional Therapist 29 Yes Our Diversional Therapist works Mon-Fri offering a range of activities for all levels of Residents needs.
Activities Co-ordinator 16 Yes Our Activity Co-ordinator works alongside the Diversional Therapist, offering a wide range of activities for all levels of residents needs.
Hairdresser 14 Yes We have our own salon where our local Hairdresser works 2 days per week
Podiatrist Yes The Podiatrist visits monthly,of which all residents have access.
Dietitian Negotiable We have access to a Dietitian at the DHB Masterton Hospital, however, we have a fully trained team who are able to discuss dietry needs with both residents and family/whanau
Accredited Visitors Yes
Kaumatua Yes We are able to access our local Kaumatua, or alternatively family/whanau are able to contact their own of choice.
Chaplain/Spiritual Advisor Yes We follow Residents wishes as to who to contact for them.
Other Personnel 40 Yes We have an on-site Village Receptionist
Updated: 3 Feb 2015
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of Expertise Status Details
Oxygen Management Yes Supervised by Registered Nurses
Gastronomy/Nasogastric Management No Supervised by Registered Nurses
End of Life/Palliative Care Yes
IV Antibiotic Capability Yes Supervised by Registered Nurses
Dialysis Yes Can be accessed via the DHB Masterton Hospital
Wound Care Yes All Specialists are able to be accessed from the DHB Masterton Hospital. We request regular visits to ensure that we offer the highest standards possible when dealing with wounds. We encourage our local wound care nurse to offer our staff training
Diabetic Care Yes Can be accessed from the DHB Masterton Hospital. We regularly contact our local Diabetic Nurse for advise and staff training
Continence Advice Yes We access our continence Advisers both from the Hospital and our local contractor of products. Both offer staff training and up to date research.
Stomal Therapy Yes Supervised by Registered Nurses
Stroke Rehabilitation Yes Can be accessed via the DHB Masterton Hospital
Tracheotomy Care Yes Can be accessed via the DHB Masterton Hospital
Infection Control Yes Nurse Manager and Senior Registered Nurse ensure that our infection control is of the highest standard. We can also access the DHB Masterton Hospital Specialist for training and advise.
Surgical Followup Yes This can be accessed by the District Nursing Service or staff at the DHB Masterton Hospital
Psychiatric Care Yes The Mental Health Team can be accessed by the DHB through Masterton Hospital.
Clinical Management Yes Nurse Manager - works Monday-Friday, and can be contactable on mobile phone.
Other Specialties Yes Senior Registered Nurse
Updated: 6 Aug 2020
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay Status Details
Respite Yes We also offer health recovery and rehabilitation. Please talk to your GP as care may be funded by your District Health Board. Alternatively it can be directly arranged with us and privately funded.
Other Short Stay Programme Yes
High Care Needs Yes
Subsidised Yes
Private Paying Yes
Booking can be made in advance Yes
Updated: 15 Sep 2017
Feature Status Details
May Bring Own Furniture Yes We encourage family/whanau to make Resident rooms as homely as possible
Single Rooms Yes
Ensuite Yes All our rooms offer individual toilet and wash basin
Alcohol Permitted Yes Residents are able to keep alcohol in their own rooms, or an alternative we offer an "happy hour" each day where residents join in laughter and a glass of their favourite "tipple".
Pets In Residence Yes This is assessed on an individual basis
Negotiate To Bring Own Pet Yes Individually assessed
Phone Access In Own Room Yes
Resident can adjust heating in own room Yes All rooms have their own heaters which are adjustable, and the corridor heating is set
Lounges/seating areas Yes We offer a large main lounge with full seating, and a smaller lounge where tea/coffee facilities are available
Day Programme for day stay clients Yes We offer a full range of activities
Outings Yes Our Diversional Therapist offers van trips - weather permitted 2-3 times per week, and an ice cream for the return journey
Whānau Room Yes We offer a secondary small lounge where family/whanau are able to make a hot drink.
Māori Kaupapa Yes We offer cultural and sensitive cares - we have several Maori and Pacific Island staff who are able to support Residents requesting input.
Residents Committee Yes We have a monthly Residents meeting, where the Village, Nurse and Kitchen Manager attend, so that all Residents are able to share their concerns and compliments.
Family Committee Yes We offer yearly family meetings to discuss care plans and the needs of our Residents. The Nurse Manager's door is "always open" and happy to discuss any issues that you may have at any time.
Newsletter No We prefer to use daily memos as required
Policy for management of challenging behaviour Yes We offer yearly training around de-escalation and behavioural problems
Confused Residents Yes We will work to provide the highest possible care for all our Residents, referring to appropriate specialists for advise if required. Our staff are trained to work with all levels of cognitive issues
Rural Setting Yes Our Village is set with mature trees and fabulous rose gardens, yet a "hop skip and jump" to the town centre
Smokers Room Yes We do not encourage smoking - however, a designated area is available for smokers.
Smoking Permitted Yes Not in the facility
Updated: 6 Aug 2020
Special Features
Special Features
Full Hospital Level Cares
Fully trained and experienced Staff
Residents have the choice of their own GP or Visiting GP (Janet Saunders)
Proactive Senior Registered Nurse
Residents have full use of our Village gardens
Updated: 6 Aug 2020
Interests & Activities
Interests & Activities
Residents are able to access their continued groups in the Community if they request
We offer a full range of activities to suit all needs.
We are able to access the local Advocate for any concerns that our Residents, family/whanau may have.
All Residents are able to access their own Care Manager (Registered Nurse) and Key worker (Caregiver)
We offer regular BBQ's and parties where our Staff team join in
We offer a small library for large print books.
Our Diversional Therapist offers "housey" and other games throughout the week
Our co-ordinator offers indoor bowls
Residents have the choice of breakfast in our main dining room or in their bedroom, however, we do like to encourage lunch in the dining room to encourage the social aspect of our holistic care
We have many visitors who bring in their pets
We have several denominations of Church/religous activities for those residents who choose
We encourage family/whanau participation
We offer regular afternoon music sessions with panio and singing
We offer regular "in-house Movies" with popcorn and ice cream!!
We offer weekly activities of Resident craft and cooking participation
We offer high-low electric beds, with air mattresses should Residents require increased nursing cares
Residents have the option of having computers in their rooms as well as SKY
Residents have the choice to visit other facilities for quiz and other entertainments
We offer a pond with fish that Residents are able to enjoy along with the wild life that visits
Updated: 24 Feb 2012
Languages Spoken
Languages Spoken
Language Status Details
English Yes We are able to access our local Translator services
Māori - Te Reo Yes Some of our Staff do have some understanding of the language
Samoan Yes We do have some staff with some knowledge of the language
Updated: 24 Feb 2012
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations Status Details
Anglican Yes
Baptist Yes
Jehovah Witness Yes
Methodist Yes
Roman Catholic Yes
(Other comments) Yes We offer various services for Residents
Updated: 24 Feb 2012
Location Distance Details
Public Transport 0.20 Km Local bus service runs from Masterton to Featherston and return, also to Palmerston North. Local trains to Wellington and return.
Shops 0.50 Km 2 minute walk to The Wharehouse and 10 minute walk to either Kuripuni Village or Town Centre.
Mall 0.00 Km
Parks 1.50 Km Masterton has beautiful Queen Elizabeth Park with crazy golf, cricket and wild bird sanctuary. Henley Lake is situated the other end of Masterton and worth a visit.
Library 1.20 Km Masterton Library is situated at the other end of town centre and is around a 5 minute drive.
Updated: 8 Jul 2014
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership RC Status Details
National Certificate in Diversional Therapy Yes
Aged Care Association New Zealand (ACA) Yes
Registered Retirement Village? Yes
Retirement Villages Association of New Zealand [Inc] (RVA) Yes
Aged Care Association New Zealand (ACA) Registered Retirement Village? Retirement Villages Association of New Zealand [Inc] (RVA)
Updated: 24 Feb 2012

The Ministry of Health conducts regular audits of Residential Care Facilities. They can be found HERE.