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Resthaven Care Home

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Resthaven Care Home
208 Main Street
Postal Address
PO Box 314
Invercargill 9840
Southern (Southland)
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Robyn Byron - 03 208 9440
Presbyterian Support Southland - 03 211 8200
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Visitors as usual (but not if you're unwell or recently returned from overseas)
The care of older people in our community, through Enliven, continues to be an important focus for Presbyterian Support Southland, a not for profit/charitable organisation that has been serving the Southland community for over 100 years.

Our Enliven Resthaven Village Care Home is located in the heart of Gore, close to cafes and the main shopping area. Our modest sized care home offers rest home and hospital level care as well as a boutique dementia care centre offering care for ten people with memory loss. We also have a small Village complex on our site offering options for couples allowing easy visiting where one person requires fulltime care.

When you arrive at our care home and throughout your stay, we work closely with you and your family so that we can provide you with the best nursing and supportive care – care that is tailored to your individual needs and personal preferences and delivered with respect and compassion by a dedicated team of nurses and trained carers. Your daily care is overseen by a Clinical Manager and wherever possible, the same team members will care for you each day.

Medical care is provided by our “house” GP who comes to see you as well as our own Nurse Practitioner. They each visit weekly and also provide an “on call” service.

We provide all your meals and snacks from our seasonal menu. Meals are prepared fresh on site, including specialised meals and dietary requirements. In addition to the main meals we provide morning and afternoon tea and supper.

Our private rooms are spacious with pleasant outlooks over gardens, courtyards and green spaces. Personalised touches create a relaxing private room. There are call bells in your room and bathroom, and all our nurses and care staff carry a pager that alerts them when a call bell is rung.

We offer a range of recreational activities and outings and we encourage you to continue to live an everyday life. Visiting family and friends are welcome any time, any day.

We understand the worries that can sometimes be associated with moving from your home into our care. We are here to help and we would be delighted to talk with you and show you around our friendly care home. Please phone Robyn Byron our Care Home Manager, or just drop in.
Service/Facility Details
Service/Facility Details
Contract with Te Whatu OraYes
ORA Applies No
Updated: 22 Feb 2013
Bed and Vacancy Details
Bed and Vacancy Details
Detail Status
Approximate number of beds at this level of care 35
Vacancy Yes
The current available bed is in a shared room.
Impending vacancy No
Short stay considered Yes
Premium Accommodation Charges Yes from $5.00/day up to $12.50/day as at 13 May 2024
MOH Certification and Audit Report View MOH certification and audit report (opens in a new tab)
Extra admission requirements due to COVID-19 Yes
Updated: 29 May 2024
"I just want to say a sincere thank you on behalf of my six brothers and sisters. The care that has been given to both my parents and my family has been terrific and we really appreciate what you and your staff have done. This is a great home."

"Our mother is now in Resthaven Village and thoroughly enjoying the life style. She has company if she needs it, with all the Activities available, but is able to have alone time when she wishes and privacy for entertaining her visitors. She feels secure in the knowledge that there is always staff checking on her to ensure that she has all her requirements met.
After cooking for 96 years she is loving the wonderful meals and the great homestyle baking that she gets served up and thinks she is very spoilt!
It is very reassuring to our family members to know that she is being cared for by such a great team of dedicated staff".
The McKenzie Family

"My family and I really appreciate the compassionate care which my husband Alastair receives at Resthaven. Many thanks"

"Friendly staff, lovely place, good food, well looked after"

"Family are delighted with husband/fathers care. He looks so much better - better colour, he is eating real food, not in his bed all day, and he spoke a proper sentence. Friendly staff - the place is terrific."
Andrina and Family
Updated: 9 Oct 2019
Type Hours Per Week Status Details
Registered Nurse 200 Yes Nurses are supported by a Clinical Manager to provide the very best of nursing care to residents. Registered nurses are on site 24 hours a day.
Nurse Practitioner Yes Our Nurse Practitioner works with GP’s and other health professionals to diagnose, assess and manage residents’ health.
Healthcare Assistants/Caregivers Yes We have a dedicated well trained team of Caregivers who work tirelessly to provide the very best care for our residents. We are very fortunate to have a number of these with advanced training as well (Level 4).
Occupational Therapist Yes An Occupational Therapist can be arranged to visit. Please speak to the Facility or Clinical Manager.
Social Worker (on site) No We have local social workers who are available to come to Resthaven as required.
Diversional Therapist 35 Yes Our Diversional Therapist has developed a recreational programme of activities that includes outings and entertainment. A monthly calendar of activities is published and a daily programme provided for residents.
Activities Co-ordinator 35 Yes Our Activities Coordinator provide a recreational programme that includes individual activities programmes, group activities and outings. We also have entertainers from the community and visits from children from local schools.
Hairdresser 8 Yes Our amenities include a hair salon.
Podiatrist 4 Yes A podiatrist visits regularly.
Dietitian Yes Our dietician visits regularly and is available for advice and oversight of residents with special dietary requirements. We prepare special dietary menus and our seasonal menus are dietician approved.
Accredited Visitors Yes We have volunteers that visit.
Kaumatua Yes We have Kaumatua that are available to support our residents.
Chaplain/Spiritual Advisor 12 Yes Our staff includes a Pastoral Visitor and a Minister who are able to visit residents to provide spiritual advice and support for residents. Regular church services are performed on site by local church groups.
Other Personnel Yes We are able to access other Allied Health Professionals as needed.
Updated: 23 Jan 2023
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of Expertise Status Details
Oxygen Management Yes
Gastronomy/Nasogastric Management Yes
Palliative Care (Contracted) No We do provide palliative care for people who are nearing the end of their life. We work closely with GP’s Nurse Practitioners, Hospice and families to provide palliative care.
End of Life/Palliative Care Yes We provide compassionate and skilled nursing care for residents at the end of their life.
IV Antibiotic Capability No Please check with the Facility or Clinical Manager as to the availability of providing intravenous antibiotics.
Wound Care Yes We work with GP’s, the Nurse Practitioner and specialist wound management nurses as required.
Diabetic Care Yes We are able to provide care for diet controlled and insulin dependent diabetics. Our menu has a range of options for residents needing a special diet.
Continence Advice Yes Our nurses are able to assess and provide continence advice. We provide a range of continence products and our care team assist with continence management. Specialist continence nurses visit on request.
Stomal Therapy Yes Residents have regular reviews by the SDHB Stoma nurse
Stroke Rehabilitation Yes We provide support for residents who have had a stroke. This may include physiotherapy and special diet options. Speech Language Therapists are available on request.
Tracheotomy Care Yes We will discuss your special needs prior to admission.
Spinal Injuries Care Yes We will discuss your special needs prior to admission.
Infection Control Yes We meet all infection control standards.
Surgical Followup Yes We are able to care for people following surgery. Short stay or convalescent options are sometimes available but are dependent on the availability of beds at the time.
Primary Rural Health Care Yes
Community Health Yes We liaise with community health professionals as required.
Clinical Management Yes We have a Clinical Manager and our Facility Manager is also a registered nurse.
Other Specialties Yes Please ask the Clinical or Facility Manager about any other specialist services that may be needed.
Updated: 23 Jan 2023
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay Status Details
Respite Yes We welcome residents who wish to stay for a short period of time. Our manager will be able to discuss respite options with you.
Carer Support Yes We welcome residents who wish to stay for a short period of time. Our manager will be able to discuss carer support options with you.
Subsidised Yes We are able to assist residents or families with the transition from home to our care home.
Private Paying Yes We welcome people who are self funded.
Booking can be made in advance Yes Room bookings can be made in advance according to bed availability.
Updated: 13 Jul 2020
Feature Status Details
May Bring Own Furniture Yes We do provide all bedroom furniture and soft furnishings. We encourage residents to personalise their room with favourite items.
Single Rooms Yes All bedrooms are spacious single rooms. There are monitored call bells in each bedroom and ensuite. To ensure a prompt response, all our nursing and care staff carry a pager that alerts them if a resident rings a bell for assistance.
Shared Rooms No We have no shared rooms.
Rooms suitable for a couple Yes We have a small number of double rooms that are available for couples who wish to share a room. We also try to offer adjoining rooms for couples. Please talk to the Facility Manager about rooms for couples.
Ensuite Yes There is a choice between bedrooms with their own ensuite (attracting a premium room rate) and standard bedrooms that share an ensuite bathroom between bedrooms.
Alcohol Permitted Yes Alcohol is permitted but we do ask that relatives and friends inform the nurse in charge when bringing alcohol into our care home to ensure that its consumption if not contraindicated by medical advice.
Pets In Residence No Our care home has a resident cat. Visitors may bring pets provided they are “under control” at all times.
Negotiate To Bring Own Pet No We are sorry but we are unable to allow residents’ pets in our care homes. Pets may be allowed to visit. Please talk to the manager.
Phone Access In Own Room Yes Residents are able to have private phones connected in their bedrooms. Residents are also able to use mobile phones. Residents are responsible for the installation and ongoing costs associated with private phones.
Wifi Yes Please talk to the manager before connecting any devices to the Wifi.
Resident can adjust heating in own room Yes All bedrooms and communal areas are heated by radiator heating units.
Lounges/seating areas Yes We have warm and inviting lounge areas for residents to enjoy.
Female residents only No Our areas are for everyone to enjoy. Wherever possible ensuite bathrooms are shared by residents of the same gender.
Male residents only No Our areas are for everyone to enjoy. Wherever possible ensuite bathrooms are shared by residents of the same gender.
Provide End of Life/Palliative Care Yes Our registered nurse team has extensive experience in providing palliative and end of life care.
Outings Yes There are outings planned for each week as part of our recreational activities programme. Van outings include visiting places of interest, shopping and local attractions.
Whānau Room Yes We have a family room with tea and coffee making facilities where residents and families can spend quiet time together.
Māori Kaupapa Yes We respect Maori culture and values.
Residents Committee Yes This is a choice made by care home residents. A residents’ meeting is held monthly. Family members are also welcome to attend.
Family Committee No We welcome family input into our care at any time.
Newsletter Yes The care home’s newsletter is published on a regular basis.
Policy for management of challenging behaviour Yes Our staff are trained to recognise and manage behaviours that may challenge. Each resident has an individualised plan of care developed with families so that we provide supportive care.
Confused Residents Yes Staff work closely with residents and their families to understand and support residents with memory problems.
Rural Setting No Although Resthaven is on the Main Street in Gore, the top lounge looks over the farm hills and there is plenty to see with the changing in the colour of the trees and hills.
Smokers Room No Our care home is smoke free.
Smoking Permitted No Please discuss any specific needs with our care home manager.
Semi-Secure No Our care home provides open access for residents at rest home or hospital level care. Our dementia areas have secure access.
Updated: 13 Jul 2020
Special Features
Special Features
Our gardens and courtyards provide pleasing outlooks and outdoor spaces for residents to enjoy.
Updated: 15 Jul 2020
Interests & Activities
Interests & Activities
We offer a varied programme of recreational activities and outings for residents’ enjoyment.
Updated: 15 Jul 2020
Additional Information
Additional Information
Topic Details
Staffing qualifications and details We meet all recommended staffing levels for aged residential care. All health professionals have current practising certificates.
Details about meals Meals are prepared fresh on site and include a continental breakfast, midday main meal, and evening meal. Morning and afternoon tea and supper are also provided. Our menu choices change for summer, autumn and winter.
Associated Complexes Presbyterian Support Southland has three Enliven care homes in Invercargill (Peacehaven Village, Vickery Court and Walmsley House) and a care home called Resthaven Village in Gore. We also have retirement villages at Resthaven and Peacehaven Villages.
Updated: 15 Jul 2020
Languages Spoken
Languages Spoken
Language Status Details
English Yes
Fijian Yes
Fijian Indian Yes
Filipino Yes
Hindi Yes
Māori - Te Reo Yes
Rumanian Yes
Sri Lankan Yes
Other Information Yes We are able to provide interpreters for most languages.
Updated: 15 Jul 2020
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations Status Details
Anglican Yes
Christian Yes
Denominations/Faiths represented Yes
Presbyterian Yes
Roman Catholic Yes
Updated: 15 Jul 2020
Location Distance Details
Public Transport There is no public transport available in Gore. Resthaven Village is close to the main shopping centre in Gore. Taxis are available and we are able to assist with obtaining discounted taxi fares.
Shops 1.00 Km Shopping facilities are close to our care home.
Mall 1.00 Km There are no mall facilities available but our care home is close to main shopping areas.
Parks 1.00 Km Our care home is close to a number of public parks.
Library 2.00 Km The public library is close to our care home. In addition, we have our own library of books for residents to read. Public libraries sometimes provide a librarian service but this is subject to local council controls.
Updated: 15 Jul 2020
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership RC Status Details
National Certificate in Diversional Therapy Yes
New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services (NZCCSS) Yes
Other details Yes Resthaven is part of the Presbyterian Support Southland group.
Updated: 22 Feb 2013

The Ministry of Health conducts regular audits of Residential Care Facilities. They can be found HERE.