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Kaiapoi Lodge

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Kaiapoi Lodge
6 Cass Street (Cnr Smith and Cass St)
Kaiapoi 7630
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Michelle Lawrence - (03) 327 8487
Kaiapoi Lodge Residential Care Ltd - (03) 327 8487
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Our mission is to see models of care revolve around the needs of the residents not the institution, AND where those who reside at Kaiapoi Lodge are placed in the middle of a connected, caring community of friends, family, services and care providers.

Our philosophy is based one a fundamental belief: this is our residents’ home.

We want do everything in our power to meet the physical, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual needs of each person who resides here.

We want Kaiapoi Lodge to be part of a connected, caring community of friends, family, services and care providers. Where people can dwell with independence, dignity, hope and happiness. Where the privacy of each person is respected.

Overall we want Kaiapoi Lodge to be a place that celebrates life and enriches lives by providing meaning and a sense of belonging.
Service/Facility Details
Service/Facility Details
Contract with Te Whatu OraYes
ORA Applies No
Updated: 25 Sep 2013
Bed and Vacancy Details
Bed and Vacancy Details
Detail Status
Approximate number of beds at this level of care 27
Vacancy Yes
Impending vacancy No
Short stay considered No
Premium Accommodation Charges Some Rooms from $20.00/day up to $20.00/day as at 27 Mar 2024
MOH Certification and Audit Report View MOH certification and audit report (opens in a new tab)
Extra admission requirements due to COVID-19 No
Updated: 23 May 2024
Type Hours Per Week Status Details
Registered Nurse Yes All nursing staff hold a NZ practicing certificate. Everyone living in our home has what we call a 'key worker' – a registered nurse who takes a particular interest in them and their activities and makes sure that everything runs smoothly for them.
Healthcare Assistants/Caregivers Yes As well as our own in-service training all staff either have or are working towards their National certificate in Older Persons Health.
Physiotherapist Negotiable Physiotherapy is available to residents who have been assessed by their physician as requiring this service.
Diversional Therapist Yes Kaiapoi Lodge employees a full time Diversional therapist who has either completed or is working towards completing a Diversional therapy national certificate.
Activities Co-ordinator Yes
Hairdresser Yes A wide range of hair care services is available for both men and women. A hairdresser is available most days and residents may schedule appointments for this on-site service as frequently as they wish.
Podiatrist Yes Regular foot care clinics are arranged at the facility. Foot care services are provided by a registered Chiropodist/Podiatrist. Kaiapoi Lodge does pass this cost onto the resident.
Dietitian Yes There may be occasions where a resident will require review from a Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant. Kaiapoi Lodge has a NZ Registered Dietitian who visits the facility when required. The Dietitian also works in approving our facilities menu.
Chaplain/Spiritual Advisor Yes The services currently in Kaiapoi Lodge are run by the following, Anglican Church, Baptist Church, Catholic Church and the Kaiapoi Co-operating Church. Anyone of these church’s are happy to come out and offer individual spiritual support and guidance.
Updated: 25 Sep 2013
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of Expertise Status Details
Oxygen Management Yes Nursing staff are equipped and trained to provide continuous oxygen supply to those individuals who require this therapy. Free bottled oxygen means residents have the freedom and independence that comes with an unlimited supply of ambulatory oxygen.
Palliative Care (Contracted) Yes We have had a palliative care contract in place for the last seven years. Kaiapoi Lodge is supported in delivering palliative care by the excellent staff at the Nurse Maude Hospice.
End of Life/Palliative Care Yes Kaiapoi Lodge has a contract with the DHB to offer palliative care services.
Wound Care Yes All registered nursing staff are trained in wound care management. We also engage outside wound care specialists for those more complex wounds.
Infection Control Yes Infection control is the practice by which the facility prevents and manages infections. Infection Control principles are included in all aspects of providing care for all residents.
Updated: 28 Apr 2015
Feature Status Details
May Bring Own Furniture Yes Feel free to bring in a favourite furniturer, lamps, plants etc to make the room more homey, personal and comfortable.
Single Rooms Yes All rooms have an en suite and are fully furnished. The rooms feature an electric hospital bed with a posture temp pressure reliving mattress. Furniture includes a bed side locker, and a reclining chair. Shelving and wardrobe are built into the room.
Ensuite Yes All rooms in the hospital have their own ensuite attached. The ensuite has under floor heating, toilet, wet shower, basin and mirror bathroom cabinet.
Alcohol Permitted Yes
Pets In Residence No Although the rest home has a residential cat the hospital has made the decision not to have a pet for health and safety reasons. As long as pets are supervised they are certainly allowed to visit however.
Negotiate To Bring Own Pet No For health and safety reasons the hospital does not allow for pets to reside.
Phone Access In Own Room Yes Should daily telephone calls be part of the resident’s routine, we suggest the installation of a private line. All rooms have been pre-wired to accommodate individual lines. There is also a portable phone which residents can take or receive calls on.
Wifi Yes Wifi is accessible throughout the facility to all residents.
Resident can adjust heating in own room Yes All rooms are individually thermostatically controlled. Residents can choose the right heat setting to suit themselves.
Lounges/seating areas Yes
Palliative Care Contract Yes Kaiapoi Lodge has a contract with the DHB to offer palliative care services.
Whānau Room Yes A whanau room is available for friends and family. The room provides for a space away from the residents room that is also private. The room also has a bed so if family are concerned about a family member they could stay overnight.
Residents Committee Yes There is a residents committee which is held every two months. The committee is an opportunity for management and residents to work together on a larger organizational level.
Policy for management of challenging behaviour Yes Some behaviours develop as a result of the dementia process. Kaiapoi Lodge would manage these behaviours in consultation with family and medical staff. Unfortunately we cannot admit residents with behaviour problems that would impinge on fellow residents.
Smoking Permitted No 80% of people who smoke say that they would not smoke if they had their life again and 35% attempt quitting each year, none want their kids to start. Kaiapoi Lodge wants to support residents and staff towards a smoke free lifestyle.
Semi-Secure No Kaiapoi Lodge is not a secure facility. Residents with the potential to wander are not suitable for Kaiapoi Lodge. As residents mental state can change all doors are alarmed and will alert staff at night.
Updated: 1 Nov 2017
Additional Information
Additional Information
Topic Details
Details about meals The way we see it, meals need to be both nutritious and delicious. Nutritional goals are developed by our Food Service Supervisor and staff, with input from a Consulting Dietitian, and the Residents’ Council. Three meals a day plus three nutritious snacks are provided. Likes and dislikes are taken into consideration and a alternate will be offered. As far as special and therapeutic diets are concerned, they are prepared in accordance with doctor’s orders and a nutritional supplement is provided when need be. Special devices for eating, such as rimmed plates, special cups and built-up utensils are also available for residents, whenever necessary. For the most part, meal service is offered in the dining rooms. If a resident is ill or not up to dining with others, a meal will be provided in his or her room.
Updated: 18 Aug 2009
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations Status Details
Anglican Yes
Baptist Yes
Christian Yes
Inter denominational Yes
(Other comments) Yes We will endeavour to source spiritual support to meet our residents needs.
Updated: 25 Sep 2013
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership RC Status Details
National Certificate in Diversional Therapy Yes
Aged Care Association New Zealand (ACA) Yes
Registered Retirement Village? Yes
Aged Care Association New Zealand (ACA) Registered Retirement Village?
Updated: 25 Sep 2013

The Ministry of Health conducts regular audits of Residential Care Facilities. They can be found HERE.