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Joanna Steel/Felicity Wallis
Joanna Steel / Felicity Wallis
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HOME ASSISTANTS FOR SENIORS is a quality private Home Care Agency based in Christchurch. We assist seniors to live confidently in their own home, enabling them to continue experiencing the "joy of life"

We have had the privilege of providing home care to Christchurch seniors for over 10 years.

We give seniors the option to stay supported in their own home by our lovely Assistants. Families have "peace of mind" that their loved one/s is/are looked after.

Call Felicity and Jo anytime to discuss your options +64 3 669 2669

"Home Assistants for Seniors" provided our parents with exceptional car over a 6 month period, so that we were able to keep them living independently in their home at a time when they were struggling with declining health and dementia. The Assistants were extremely caring and kind and went above and beyond to make sure our parents were well looked after. They also communicated with all of us siblings, who live in and out of Christchurch in a professional and caring manner via the WhatsApp. This gave us all a real time and up to date understanding of how our parents were managing each day they were there. Felicity and Jo also responded professionally and with great care when we needed to increase the level of care as our father's health declined rapidly.

We are truly thankful to the level of service and care they provided. Thank you all very much.

Hi Jo and Felicity August 2023

As I said in our phone call earlier, I reluctantly have to resign from my role as a carer with Home Assistants For Seniors.

I am scheduled to have surgery on my foot in early February and would need to be off work for thirteen weeks. Not long after this my husband and I will be moving.

I can honestly say I have loved every day working as a carer with HAS. I have appreciated the support and appreciative feedback you have given me. Many, many thanks for that!!

I will truely miss Jack, Margaret and Dallas. They are such delightful people, as are their families, and a joy to be with.

Aroha Nui


MAY, 2018

I am pleased to write on behalf of Home Assistance for Seniors.
For the past three years this organization has been actively involved in the care of my brother, who suffers from advanced dementia. Care requirements have steadily increased over time, and have progressed to 24 hour home care.

I have had the opportunity to spend time with my brother, in the company of carers and have observed their management style.

Care provided includes preparation of meals and assistance at meal times, assistance with showering, toileting and dressing, supervision of medication, all daily activities including walks, drives, shopping and dining out and accompanying him to medical appointments.

All these services have been undertaken with persistent patience, courtesy, and good humour.
All the carers have been unfailingly kind, and respectful of my brother, often under very trying circumstances. They have shown professionalism, and common sense, knowing when to step in, and when not to. They have sort medical advice where appropriate, and have developed an appropriate and flexible regime for my brother’s care.
Communication with all family members has been excellent and care providers have been available to answer questions or concerns at any time. Urgent matters have been dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner.

I am profoundly grateful for the care by brother has received from Home Assistants for Seniors, and have no doubt that their expertise has extended the time my brother has been able to remain in his own home .
I recommend this service without reservation, and am happy to be contacted independently at any stage.

(Dr.) Jon Fogarty
14b Elgata Street
North Avoca 2250
N.S.W. Australia

In early 2016 my  much loved brother was diagnosed with dementia and the very rapid cognitive decline in this vibrant, intelligent man filled him with acute anxiety and confusion and devastated his loving family.  With his siblings in Australia, 3 of his 4 sons in London the greatest load fell to his much loved partner. He is a relatively young patient with enormous energy and used to a high level of fitness so it was exhausting to fulfil his needs.
After a tentative approach Home Assistants for Seniors to get some help, Jo  Steel and Felicity Wallis came into all our lives with their professional efficient carers helping my brother’s anxiety and confusion reduce, and the pattern of his days providing a safe warm environment with hikes, drives, beach runs and supervised golf all taken on buy staff.

He is a challenging patient as there is a big difference in his mind and body ,however, as his carers got to know him, more glimpses of the witty, laughing irreverent person peep back and we are so aware this is due to the care provided well  above all expectations.

Life is forever different for him but this care has allowed his loving partner some semblance of her former life, his children the security of the best care available and his siblings gratitude for all the kindness and dignity extended .

I highly recommend Home Care Assistants as the combination of professional skill, intuition, efficiency and reference always to the patient and his safety is unique.

Judy Dixon.   Australia

16 JUNE 2016
Without the help from Home Assistance for Seniors it would have been extremely difficult for our dear 93 yr old mother to remain in her own home and enjoy her garden and surroundings.

Mum was a very independent person, in January 2016 she was still driving. To help her stay in her own home the family had a gardener and cleaner coming in once a fortnight. We desperately wanted to let mum stay at home, but unfortunately none of her children lived in Christchurch. Through word of mouth we heard about Home Assistance for Seniors. From the time we contacted Jo, Home Assistance for Seniors swung into action. Within a week of meeting Jo & Felicity, they had systems in place which suited mum, and her family. Three ladies, Carol, Caroline and Gwen were on a roster and one of them visited mum every day, seven days a week, mainly for company and to help encourage mum to eat, they prepared food for her to eat at night, helped her with her shopping and took her to appointments. These wonderful ladies quickly became mums close friends and she looked forward to them helping her. They went beyond their call of duty to help mum and our family really appreciated all the assistance, love and care they gave mum in her final weeks. With the special support that Home Assistance for Seniors gave mum, she stayed in her own home until she was hospitalised, where she passed away after a short period of time.

We cannot thank Home Assistance for Seniors enough, without their professional help it would not have been possible for mum to remain at home.

The Leith Family

MARCH, 2015
During the last six months Home Assistants for Seniors have provided an outstanding level of care for our much loved Mother enabling a smooth transition from living in her own home to residing in a retirement village. The service has been adapted now she is settled in her new apartment in the Village.

The Assistant, Carol , provided by the aforementioned organization – was absolutely fantastic and provided excellent support for our Mother who has moderate dementia. This included companionship, accompanying her on outings, meal preparation and assistance with shopping and arranging appointments as required .

Most importantly we had the reassurance of knowing that the services being provided were being overseen by Jo and Felicity.

Without the ongoing support provided by Home Assistants for Seniors our Mother would have had to move into care much sooner.

We were kept well informed on any matters arising – this was done in a prompt, efficient and very professional manner.

Without hesitation we would recommend Home Assistants for Seniors.
- Appreciative Christchurch Family who can be contacted to discuss their experience with the Agency

MAY 2016
I can’t speak highly enough about the work that Jo and Felicity and their “care givers” are doing. Jo and Felicity's professionalism and the quality of her “care givers” is exceptional and my brother, sister and I (and our mother), literally, could not contemplate being without them.

Jo Steel and Felicity Wallis have been supervising and assisting with the care of my mother for the past two years. My siblings and I all live outside Christchurch. My mother (85 years old) is in the early stages of dementia. The work of Jo and Felicity's company, Home Assistants for Seniors, has been essential in allowing our mother to continue to live a moderately independent life. This has provided us with the peace of mind, that Mum is being well cared for and has an appropriate level of companionship.

I would certainly recommend them to others seeking to ensure their ageing parents (or relatives) have a safe and secure social structure within which they can live, while retaining an appropriate degree of independence and autonomy.

Paul S. Elliott -Singapore

Updated: 9 May 2024

Service Description
Service Description
HOME ASSISTANTS FOR SENIORS is a private Agency. Felicity and Jo are the owners and Managers. HOME ASSISTANTS FOR SENIORS offers a very personal and flexible service enabling the elderly client the option of staying in their own home.
When Covid Restrictions were enforced on all clients in Retirement Villages many elderly wanted to remain living in their community.

Our assistants provide home care, companionship and support.

Services are personalised to include:
- outings and shopping

- driving and escorting to appointments

- help with daily household tasks

- support - post hospital discharge

- live in night time support, long or short term

- ongoing communication with family after each visit

- supervised walking and exercises

All our services are tailored to meet the needs of the client. If the clients' needs change the care plan of services can be immediately changed with just a phone call to Felicity and Jo.

Updated: 23 Apr 2024

Suburbs/Districts/Towns Serviced
Suburbs/Districts/Towns Serviced
HOME ASSISTANTS FOR SENIORS continues to provide a dependable, reliable competent service for over 10 years. We give families ""peace of mind" that their loved ones are being well looked after.

Updated: 9 May 2024

Personal Assistance
Personal Assistance
Type Self Funded Subsidised After Hours
Registered Nurse (eg Wound Care, Medication) No No Negotiable
Carer Support Yes Yes Yes
Sitter Service/Companions Yes Yes Yes
Live In Care (24 Hr) Yes Yes Yes
Personal Care (Showering, Dressing) Yes Yes Yes

Updated: 17 Nov 2015

Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialties or Areas of Expertise Status Details
Palliative Care Contract Yes Assistants can be engaged to give the family support.
Dementia Care Yes We can put a plan in place for those with early dementia so independent living is continued.
Physiotherapy Yes Felicity and Jo have spent many years in the health sector working as physiotherapists.

Updated: 16 May 2016

Domestic Assistance
Domestic Assistance
Type Self Funded Subsidised After Hours
Meals (Frozen) Yes No Yes The Assistants are available for meal preparation.
Meals (Fresh or Hot) Yes No Yes
Home Help (Housework/Cleaning etc.) Yes Yes Yes
Shopping Assistance Yes Yes Yes
Transport Assistance Yes Yes Yes

Updated: 2 Feb 2017

Languages Spoken
Languages Spoken
Language Status Details
English Yes

Updated: 1 Dec 2015

Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership
Credentials & Membership RC Status Details
Approved provider of Professional Development and Recognition Programme Yes Member of Professionals for Positive Ageing
Police checked Yes
Other details Yes A holistic and personalised service for the elderly wanting to stay in the comfort of their own home. From as little as 3 hours a week to round the clock care.
Approved provider of Professional Development and Recognition Programme

Updated: 23 Apr 2024