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Therapy Professionals Ltd

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Therapy Professionals Ltd
Health therapies
12 Coronation Street
Christchurch 8024
Postal Address
PO Box 7807
Christchurch 8240
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Shonagh O'Hagan - (03)3775280
Shonagh O'Hagan - (03)3775280
Karen Dickie - (03)3775280

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About us:
Therapy Professionals is a private practice of expert health professionals.

Our team work closely, collaborating with clients, their families and caregivers to help make lives better.

Our team consists of:

assist with movement, pain, safe handling of people and objects.

Occupational Therapists:
assist with adapting environments and skills needed for every day living.

assist with general nutritional health, special dietary needs, menu planning and food hygiene.

Speech Language Therapists:
assist with swallowing difficulties, speech and communication problems.

Music Therapists:
assist with social interaction, and communication, meet emotional needs and foster learning through music.

Nail Trimming Service Clinics:
Sydenham: 2nd Tues of each month 10am-1pm at Physical Sense, 300 Colombo St
Spreydon: 3rd Thurs of each month 1pm-4pm at 12 Coronation Street
Hornby: 4th Tues of each month 9am-1pm at Hornby Community Centre, 8 Goulding Ave
Diamond Harbour: 3rd Wed of the month 9.30am- 12.30pm at Diamond Harbour Medical Centre, 2c Waipapa Ave
trimming toenails and fingernails, removing corns, calluses and dry skin, managing fungal infections

Mission Statement:
“To be recognised as an effective therapy team, working together
with carers and clients in their own environments to fulfil their
potential and enhance their enjoyment of life”

Occupational Therapy:
"KC came to see us on the 7th November to advise about installation of additional rails in our wet area shower. We found her helpful, she acted quickly and efficiently and we will no doubt utilise her services in future" - Marion

Speech Language Therapy:
"Dad really enjoyed today. He said that talking to you unlocked many more childhood memories. We started work on the crossword and he suddenly realised it was made especially for him. What a fantastic touch thank you" - AnneMarie

Physiotherapy - Exercise Class:
"Sarah did a great job today. Several people commented to me they love her classes and especially the way that she explains why they need to do different exercises and what muscles or parts of the body benefit." - Rae

Occupational Therapy:
'[We] were very impressed with Alexe's professionalism, empathy, knowledge her ability to clearly state risk issues and possible solutions and use of humour' - Margaret

Music Therapy:
"I have had wonderful feedback from all the staff on how well [Liz] is going and how quickly she is getting to know our students" - Jane

Cantabrainers Choir:
All leaders - "very bubbly and outgoing. Easily heard and understood. Good for the soul" - Anonymous client survey

Therapy Professionals Team:
'[We] have found Therapy Professionals brilliant in the past and that the training we have done through them has been really helpful for [our] work' - (Feedback via phone review) - Sophia
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