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Portable Xray

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Portable Xray
Health therapies
8 Carr Road
Mount Roskill
Auckland 1042
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Bindy Gray - 02102784942
Ian Hartley - 021673825
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Portable X-ray Services Ltd.
With 9 Vehicles on the road, there is always one near you.
Service Description
Service Description
Portable X-Ray Services provides a mobile radiographic service to bedridden, immobile or frail patients in the greater Auckland area.

We come to you. In your Care Centre, suite or home.

All you need is an X-Ray request form from your provider.

Step 1: Call 09 623 0274 for an appointment.
Step 2: Wait in the comfort of your own environment for us to arrive.
Step 3: We will arrive with our equipment and X-Ray you in your bed or chair (depending)
Step 4: A report will be provided to your referring GP.
Updated: 12 Jan 2024
Suburbs/Districts/Towns Serviced
Suburbs/Districts/Towns Serviced
We X-Ray in the greater Auckland region.
From Franklin to Rodney and everywhere in between
Updated: 12 Jan 2024
Meeting the needs of older people
Meeting the needs of older people
We know it can be difficult transferring to a Radiology department via ambulance or private vehicle when you are injured or unwell.

Family or friends taking time off work during the day to help accompany you can also be hard sometimes.

Waiting hours at an already over-crowded A&E can be daunting.

We have been operating for over 50years, our Radiographers have a lot of experience with elderly patients and their needs.
We are not only mobile but we are caring and helpful.
Updated: 12 Jan 2024
Access Status Details
A mobile service Yes 100% Mobile. We come to YOU
Updated: 12 Jan 2024
After Hours
After Hours
After Hours Status Details
After Hours Yes An After hours surcharge is applicable
Updated: 12 Jan 2024
Payment Status Details
Payment required Yes An invoice will be provided
Subsidy may be available Yes POAC ACC
Updated: 12 Jan 2024