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Annaliese Haven Rest Home & Hospital - Betty and Monica Wings

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Annaliese Haven Rest Home & Hospital
25 Adderley Terrace
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25 Adderley Terrace
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Christine Flaus - 03 327 6282 or 0211475645
Elsdon Enterprises Ltd - 03 310 3163
Clinical Nurse Manager
Raama Gabionza - 03 3276282
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Visitors as usual (but not if you're unwell or recently returned from overseas)
Welcome to Annaliese Haven. Our passion is to provide quality care within our caring family focused environment. Our passionate staff are chosen for their holistic focus and empathy in helping others.
We encourage residents to express their individuality and take pride in assisting them to achieve improved quality of life while feeling secure in the knowledge their needs are met. The quality of our care is reflected in our wonderful reputation present within the community. It's not all about the bells and whistles. Come and see for yourself why our residents become our extended family.
Service/Facility Details
Service/Facility Details
Contract with Te Whatu OraYes
ORA Applies No
Updated: 22 Jul 2021
Bed and Vacancy Details
Bed and Vacancy Details
Detail Status
Approximate number of beds at this level of care 30
Vacancy Yes
Annaliese Haven provides Specialised Dementia Care with a range of rooms to suit your budget. We have the option of both sunny rooms, some with lovely sheltered secure courtyard views and access to several courtyards and lovely gardens, giving residents are sense of continuous outdoor space without restriction but being secure. We pride ourselves on a family focused environment, staffed by experienced Registered Nurses 7 days a week to ensure quality care along with qualified caring staff passionate about what they do. We would love to show you our Dementia Care unit at our Rest Home please phone the Clinical Nurse Manager and/or our Facility Manager to discuss your needs.
Impending vacancy Yes - bed available now
Short stay considered Yes
Premium Accommodation Charges Yes from $8.00/day up to $22.00/day as at 05 Mar 2024
MOH Certification and Audit Report View MOH certification and audit report (opens in a new tab)
Extra admission requirements due to COVID-19 No
Updated: 23 May 2024
'Thank you so very much for the wonderful kind and gentle care you gave to Florence.
I have admiration and deep gratitude for all you have done for Florence'. From Florence and daughter Barbara.

'Norma and I would like to thank you all for your caring and support while Ian has been in your care.'

'Thank you for the care and friendship you gave my father. It was much appreciated.' Alison

'I would like to express how much we appreciated the thoughtfulness, friendliness and hospitality your staff gave our family when we were down at the Rest Home. Being part of the audience with Lois at the concert was a joy. It was never too much trouble for your staff to include us in any morning or afternoon tea should we happen to be there.''

"Every time I visit I feel so welcomed by the staff and it always feels like a big extended family." - J B
Updated: 22 Jul 2021
Type Hours Per Week Status Details
Registered Nurse 152 Yes We have 4 qualified registered nurses including the Clinical Nurse Manager who provide 7 day cover both AM and PM. We have extensive experience in wound management, palliative care, catheter and stoma management along with all other areas of nursing.
Enrolled Nurse No We are currently working alongside one of our senior staff members to reactivate her enrolled nursing practice. She comes with a great deal of experience in acute care in Australia along with long term Dementia Care in New Zealand.
Healthcare Assistants/Caregivers Yes All our staff are trained extensively in Dementia Specialist Care. They are passionate about what they do and show a great deal of warmth and empathy to our residents. All our staff are encouraged to interact with our residents and relatives.
Physiotherapist Yes As and when required through community services.
Occupational Therapist Yes As and when required through community services.
Social Worker (on site) Yes Social workers are linked in with Older Person's Mental Health Service and are available when needed.
Diversional Therapist 72hrs Yes We are very lucky to have 1 fully qualified Diversional Therapist with over 25 years combined experience in Dementia Care, with 2 Activities Co-Ordinator's working alongside. They provide a service covering 6 - 7 days a week ensuring all residents are provided with stimulating activities and interactions.
Activities Co-ordinator Yes We currently have 2 additional Activities Coordinators who assist the Diversional Therapy team. They are both undertaking their formal Diversional Therapy qualifications.
Hairdresser Yes Annette is our vibrant friendly hairdresser that prides herself on pampering our residents and she is available twice weekly. Our salon enables her to undertake all hair treatments and many of our residents love their weekly visits.
Podiatrist Yes We have a contracted podiatrist who is in attendance every 3 weeks, this enables all residents to be seen within a 6 weekly cycle.
Dietitian Yes Our menus are on a four week summer and winter cycle. They are overseen by a Dietitian yearly and are altered to take into account individual needs and preferences. We have a qualified chef who provides home cooked style meals that are well received.
Accredited Visitors Yes Pet Therapy is a large part of our Dementia and Rest Home service. This provides much joy for all our residents. Our Therapist visits weekly with both dogs and a beautiful Cat. The residents quality of life has been enhanced with this inclusion.
Kaumatua Yes Liaison with the local Iwi and Kaumatua are arranged for our Maori Residents whenever this is required. We encourage all families to embrace their culture.
Chaplain/Spiritual Advisor Yes All denominations are catered for with a variety of services spread over the month. Residents are welcome to attend one or all of these depending on their preferences.
Other Personnel Yes We have a receptionist who will greet you at Annaliese Monday to Friday 9am - 1pm. She will provide a link to both the Facility Manager and Clinical Manager and can assist with managing client administration concerns.
Updated: 11 Sep 2023
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of Expertise
Specialities or Areas of Expertise Status Details
Oxygen Management Yes We are able to house residents who are dependent on an oxygen concentrate.
Gastronomy/Nasogastric Management No Available dependent on circumstances.
Palliative Care (Contracted) Yes Although not a specifically designated Palliative Care Hospice. All our Registered Nurses and Senior Caregivers are trained in Palliative care.
End of Life/Palliative Care Yes Our Senior RN's are all competent in syringe driver management. Our senior care staff have been undertaking the Fundamentals of Palliative Care Course through Hospice NZ.
IV Antibiotic Capability Yes IV antibiotic therapy is available through local practice nurses and acute demand for rest home level patients.
Wound Care Yes Our Senior RN's and Clinical Manager have extensive wound management experience. We are qualified to manage complex wounds. We can also liaise with wound specialists if required.
Diabetic Care Yes All our RN's and Senior Caregivers are trained in diabetic management and insulin management.
Continence Advice Yes Available through Nurse Maude as required.
Stomal Therapy Yes Stomal therapists are available as required through Nurse Maude's community services. However our RN's are all competent in the management of stoma's.
Stroke Rehabilitation Yes Linked with older person's health.
Infection Control Yes We pride ourselves on our infection control at Annaliese Haven. The Clinical Nurse Manager has a passion for infection control management and this is monitored continuously.
Surgical Followup Yes Surgical follow up by way of outpatient appointments are assisted. GP's also follow up in house.
Psychiatric Care Yes No formal Psychiatric contract however linked with Older Person's Mental Health.
Clinical Management Yes The Clinical Nurse Manager has worked extensively in Aged Care, Dementia, Acute Stroke, Neurology, Cardiology and Acute Care over the years and is dedicated to achieving the best level of care.
Updated: 22 Jul 2021
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay
Respite, Carer Support or other Short Stay Status Details
Respite Yes Respite Care is available dependent on occupancy. In some cases we are able to Pre-book Respite however this is not always possible. Many of our Respite residents have become long term residents.
Carer Support Yes Carer Support can be used for Day Care - Application through GP or your Older Person's Health Clinical needs assessor.
Other Short Stay Programme Yes Day care is available at Annaliese Haven and Carer Support can be used for this or private paying.
High Care Needs Yes In some cases we may be able to provide high care dependent on the circumstances (including end of life). We are equipped with Hospital beds, Full Sling Hoists and other equipment to enable this.
Subsidised Yes Please enquire through the Facility Manager or Clinical Nurse Manager - an application for subsidy is required through WINZ with an average processing time of 6 - 8 weeks.
Private Paying Yes Please enquire through the Facility Manager or Clinical Nurse Manager.
Booking can be made in advance Yes Bookings can be made in advance for Respite and Day Care depending on the need and the availability of beds. Individual needs should be discussed with the Clinical Nurse Manager in the first instance to ensure we can accommodate the care required.
Updated: 22 Jul 2021
Feature Status Details
May Bring Own Furniture Yes We encourage all our residents to furnish their rooms to their liking. We are happy for pictures to be hung in and around the rooms. You may also bring sets of drawers, a favourite chair or a single bed only if it complies with health and safety.
Single Rooms Yes We have 30 Dementia beds available, all are single rooms. We have 21 beds with Full ensuite facilities and TV's in built which incur an additional daily room charge. Our remaining 9 beds have their own toilet suite and share a bathroom.
Shared Rooms No We have no shared rooms.
Rooms suitable for a couple Yes Couples can at times be housed in adjacent rooms with individual ensuites dependent on occupancy. We have no double rooms available.
Ensuite Yes As above 21 of our Dementia rooms have ensuites. Others may have toilet and hand basin only. Everyone is in close proximity to bathroom facilities to ensure assisted care and safety.
Alcohol Permitted Yes Although we do not encourage alcohol within the Dementia facility, during festive times a light beer is an option for some residents providing they have medical clearance from their GP in relation to medications.
Pets In Residence No Currently we have no pets in residence however we have a Pet Therapist that brings two lovely dogs in and an affectionate young female cat who loves to be 'snuggled'. This has improved the quality of life for so many of our residents.
Negotiate To Bring Own Pet Yes Pets are welcome to visit at anytime however we do not allow pets in residence at this time.
Phone Access In Own Room No Telephones are not permitted in Dementia due to risk of high volume calling which often causes distress to family and friends. Our Dementia residents often use the unit phone to speak to relatives and our staff are happy to make the call.
Wifi Yes WiFi is available in the facility.
Resident can adjust heating in own room No Our residents may be confused and for safety reasons our temperatures are set according to the season. These are monitored on a continuous basis, and can be adjusted if family have any concerns.
Cater for under 65 yrs with Disability Yes This is negotiable with the Ministry of Health dependent on funding streams.
Lounges/seating areas Yes The safe care area is divided into two units, each with its own lounge and with a television and music available. Each lounge leads into an extensive secure outdoor area where people are free to wander at will. Residents are free to roam between both units.
Provide End of Life/Palliative Care Yes Our senior RN's have a combined 50 years experience in nursing end of life and are all competent in syringe driver management. Our Senior Care staff have been undertaking the Fundamentals of Palliative Care Course through Hospice NZ.
Palliative Care Contract Yes Although not a specifically designated Palliative care hospice. Annaliese Haven is able to provide full palliative services for End of Life to all residents. All our Registered Nurses and Senior Caregivers are trained in palliative care.
Day Programme for day stay clients Yes Day Care is available for those requiring Dementia rest home level care - also known as D3. Enquiries should be made to the Clinical Nurse Manager.
Outings Yes Outings occur twice weekly between both Rest Home and Dementia. The Diversional Therapy team endeavor to ensure all residents have this opportunity on a regular basis. Outings with family are not restricted unless medically indicated.
Māori Kaupapa Yes Available upon request.
Residents Committee No We do not have a resident's commitee in the Dementia unit however all residents are included in the decision making processes surrounding their own care preferences.
Family Committee Yes Families are welcome to attend residents meetings and have informal get togethers and meetings at least six monthly.
Newsletter Yes We send a newsletter every 3 months to all our relatives advising of any changes and updating on any issues that may arise.
Policy for management of challenging behaviour Yes We have a very comprehensive policy and will be happy to discuss this with you. Management of behaviours is based on what is best for the individual and is discussed with the family at all times.
Confused Residents Yes Our residents may be confused and our caring team are trained to manage this. It is very normal for residents to 'want to go home' in their first initial weeks following admission to long term care. Reassurance and TLC assist in the adjustment phase.
Smoking Permitted Yes Annaliese provides an outdoor smoking area for RESIDENTS ONLY. We ask that family refrain from smoking in these communal areas which are also adjacent to some bedrooms.
Semi-Secure Yes Annaliese Haven provides a full secure perimeter for its Dementia residents. Fencing is safe but has maximum visibility to ensure residents feel connected with the world around.
Updated: 22 Jul 2021
Special Features
Special Features
We enjoy the informality and usual 'comings and goings' of a family home. Annaliese Haven prides itself on an holistic focus. Our care does not stop at your loved one but extends to the wider family. We have no restrictions on coming and going of residents unless medical issues indicate this. Families are free to come and go whatever time of day suits them. We encourage all residents to personalise their rooms as much as possible to ensure they feel at home. You are free to hang pictures and use your own furniture providing this is within health and safety requirements. Our maintenance person will assist with this.

A variety of things happen on a typical day, and often family and friends join us for Happy Hour, Entertainment or just a chat and a cup of tea, there is always something happening. We also welcome a friendly wave while walking past the front office.
Updated: 22 Jul 2021
Interests & Activities
Interests & Activities
Our Activity Programme is large and varied. Below is an example of what we provide for the residents:
Visiting performers entertain weekly on a Friday afternoon and relatives are welcome to attend.
Age Concern, Alzheimer's Society, Art, Big Print Books, Bingo, Board Games, Bowls, Canine friends, Cards, Craft, School Children Entertaining, Church, Concerts, Cooking, Dancing, Entertainers each week and on special occasions, Exercises, Games, Gardening, Happy Hour, Indoor Games, Jigsaw, Library, Minibus, Movies, Music, Newspaper Reading, Organ, Outings, Pastoral care, Picnic, Quizzes, Reading, Shopping, Singing, Videos.

We have a mini bus and we have found one of the simplest joys is just going for a drive through familiar streets and villages and having an ice cream by the sea. Van outings are twice weekly alternating between Rest Home and Dementia units.

We have four large raised vegetable gardens and can grow our own tomatoes, and herbs in pots along with anything else our residents wish to grow. Gardening is free to anyone who chooses to partake. Many of our residents love to potter in the garden, pick flowers and assist with flower arranging.

The style of the home makes for easy movement and integration of activities and our visitors and families are welcome to share lunch or a cup of tea at any time

We have recently included the weekly services of a Pet Therapist who visits weekly with two lovely dogs and a very affectionate cat. Our residents have responded so well to this and it has enlightened their lives in many ways. We are hoping to increase her visits to twice weekly. We also welcome visiting pets into the dementia unit.
Updated: 22 Jul 2021
Languages Spoken
Languages Spoken
Language Status Details
English Yes
Fijian Yes Several of our care staff speak Fijian or Fijian Indian dialects. They are also fluent in English.
Fijian Indian Yes
Filipino Yes We have staff fluent in Filipino.
Finnish Yes One of our senior staff is able to communicate in Finnish.
Hindi Yes We have several staff able to communicate in Hindi.
Interpreter Yes Interpreter services are available through the PHO as required.
Punjabi Yes Several staff are familiar with Punjabi.
Russian Yes We have one staff member who is native to Russia, she is also fluent in English.
Swahili Yes
Updated: 22 Jul 2021
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations
Religious/Spiritual Affiliations Status Details
Anglican Yes Monthly services are held on a rotational basis with all other denominations. Residents are free to attend one or all services depending on their personal preferences.
Baptist Yes Monthly services are held on a rotational basis with all other denominations. Residents are free to attend one or all services depending on their personal preferences.
Hindu Yes We have a staff member who identifies with Hindu and we are able to accommodate individual preferences as required.
Inter denominational No Regular church services are held.
Jehovah Witness Yes We respect the individual preferences of our residents and accommodate as required.
Methodist Yes Monthly services are held on a rotational basis with all other denominations. Residents are free to attend one or all services depending on their personal preferences.
Presbyterian Yes Monthly services are held on a rotational basis with all other denominations. Residents are free to attend one or all services depending on their personal preferences.
Salvation Army No Regular church services are held.
Seventh Day Adventist Yes We respect the individual preferences of our residents and accommodate as required.
Sikh Yes Several of our staff identify with the Sikh religion and we are sensitive to the needs of any residents with special requirements.
Updated: 22 Jul 2021
Location Distance Details
Public Transport 1.00 Km Public Bus transport is available through Kaiapoi and Silverstream through to Christchurch.
Shops 1.00 Km Kaiapoi Central Shopping Centre and Silverstream Shopping Centre.
Parks 1.00 Km Kaiapoi River walkways and Parks.
Library 1.00 Km Annaliese Haven has a visiting library service that is managed by the Diversional Therapy team and the library is accessible for rest home residents on mobility scooters or by way of escorted outings with the activities team for Dementia residents.
Updated: 22 Jul 2021

The Ministry of Health conducts regular audits of Residential Care Facilities. They can be found HERE.