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It is the mission of Pet Guardian Network to work with the wider community to provide a support network for companion animals of persons living with terminal illnesses and the elderly residents of Dunedin and surrounding areas. The Pet Guardian Network will help to ensure companion animals and their owners can remain together as long as possible to mutually benefit from the human animal-bond.
Pet Guardian Network is being established to help support the elderly, disabled and terminally ill residents of Dunedin (and surrounding areas) provide essential care for their pets when they are unable to due to illness, financial hardship or in an emergency. We will provide peace of mind and reassurance to pet owners that their pets will be well cared for so they can concentrate on their health and well-being.

For so many people pets play such an important role in their lives, animals provide companionship, unconditional love and friendship. Owning pets provides many benefits to our health and well-being, one of the major benefits being companionship. Owning pets can help reduce stress, encourage regular physical activity and gives owners a reason to get out of bed. Pets provide their owners with emotional support while recovering from an illness or injury and research has shown the human-animal bond has a very positive effect on emotional and physical well-being such as a positive attitude, lower blood pressure, and better managed stress. Sadly, people with terminal illnesses face so many changes ahead of them and uncertainties, during this time, the companionship of their pets offers real emotional and psychological benefits. They may experience difficulty in managing their pet’s needs due to financial and physical implications as a result of their illness. Some people can even be reluctant to go into hospital when they need to as they are so worried about leaving their pets behind. Many people are forced to give up their pets when they become ill, leaving them heart-broken and causing severe distress to an already unwell person. Pet Guardian Network will assist pet owners to provide care and support to their pets to ensure the pets can remain with the owner as long as possible. Pet Guardian Network will also assist rehoming their pets when they have passed or moved into a rest home.

Pet Guardian Network will also work to ensure the welfare and day-to-day essential needs of their pets are being met (in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 1999) by providing basic health assessments, basic grooming tasks, advise on weight management for overweight animals and referring the client to their vet as necessary.
Updated: 16 Aug 2016