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Deciding which home support agency to use

NOTE: If you are receiving DHB funded care you may be automatically assigned a home support agency. You do have the right to change to another provider if you’re not happy with the service you receive. Your choice may be limited to a small number of contracted agencies.
  • Have you decided which agency you’d like to use? (You may want to consider meeting several agencies to see who offers you the ‘best fit’.)
  • Does the agency have a DHB or ACC contract? (Those with contracts are regularly audited and required to meet minimum standards)
  • Is the agency a member of the Home and Community Health Association? (An overarching organisation providing leadership and advocacy for the home and community health sector)
  • Can the agency provide you with references? 
  • Are there services you require or would like that the agency cannot, or will not, perform? (Some DHB contracted agencies have a defined range of tasks they can do.)
  • Does the agency offers a programme that will help you make the most of the skills you have? *
  • Will you have the same caregiver or support working coming to you, or will this person change? What will happen if your regular caregiver or support worker is ill or on holiday? 
  • Does the agency employ qualified, professional staff to put together, monitor and review your support plan? (e.g. If you require or receive personal care a Registered Nurse should have oversight.)
  • Does the agency screen all employees thoroughly e.g. a police check? 
  • Is on-going training provided for staff? 
  • Can the agency deliver culturally appropriate care, if required? 


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