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Nazareth Community of Care
Kingswood Rest Home Morrinsville
Matamata Country Lodge
Ranfurly Manor

All about Residential Care

Residential care is a term that refers to the types of long-term care provided in a care home or specialist care facility. Types of care available in New Zealand are rest home, dementia, hospital and psychogeriatric. Access to residential care is via a formal assessment completed by specialised health professionals.

Where to start when considering residential care

We explain what residential care is and how it can help you here in this video.

It can be difficult knowing where to start when considering a move into a rest home, hospital or dementia care home.

Eldernet Residential Care provides unbiased and comprehensive information on every aspect of moving to aged residential care. It lists every residential care facility in New Zealand and, in most regions, provides up-to-date bed vacancies.

There is no such thing as 'the best' care home, as what suits one person doesn't suit another. Care homes vary considerably and there can be a wide range of rooms to choose from. The most important element to consider, however, is the philosophy and delivery of care. Use this website to find the care option that best suits your needs.

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