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Extra questions - dementia care

When considering specialised care options there are other extra issues to consider:
  • Do staff regularly interact in a respectful, warm and caring way with residents?
  • Does the home operate a specialised dementia programme e.g Eden Alternative, Spark of Life etc.?
  • Is there a collaborative relationship with family e.g. are they involved in making or revising care plans?
  • Are residents engaged in meaningful activities? How do staff oversee these?
  • Do staff manage behaviour that bothers them or other residents in a skilled and sensitive way? What do they do if they can’t manage? (There should be a policy to minimise the use of restraint.)
  • Are staff members qualifications displayed? (Staff should be well qualified and their training ongoing.)
  • Is there a plan for how the service will manage the person’s changing needs over time?
  • Is there free and easy access to parts of the building and grounds?
  • Is the home designed to help residents orientate themselves and decrease anxiety ? e.g. Are there visual cues (e.g. the common symbol of a toilet on toilet door) and few locked doors and ‘dead-ends’?


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