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Dignity, Privacy and Independence

Residents should be encouraged to retain their individuality and make their own decisions.
  • Who controls your personal finances?
  • How well is resident privacy managed?
  • Do staff knock and wait for an invitation before entering residents’ rooms?
  • How well are individual preferences catered for, e.g. are bedtimes flexible?
  • Do you choose what to wear for the day?
  • Do staff make sure that the things are important to you are maintained e.g. applying makeup for some women, shaving for men etc.?
  • How often can you shower?
  • Can you have your own telephone/TV in your room?
  • Do residents have a collective voice, i.e. is there a residents’ committee?
  • How are residents’ ethnic, cultural and spiritual values and beliefs respected and upheld?

Safety Audits and Reporting

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